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Thread: Robot Unicorn (highscores)

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    Default Robot Unicorn (highscores)

    Quote Originally Posted by DemolitionSquid View Post
    This is about getting the highest score in this game.

    Total Highscore
    1, Kacaier: 69376
    2, Perfecttear: 51462
    3, Charly: 47300
    4, screw_ball69: 40656
    5, Twilice: 37940

    Single run Highscore
    1, Kacaier: 35468
    2, Perfecttear: 26310
    3, Twilice: 20954
    4, Charly: 19788
    5, screw_ball69: 15702

    Only one highscore per player on each list.
    *Atm you don't need to upload pictures, but it could be good to printscreen anyhow.
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    Default Re: Robot Unicorn (highscores)

    I could also do better, except I probably can't. I'm not very consistent through my plays.

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    Default Re: Robot Unicorn (highscores)

    This game makes me feel less manly. I'll upload my scores in a sec. Btw I'm gonna have nightmares about the song and a rainbow pony waking up next to me insted of my girl. :/
    Be good, or be good at it.

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    my god you guys are ridiculous...must try and beat these after work.

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    Default Re: Robot Unicorn (highscores)

    Still loot of room to improve.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perfecttear View Post
    Still loot of room to improve.
    I-I feel so inadequate.

    I regain half of my manliness! I could have gotten overall highscore too. But again, inconsistency.
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    Default Re: Robot Unicorn (highscores)

    I wish I didnt delete my screenshots but I got 67k in one wish once, the other two wishes sucked so that total was maybe 70k. I'll have to go home and play again and try to beat that previous 1 wish score to post it here.

    best game in the universe tho.

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    Woulda done better if it weren't for them damn dolphins

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    Always, I wanna be with you
    And make believe with you
    And live in harmony, harmony oh love

    Hah, at my third wish. So horrible.

    I-I'm not addicted! I'm ju-just highly competitive! Nothing about the dang song and dolph- oh my, this is so amazing.
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    I can't get that game to load. A shame, too. I loved it so.
    Aaand sold.

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