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Thread: Heavier infraction for spoilers

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    Default Heavier infraction for spoilers

    Please make the penalty for revealing spoilers heavier. Of all the things you can do wrong on the board I think revealing spoilers will upset members the most. It only takes one person to create a misleading title and have an image that tells its 1000 words to disappoint members. 3 points is a slap on the wrist.
    I really need to change this...
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    Default Re: Heavier infraction for spoilers

    What's the point in banning the person? If they made a mistake, they could do it still if the penalty was higher; hence it being a MISTAKE.
    Anyone who wants to do it on purpose could be a troll anyway and will likely get banned after 2 offenses. (And being warned the first time)

    Plus, there's no need for vengeance. The damage is already done at that point and a mod can hide the thread, edit the title, delete it or move it.

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