I dunno if this is intended but I think it's a bit-time glitch. You know of course, you can select the alternate missions you skipped in the archive. Well, I chose to protect Haven and so did Safe Haven during the playthrough. Now I'm going back through to get achievements, I click to play Haven's Fall and...I have my end-game tech from the Char missions. I've got the merc contracts I didn't have before, I've got Tech Reactors, Battlecruisers, etc.

Every other mission you play from the archives you use tech you had at that point in your initial playthrough, but here I had everything I had during the final missions and so had access to stuff I simply wouldn't have had during the normal play. I'm not sure if the same happens if you do Haven's Fall first and go back for Safe Haven later, but I'd assume so.

So yeah, is this a glitch or what, because if it is its a bit of a cop-out, you decide one mission sounds more difficult, you take the other one and go back to do the harder one with better tech later.