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    When you buy the game, have one folder for B.Net and then copy that folder and apply a LAN crack that will be released a few weeks after release. TA-DA!

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    What makes you think there will be a LAN crack a week after release when they've had the whole beta to figure something out and failed?

    In all likelyhood someone will probably steal the LAN version that has been made for tournaments. There will never be a "crack" because there will be no need for it. It's too much work. It could be months or even years before someone is able to reverse engineer 2.0 and make it reliable.

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    If the LAN code is only on the "Pro" version, they would need to get a copy of that version.
    If the LAN code is on every copy, but disabled, they need to patch the .exe.
    If the pro version consist on a private server, they need to get that.

    All 3 options seem quite likely to happend, so i continue to wonder why Blizzard even bothers to strip LAN from the game.

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    Promoting or posting information, instructions or suggestions about pirating, hacking or cracking is not allowed. Closed.

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