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Thread: Do you care about achivements?

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    Default Do you care about achivements?

    So which of you are going to get 100% of every achievement? Personally, I can't imagine playing a race I don't like just to get an achievement, but hey, I can see the allure. Still, I don't plan on pursuing any. How about you guys?

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    Default Re: Do you care about achivements?

    Everyone will probably get all the achievements over a couple years by not really trying/caring. I don't really care about them other than having better decals and portraits.

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    Default Re: Do you care about achivements?

    I care about getting all the achievements for protoss considering that is the race i play and would like to represent myself as such. Other then that i could care less my achievements would be getting into high diamond and stuff like that.

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    Default Re: Do you care about achivements?

    I dont care about achievements at all, I just wanna play.

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    Default Re: Do you care about achivements?

    I care about achievements because more points means I am a better person than you.

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    Default Re: Do you care about achivements?

    There should have been more options than yes and no.

    I care about Achievements... but nowhere near enough to get 100% with each race. I'll get some of the ones that look fun, I'll get the ones that unlock portraits I like, and I'll get most of the single-player ones...

    But 1000 wins as Zerg? Hahahahahahahaha.



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    Default Re: Do you care about achivements?

    I love achivements! I will try to get them all! >:3

    In fact, I'm really looking forward to get all the achivements in campaign right now

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    Default Re: Do you care about achivements?

    This is one game where I will attempt to get all of the achievements. However, trying may not be enough... the crazy ones may have to go undone from lack of time to devote to the game :P

    Plus... by the time i get close to getting them all on WoL, the next game will be out with more... and also d3... it'll be tough to do it... The only real chance is if d3 is pay to play, and then i will absolutely not play it leaving me with only sc2 :P  6

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    Default Re: Do you care about achivements?

    I usually don't care for achievements, I'll play like normal for the first few days then if I get bored I might start achievement hunting. Considering this is SC2 tho I'll probably get them all eventually.

    So in short, I will get the achievements, but thats a low priority.

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    Default Re: Do you care about achivements?

    Right now, I would say: "I don't care about achievements, they're pointless and useless".

    The second I'll see an achievement on the retail game I'll probably go into zombie mode: "must haaave".

    I found myself going for all of the zerg achievements (rush, fast expo, fast tech etc...) in league games (I got lucky in most of those games though). I have no logic for doing that, since it's useless to begin with, but even MORE useless because it'll all be reset in a week, but you'know... must have!

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