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Thread: Most embarrasing game?

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    Default Most embarrasing game?

    So, we all have them. Those games that went so wrong that we are sometimes ashamed to admit them. But let's vent a little. What is your most embarrasing game? Did you hit the wrong hotkey repeatedly and spam an ability you didn't want? Or misplace your block and let in a 6-ling test rush?

    Mine was one I just played. It was a great back and forth TvP. Use was doing a lot of DT stuff, and I had an extremely large air force with a Raven for detecting. He tried a few different strats to hit my main, and each time I pushed him back with limited losses.

    After my expansions got hit in quick succession I figured I'd make an assault. I found his one expansion, and he ambushed me with Phoenixes. I lost the Raven but not much else. Then he attacked my main with DTs, and flew in his last few Phoenixes when I raised my CCs (I had one in my main that I was about to float to an expo). I lost one CC but got the other one far enough away. I wiped out his main, and then started attacking his scattered pylons that I had missed when he found my CC. I was literally one building away from winning, all because, in my hubris, I had not bothered to save my main, thinking I had enough time to take out his main first. Hell, had I just scattered all my floaters instead of leaving my nine Starports to die I probably could have made it.

    To make it all the more embarrassing, this game also broke a winning streak and was the final straw that bumped me down from Gold to Bronze.

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    Default Re: Most embarrasing game?

    my most embarrassing moment is not owning the game yet...

    though, i'll admit.
    when i'll have my hands on it, my macro will probably stink...

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    The 2v2 game with todie, I think we were clearly winning. Then I totally messed up because of that I wasn't really focused. (I thought we had won almost, and my family started to "call" on me, so I did some irl things... and we lost)

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    Default Re: Most embarrasing game?

    I remember a game, of PvT, where i saw the terran going MMM + some thors. So, i quickly teched up to high templars, got some psi storm ready.

    Once the terran attacked me, i A moved my whole army. I ofcourse then select my templars, and SHIFT click psi storm. Not a single storm went of, and that shift click cost me a game

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    Default Re: Most embarrasing game?

    It was my second game in the beta and first game as Protoss. I had no idea what to do. I was macroing with my head up my ass and I got Zergling rushed .... on Desert Oasis .... quite a few minutes in ....

    That was the only time I had died to a Zergling rush in a StarCraft game in close to a decade that I can remember.

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    Default Re: Most embarrasing game?

    In SC2, probably one of the games in the BO7 finals of the end of beta tournament where I couldn't figure out why my production was so low, despite good injection timings and a strong econ.

    Turns out that all game long I had forgotten to hotkey my natural hatchery, so I was injecting on a hatch which was already maxed out on larvae and none of them were being used (I inject via minimap when I'm super concentrated)... when I realized it was probably 15/20mn into the game, Usyless had a powerful mech army and it was way too late haha : )

    In SC:BW though, my most embarassing game was when I was playing with a friend whom I've always beaten. So it was more like I was training him rather than us sparring... We were on skype while playing so I was giving him pointers on the previous game while this game started, which makes things even worse.
    I had killed his scouting probe with a drone surround so all was good, I could power freely etc... but it's only when I go to upgrade my lair that I realize the icon is gray... wtf?... I had completely forgotten to make my spawning pool. My creep colonies were just sitting there, ready to be upgraded into sunken colonies, and I had 100gas idle, ready to make a lair into 2 hatch muta... He moved out shortly after with a silly army and owned me haha.
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    Haha. Last night, probably. I was Zerg, he was Protoss. He started massing Stalkers so I got overconfident and said "umm duh I'll just make a ton of upgraded zerglings and some hydras and own him."

    I didn't scout. Oops. He brought out 3 colossi and wiped me clean in about 10 seconds.

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    Default Re: Most embarrasing game?

    I remember one placement match where I completely owned my opponents main, but didn't notice the 15 stargates down by the high yield on scrap station. Needless to say, all those voidrays owned my base before I could reach the gates.

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    I was playing ZvT, and I slaughtered with expansion and main with about 20 hydras and 20 lings. All of the sudden as I'm tearing through his base, two VRs show up in my base. Big deal, he'll never get through my base before I get through his, and all he has left are those two VRs, which I can easily kill.

    I finish off his base, only to find he has been running around the map with one probe putting down pylons. His two measly VRs finish off my base before my giant army can find them all. Broke my streak too.

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    Default Re: Most embarrasing game?

    I was trying to get the "flying solo" achievement. a TvT and... we both used medivacs to enter each other base constantly... He did, i did, he did, i did.... it was terrible and i lost at the end...
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