I was really looking forward to this game until about half way through 2008. Then I realized that Blizzard was having trouble with the development and setting good priorities. In Beta, the multiplayer was underwhelming due to a simplistic metagame/balance model based around tier 2 10 minute pushes with very little need for creative tactics. But I banked on the campaign saving the experience. After playing to the end, I realize that the dream of SC2 was a sham. The campaign is chock full of boring filler and the storytelling and writing are completely unimaginative and uninvolving. I feel like I care less about and know less about the starcraft universe and storyline after playing the campaign than before. I'm not going to go into any more detail because the game doesn't warrant it. We all loved BW, and as a graphical update of BW, SC2 is fine. When someone makes a remake of the BW campaigns and multiplayer balance in the SC2 engine, I will play that to death, probably for another 12 years, but as far as the new content created for sc2, it can blow me.

5/10 for a solid game engine and lousy creativity.