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Thread: Another good protoss counter to tanks?

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    Default Re: Another good protoss counter to tanks?

    In P v T(going mech), Phoenix have become a must, if the game progresses too long.Just watch Day9's daily (posted by GRUNT 2 posts above) and you'll see what I mean.

    Also, you can't just go Immortals and think you've countered Siege Tanks, it's not that easy. It all depends on the Terrans unit composition, but if he's really Tank heavy, Immortals won't help you at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by DemolitionSquid View Post
    How to kill a tank:
    Step 1: Get some air units
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Profit!

    If you are going ground army, note that Psi Storm does 80 damage to everything. Sieged tanks can't micro.
    Yeah, because VRs just stomp MarineTankRaven...

    No, you'll need ground army with good composition, and later on mix in phoenix to pick up those pesky Siege Tanks.

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    Default Re: Another good protoss counter to tanks?

    Here is a good mental note, you can effectively kill a tank with just psi storm while it is being picked up with graviton beam. G-beam lasts 10 seconds while you psi storm lasts 4 seconds, leaving you 2 seconds to worth with. Also note that the time it takes a tank to switch from siege mode to tank mode is exactly the same duration of a psi storm. So a tank switching can be smacked for an instant 80 damage and can not do much about it. Just keep in mind that just because we are finding it difficult as protoss to deal with mech does not make it impossible to deal with with what we have.

    For instance I have found that if they are going the "standard" 1/1/1 build timing push with marines, tanks, and a raven; I can tech straight to DT's and get my entire army with 2-3 DT's to their base before siege tech finishes or the raven pops out. We just need to find the cracks in the build and abuse them to no end. Immortal/HT drops on bases will greatly effect the Terran's lack of mobility. Harassing with Phoenix's on the mineral line will be great too (aim for those gas workers first!). If they build turrets then that is awesome cuz they just told us they are not getting more units right away and they are going to have to stay near their bases to protect them. Do not fall prey to just thinking there is only one way to deal with Terran, cuz when they counter it everyone will be back here asking this same question again lol. GL and HF!
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    I thought it was a rhetorical question..protoss counters to tanks
    Zealots (w charge)
    Stalkers (w blink)
    Sentries (w Hallucinate)
    Immortals (hardened shield)
    Phoenixes (Gravity)
    Void Rays
    M.S. (Vortex)
    Phase Prism (Warp in, bomb)

    Not counters to tanks but

    Colossi, Observers... give vision of tanks on high ground

    HT/Archons are the only non-counters
    50 energy, 5 Larva, 5 seconds

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