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Thread: Day One-Tourny

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    on what server will this be on?

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    Again, I will need someone to help me out with that. I really am not familiar with the whole SC2 server thing. Is there any specific server it should be on? Because I am not hosting the battles, you are. I am just keeping record of the tournament.

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    There are three servers in beta: North America / Europe / Asia
    It's not clear to me how many servers there will be upon release (are the Russian server rumors confirmed?).

    Your flag indicates South Africa, so I guess the logical place would be europe (as a server for YOU) in terms of ping, even if I'm sure any one of them would be the same. You can't be 100% sure until you register your account though, since these decisions are all up to Blizzard.
    Where you want to host this tourney is up to you, but honestly you won't get anywhere with a tourney you're completely disconnected from.

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    Oh in that case it will ne north America. I only have the SA flag customer I was born there.

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    Bump, come one guys, we need more people.

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    I see, I'm out then
    Gogo EU!

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    I'll be frank. A tournament that is held by someone that knows very little of the game is going to be perceived horribly. Take the first few days to learn as much as you can about SCII. Once you get that under your belt, compete in a tournament to gain experience (Maul will probably host one on this site). After all that is said and done, then run a tournament.

    As a tournament organizer, you need to be the head chief, cook and bottlewasher. You need to know everything -- don't rely on the community to direct your decisions as you will, with every decision, aggravate at least one player and you need to be confident in your decisions to voice a reason behind that decision.

    Above all, remember that SCII players take their SCII very seriously.... especially tournaments.


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    Yeah I guess you are right, I kinda just wanted to ne Knight an on the community, I guess the is not the right way to do so. Thanks.

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