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Thread: Interesting way to raise money via video games

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    Default Interesting way to raise money via video games

    A Team Fortress 2 player named WiNGSPANTT has decided to raise money through destroying his golden wrench. If you don't play TF2, I'll try to explain what the golden wrench is: it's a very rare item that you can get in game, and Valve only handed out 100 of them. If you're able to kill someone with the golden wrench, it'll leave behind a golden statue of the victim's corpse.

    With that said, there are 7 other people that have joined this guy to destroy their wrenches. Here's what the article says:

    This is somewhat inspired. You recall the Golden Wrenches circa the last Team Fortress 2 update? WiNGSPANNT despised his – number 31 – but had a bright idea of how to turn its annihilation into a force for good. In short, he’s using its destruction as an excuse to raise money for Child’s Play. To simplify the whole system, the twenty highest donators will be invited to join him on a server to observe this crushing to powder of a modern day Excalibur. Inspired by this Seven (Count ‘em!) other golden-wrench owners are going to follow suit, with the whole ceremony being recorded for posterity. Hurrah! Anyway, go forth and donate, or watch this video which explains what’s going on in further detail…

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    The first video...

    And a second update…

    And the most recent one…
    I think it's great that he's doing this! I wish I could donate, though .

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    Default Re: Interesting way to raise money via video games

    That's fantastic. Would be cool to see some charity SC events haha ; )

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