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Thread: Service Update..

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    Default Service Update..

    Service update is going around right now as we speak...cant log in.. could it be a new patch?
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    Default Re: Service Update..

    Dammit beat me to it...
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    Default Re: Service Update..

    One can only hope it will fix the problems plaguing the game.

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    Worse timing ever, i've was playing the defence map, and i finaly managed to survive till the last two waves, and it droped everybody And this was my 15 atempt at beating that map today, gues it's just not meant to be.

    Hopefully they will fix some of the lag, but it doesn't look like it's a patch.

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    Default Re: Service Update..

    How long does a service update usually last?

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    To be honest, problems were gone like 99% already. Maybe they fix the Marauder!

    Next patch notes: we felt like the Marauder wasn't doing good vs air, so we just gave them the capability to hit them. As everybody knows, a slowed aircraft will fall to the ground. We are optimistic there won't be any problems after this, but we will check how they perform, and apply further buffs if needed

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    Default Re: Service Update..

    ah crap...only time of the day i had to do my playoffs with canuck bahhhhh lol
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    Default Re: Service Update..

    Ultras are not 'Armored' by default
    Ultras have the speed upgrade by default
    Ultras have an upgrade to give them burrowed fast regen (like roaches)

    Spawn Larva is 50 energy for 5 Larva with a 5 sec. delay

    Produce Larva at an increased rate
    only produce up to 2/3/4 Larva

    Frenzy changed to Unstable Immunity (name change only)

    Gains Argus Link (gives 5 energy/sec. to target, costs 10 energy/sec.)

    Recall replaced with Mass Teleport
    150 energy, MS and all nearby units, friendly or enemy teleported to target Protoss building.
    Cloaking field replaced with Overshield (when active, damage to shields in the area is done instead to the MS energy supply... which absorbs 10 damage per energy point)
    50 energy, 5 Larva, 5 seconds

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    Default Re: Service Update..

    Hehe you can still play USM maps with the editor :P

    Just the ones you can open of course

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    Default Re: Service Update..

    I just got into beta and now they close it down on me! RAAGH!!

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