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    Default The Walking Dead

    Anyone ever read through the graphic novels? I've thumbed through one or two at B&N. They seem very good.

    The show premiers in October with Darabont that's an automatic plus in my book.

    No trailers yet.

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    I'm replying to my own thread here...excuse the double post.

    Walking Dead now has a trailer. WOAH!
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    Oh look. A production about a Zombie apocalypse and the few surviving living looking for their families and safety.

    How original. We certainly needed this.


    Seriously. You want to impress me with Zombies, do something novel. Change it up. Give me Fido.

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    The problem with most Zombie theatrical films...and one that I hope The Walking Dead will help they just end...without ever really getting to much of a resolution. And the endings usually involve the overused twist ending mechanic which I have come to vehemently loath. 28 Weeks later really pissed me off.

    With a format like TV, we can get a look at how a zombie apocalypse might play out over the long haul as we follow one band of humans trying to survive it...and each other. I really like this concept.

    Haven't seen Fido yet...I don't mind the satirical Zombie movie now and again(Shawn of the Dead was hilarious by the way) but I like the more realistic takes on the genre more so.

    Side note: Originality is important, but a well-crafted, well-acted, high quality, though possibly unoriginal story can still be entertaining. With a zombie TV show, as long as it has some great characters, who exhibit real motivations, cope with unique flaws, and are forced to make tough choices, I see little need for a reinvention of this genre's wheel.
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    Default Re: The Walking Dead

    Looks awesome, I saw the trailer the other day i'm excited about this show.

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    Default Re: The Walking Dead

    Hey, this actually looks pretty cool.

    I'm not a big fan of shows, no dedication to keep watching it on a routine, but I might give this one a go, since I do love Zombies.

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    I read through most of the graphic novels. In a way DSquid is right, there's nothing novel about them. It's your run-of-the-mill zombie story line that deals with survivors, zombies, war between survivors, and more zombies. Then again, it's a consummate zombie story, so anyone who's into zombies should read a volume or two.

    I'll be checking out this series, but I don't expect too much.
    Aaand sold.

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    Wow talk about thread necromancy.

    While others have mentioned this is "Run of the mill", that is true to an extent. Yeah there is nothing new, but this is a zombie show - first of it's kind - so what do you expect?
    They changed it up a little by focusing it as a drama, I don't know what else are you to expect.

    If you think about it, there is nothing new on TV, everything is simply re-made or set in context of the current generation.

    MASH ---> House/Greys Anatomy
    Friends ---> How I met your mother/Big Bang Theory
    MacGuyver ---> 24

    Oh, and yeah season 2 is slow, I read both the comics and watch the tv show.

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