I apologize if this is an inappropriate thread, but I need to vent. Sometime last week I emailed them. They were helpful, they told me how to open up my router ports and my lag with SC2 reduced drastically. But it still lagged a little, so a couple days later I emailed again, as a reply to the first chain of emails, asking what could be done to reduce it further.

*First, they've told me twice now to include all previous emails from them and to them in my email to them. I have - all my replies to them are replies to their replies to my replies, back to the very first email I sent, so the logs of our emails are all still there.
*Second, they're telling me to include information on all previous steps I've followed - again I have, my replies to them are in the log. "I followed this step and blah blah happened," I state this outright.
*In the latest reply the guy has given me advice on opening up router ports and configuring firewalls - steps I've already followed, and I said so in a previous email to them.
*They've also given me a series of steps I can do to improve performance - steps that were already given to me, that I have followed, and told them I followed them.
*I told them in my last email "You have already given me this advice, I have already followed these steps" - their last reply was to provide me with information on previous advice of theirs I've followed.

So, yeah. They're to the point they're telling me to do things I've already done, and I've directly stated in my replies "I've already done this, it was suggested in a previous email." I'm losing patience at this point. The first time they were helpful, this time they seem to be ignoring what I say. The last reply began with a copy and paste, word for word, of the first paragraph in the reply before - which tells me to include previous emails they've sent me, which I am!

So really, WTF?