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Thread: Beta tester priorities:get unit-abilities RIGHT!

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    Default Beta tester priorities:get unit-abilities RIGHT!

    Lately voices have been raised about the direction of BNet 2.0 this was a good effort that may have had an impact we are yet to see materialize. but i think its clear we've gone as far as we can with that for the moment

    lets make one thing clear: outlining the general states of units in the game is a big part of the beta test; not talking about specific stats, but more in general terms, what they can do and what they cant do: long or short range, high or low tech requirement, splash or flat damage - and probably most importantly at this point - what abilities they posses and how those work! these are things that will be hard to change after release!

    .. so its rather obvious that some unit abilities are in really rough shape compared to others. i think it should be a clear priority for the community to keep on brainstorming about how to best solve these issues: the developers are clearly not doing too well on this end by themselves, while still just as clearly being aware of the general problems - most notably with zerg needing some spicier gameplay.

    they have poked around with The infestor and corruptor; Infested terran and Contaminate (previously known as corruption) was OK abilities but not good enough fits on these units, they were moved to the overseer.. that was arguably a good move.

    but what replaced them?

    frenzy and a new corruption. both one target abilities with very flat impacts. they are barely used, and when they are, its not to great effect. and lets be clear: these abilities couldnt become more dynamic & feel more interesting to use by simply revamping their stats. its what the abilities do and / or how they are targeted that make them icky. you know im right.

    on a lesser level of concern is Thors strike cannons; its not good for much otehr than picking off key buildings or rarely target utlras - even more rarely, target colossi. is this enough?? are there any good alternatives (something far fetched 'd be to replace stun with AoE slow. but that would mess with the marauder. maybe AoE slowed atk spd?)

    So lets try to focus our nerdy energies on something that might actually matter: to have a nuanced discussion on alternatives to revamp or replace these abilities - and possibly others that are deemed unfit. (i cant think of much more past far-fetched funky mothershit suggestions, which feels so out of reach by now)

    i mead a BNet thread on this today, including my previous suggestion to revamp frenzy and a similarly branded suggestion to revamp Corruption - to make it spread as units were killed.

    TL thread that is logner and with more detailed suggestion(s):
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    Default Re: Beta tester priorities:get unit-abilities RIGHT!

    I feel that the Zerg abilities are very lackluster.

    Frenzy is good in theory but bad in execution, something like an AoE buff would be better and feel more Zerg like rather than a single target buff. and reverse GS would feel much better however not a very unique solution.

    Contaminate as most is really a trivial effect as well, 30 secs is very short and casting 1 is like stopping 1 unit from being made, when there are about 4-5 GW/Rax this doesnt really help out a whole lot, and you may lose a overseer in the process.

    Infestor Terran, i agree it is better on the overseer, but its still very lackluster, an Auto Turret which can spawn instantly can do better damage in harassing, the Raven however requires a tech lab, while an overseer just needs a lair so i guess that is how it balances out.

    Corrupt, another lackluster ability, as well as a single target spell that doesnt really add much needs a little more attention. Maybe it may be better as an AoE or a slowing move would be better. Overall the energy on a corruptor is a liability more than it is a benefit via feedback, but that is only against one race i suppose.

    NP and FG are great as is, the above spells do need a little bit more work IMO.

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    Default Re: Beta tester priorities:get unit-abilities RIGHT!

    Quote Originally Posted by Todie View Post
    on a lesser level of concern is Thors strike cannons; its not good for much otehr than picking off key buildings or rarely target utlras - even more rarely, target colossi. is this enough??
    I fully agree that strike cannons are not good enough.

    What I disagree is your assesment of the usefulness of strike cannons. Despite your concern of the ability being underpowered, you are still overestimating its power.

    This ability does about the same damage as the thor's regular attack. With upgrades, the regular attack actually has higher DPS than strike cannons. The only thing this ability is good for is the stun. Do NOT pick off buildings with this ability, unless its to prevent a defense structure or planatary fortress from firing.

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