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Thread: Not Playing Much

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    Default Not Playing Much

    I'm not playing the beta much this phase and didn't know why at first, but when I think about it...

    * Anything I do during phase 2 is meaningless, my record will be wiped once the game launches
    * The game is gonna come out in a few weeks so unlike back in May/June I only need to wait a bit longer for the full game with all its features
    * On my end personally the lag often screws up my micro at critical moments, I've lost entire games because lag kicked in and I lost control of my units
    * For the time it takes to really get into a good game, I just don't find it worth it.

    Anyone else have this mindset? Beta is still fun when I do play, but when it came out before I tried to play it as often as I could before it went down. Phase 2, not so much.
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    Default Re: Not Playing Much

    Lag? What lag? Am I the only person on this forum who has never had any lag problems?

    I guess I'll count that as a blessing before I go to sleep at night.

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    Default Re: Not Playing Much

    Never lagged... it's actaully very good. Atm the only thing I really really really really really hate is the automated countdown. And also that you can't kick people or make a game not public once it has gone public.

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    Default Re: Not Playing Much

    Same. But, that's a lot less annoying than them removing autosaving of replays and not giving an option to bring it back. I lost about 30 replays the other day and a few of them were great games with a close friend of mine. I want them back

    Rest In Peace, Old Friend.

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    I also didn't bothered to try phase 2 out, i deleted sc2 and all the patches after the end of phase 1, and i realy don't fell like instaling evrything from the start now. I'll just wait , since it's only a couple of days left.

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    Default Re: Not Playing Much

    Well, has been down a lot, too, and real-life issues keep me from playing it much even when it's up.

    I'm taking launch day off, and there's a holiday (so long weekend) in Canada the following weekend, so I'll play it a lot when it comes out, but there's little time to do so right now.

    The joy of getting a preview fades as the time for the product draws near, too.
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    Default Re: Not Playing Much

    Blog it.


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    Default Re: Not Playing Much

    Not bothering with placement matches. Just messing around with occasional comp stomper and custom game just to get some practice in. Also planning out a course of action for achivements!

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    Default Re: Not Playing Much

    Yes. There was lag in the beginning of Phase 2, but they seemed to iron itself out later on.

    Even if it is coming out soon, I am enjoying the beta with every second.

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    Default Re: Not Playing Much

    You beta testers should be ashamed of yourselves. You're there to test and give input! Even though everything is almost ready for launch.

    I'll also won't have much time to test, but all of the issues mentioned above. I agree with them. :P
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