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Thread: One more? Should the Terran and Zerg get one more Massive unit?

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    Default One more? Should the Terran and Zerg get one more Massive unit?

    do any of you think it is kind of unfair that the protoss have one more massive unit than the terrans or zerg ? should blizzard make one more massive unit for the terrans and zerg because it would seem more fair or blizzard could take one of the massive units off the protoss and give them another unit instead. what do you think?

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    Default Re: one more?

    No, I do not. Do you? Why?

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    Default Re: one more?

    I kinda feel they could use one. They're not really representing the 'Expensive, very tough units' niche that they had in the original game. The Archon was a much more fearsome unit since the only other big unit was the Ultralisk. Now there's Thors and beefier ultras.

    While the Colossus can be considered a big unit, it's definately not meant to tank or take hits. It's a glass cannon like the reaver was, so I don't really see that count. I kinda feel they need a big beefy late game ground unit to mirror the role the zealot has in early game. Something like making the Archon back into the monster it used to be, then change the templar merge into an alternate unit that gives it a better support role purpose and a meaningful reason to sacrifice 2 Templar for. As it stands, there's NO reason at all to sacrifice 2 Dark Templar into an archon.
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    Default Re: one more?

    Hyperbole is silly.

    Archons regenerate quickly (due to having mostly shield points) and can target air. They also have splash damage, but the radius is pretty tiny.
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    Default Re: one more?

    The only two ways the "Massive" typing has any effect is on the Phoenix's Graviton Beam and the Corrputors attack.

    The current "Massive" units:

    Brood Lord



    Quite frankly, I can't think of any other Zerg or Terran units that would qualify for the attribute.

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    Default Re: one more?

    Nope, Terran has plenty of air, and so does Zerg.

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    Default Re: one more?

    Meh. Not really. There really is no need to add two more huge units. Besides, the Mothership rarely sees any action anyways.

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    Default Re: one more?

    Why are you so obsessed with Massive?

    Unfair in which way? Few of the massive units so far are cost effective, and having more massive units is actually bad for a race. A unit being good or bad has very little to do with their massiveness.


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    Default Re: one more?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hammy View Post
    No, I do not. Do you? Why?

    @OP - Yeah, can you elaborate on why you consider it to be unfair? Put some thought into your question. Because I do not find people yelling imba about a 3.5 unit that is rarely used in competitive gameplay. Help me, help you.

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    Default Re: one more?

    Since we are talking massive, let's talk about light units too, shall we?

    Zerg has 2 light ground units. (Ling, Hydra)

    Terran has 3 light ground units. (Marine, Reaper, Hellie)

    Protoss has 4 light ground units. (Zealot, Sentry, HT, DT)


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