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Thread: protoswarrior's "PROOF" that Archons destroy Ultras in sc2 !

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    Default protoswarrior's "PROOF" that Archons destroy Ultras in sc2 !

    Me and a friend decided to test out how would an end-game with mass archons vs mass ultras look. It was really amazing how fast Ultralisks died to Archons

    Pretty amazing game. Made some huge mistakes but meh :P

    See for yourselves!

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    Default Re: protoswarrior's "PROOF" that Archons destroy Ultras in sc2 !

    so archons really do have a purpose...

    Yours Truly,

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    Default Re: protoswarrior's "PROOF" that Archons destroy Ultras in sc2 !

    Quite amazing isn't it? And this idea came to my "brilliant" self only at the END of Beta... go me! lol.

    I was so heartbroken when I first played with the Archon in ladder games, but I guess I was just too bad to be able to even know how to get to a critical number of them to make them worth it. After playing this game, my friend and I both concluded that for Protoss, a GREAT transition unit out of hydra/roach midgame play into Ultra play is the Archon.

    In those numbers, the amount of splash they do and the sheer amount of damage they TAKE is astounding. Their 350 shields, when upgraded make them some tough sons-of-bitches! Even with hydras mixed in, they have a hard time focus-firing down Archons as storms disrupt their volleys a lot, while weakening them a lot for the chargelots to mop them up, allowing for the Archons to focus solely on the Ultras. And, since the chargelots get a fast surround on the ultras, they act like FF's to block their paths while they're taken down fast.

    I lost the game because I lost my mining bases and did not expand to the right side of the map and behind my natural. Had I done so, I think I would've been able to continuously maintain the momentum and win, even though zerg had the other half of the map.

    Lol, I'm so proud that Archons aren't useless anymore!

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