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Thread: A Hypothesis About Zeratul's 'Prophecy'

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    Default A Hypothesis About Zeratul's 'Prophecy'

    There has been a great deal of grumbling amongst the community about the talk of 'prophecy' in the game thus far, and the implications of that. Understandably, there have been accusations of the tech-heavy setting being despoiled with storytelling techniques better befitting a fantasy setting.

    However, despite concerns that magic and crystal balls are just about to come into style, I suspect that Zeratul's 'prophecy' originates from more mundane sources, rather than metaphysical ones.

    I postulate that the 'prophecy', such as it is, is not so much a vision of the future, so much as a message from it. A warning of events that have, from the recipients' point-of-view, yet to come to pass, and only perceivable by powerful psychics (since the message is itself psionic in nature). Temporal manipulation has been established to exist already, although only on a small scale; something as inherently risky as attempting to change history would almost certainly be a final option.

    For that reason, I strongly suspect that the message came from the 'bad' alternate future, giving a warning to what choices must be made to circumvent that timeline. Given constraints of available resources, any message would probably have to be short, and probably vague enough to avoid unwarranted changes to the timeline beyond what is intended (yet specific enough to be clear about what needs to be changed).

    In fact, its probably that, if this is accurate, that the 'archive' the Protoss were trying to finish in "In Utter Darkness" might have in fact been the same. Consider: the Protoss were trying to leave behind the knowledge of how to fight the Hybrids, but when the Protoss are wiped out wouldn't it stand to reason that their archive would be destroyed with them? Unless, of course, they sent to where (or, more accurately, when) the Hybrids could not follow, and where (and when) the knowledge would be most effective against them.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself...

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    Default Re: A Hypothesis About Zeratul's 'Prophecy'

    Zeratul has apparently made it a habit to peer into neighboring realities, bearing witness to their entropy, allowing him a glimpse into future events and reliable predictive capacity. If they had made some reference to this quote, I would be much more at ease with his mentally cavorting through time and space.

    I saw the future war with the Hybrid Swarm as a sort of Alderaan event; the mass destruction of so many powerful psychics all at once sent a ripple through time, which was detected by only the most powerful and literally omnipresent entity known, the Overmind.
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    Default Re: A Hypothesis About Zeratul's 'Prophecy'

    I think that the Prophecy is more of a warning of what could happen. The Xel'Naga imprisoned the Fallen One or at least knew of it and its plans. The Overmind probably didn't "see" the future, but rather calculated it. Let's face it, the Overmind is one gigantic organic supercomputer. It had enough data to calculate what would happen very accurately.

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    Default Re: A Hypothesis About Zeratul's 'Prophecy'

    I think, if we assume the Overmind was under the command of the Dark Voice or whatever, it saw a vision of its controller's desires for the futures, like a fantasy "I will make this world come true." This is what Zeratul saw, the Overmind's vision of its master's desires.
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    Default Re: A Hypothesis About Zeratul's 'Prophecy'

    I have no problem with them using Days of Future Past. It wouldn't be the first nod to X-Men in Starcraft. But I also have no problem with an actual prophesy. It's silly to try to divide sci-fi and fantasy. Magic is just technology that science can't explain yet. Some of the best sci-fi and fantasy around play with that dichotomy. Dune is all about prophesy, and it's the best science fiction of all time. On the other side, the world of Wheel of Time is one in which an incredibly advanced society was destroyed by a great cataclysm and a new, primitive society viewed the old technology as magic.

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