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Thread: Beta is extended a little bit

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    Default Beta is extended a little bit

    Didn't see any other post relating this. Thought I'd share this with you guys.

    "We previously announced that the first phase of the StarCraft II beta test would be coming to a close in all regions on Monday, May 31. In order to prepare for the final phase of beta testing, we plan to extend the current phase in all regions until Monday, June 7. After this date, the beta test will be unavailable for several weeks while we make some hardware and software configuration changes for the final phase of the beta test and the release of the game. We plan to bring the beta test back online for a couple of weeks prior to the game’s launch to complete our testing. We’ll have more details to share about when this final phase will begin at a later date.

    We’d like to thank all of our beta-test participants for your enthusiasm, dedication, and valuable feedback during the beta test, and we look forward to hearing more of your thoughts on the StarCraft II beta test as the game’s July 27 launch approaches."
    Hey guys I want you all to know that my team is playing/did great this weekend so I am going to go ahead and make it my status because I know you all care and want to know my opinion on it.
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    Closed. Revert to the thread that Screw_ball69 mentioned.

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