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Thread: Firefly similarities

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    There aren't too many Space Westerns out there that I can think of off the top of my head besides Starcraft 2 and think the singleplayer is going to have a lot of Firefly references? Anyone notice any already?
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    Haven't noticed any, though the StarCraft universe isn't really western. Infrastructure and such in Terran cities are complex though crime ridden. Some characters and places might seem western, like various rednecks, Raynor and his bar on Hyperion. But honestly, the real world has people and places like that today

    Sure wish Firefly was continued after season one though, without bad actors like Adam Baldwin :s

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    I loved that series.

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    A bit OT, but while Knights Of The Realm in space makes no real sense, space westerns in general are actually a fairly workable genre, if used carefully.

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    i didnt get the oportunity to see it. but i've heard rumors there were planns to link the universes, but then the series got cancelled, so yeah...
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    Think the rumors were part of an April Fools posted on this forum.

    Yes, similarities can be drawn between Firefly and StarCraft, but if there's one thing reading/writing fanfiction and wikis has taught me, it's that it's possible to draw similarities between anything.

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    I work with a guy who while bored at work gos in and edits wiki pages. Sometimes constructive and other times destructively.

    My favorite is seeing official government documents that are suppose to cite everything and people will use wikipedia.

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    First of all... Firefly was copied hugely from the whole StarCraft universe. But firefly was a bad series, because you could feel every embarrassing reference to StarCraft/Star Wars/Star Trek/etc. due to the obviousness of the actor's lines which again were written by HUGE GEEKS.

    That series was a prime example of how "only" being a fanboy of othercrap, and not being original enough yourself, will ruin an otherwise well used idea.

    Notice it if you get to see Firefly again (or for the first time). Even in one of the very first scenes in the series, there's a flyby of a spaceship with the steelguitar playing some notes... Then there's the way the camera cuts and films + the lines of dialogue. They're just bad copies of bad Star Wars scenes. Worst of all it's the way it's all trying to look rough, but it's all PG-7ish so they talk, the talk, but they certainly don't walk the walk.

    This is the bad evolution of being inspired by something that's already inspired from something else. You loose the core of your own story.
    Take Tarantino as an example. He "quotes" a lot of Sergio Leone's movies, who again "quoted" directors like John Ford. Quentin does a good job quoting, but the "essence" of his own movies is pretty much lost.
    A good way to "quote" or copy is actually what Blizzard did with all their gameseries, but looking at StarCraft, it's really just a copy of Aliens (the second movie) with Predators put in. (And don't give me any AvP crap. The comicbook were already made back then, and they really rock, so I can't blame Blizz for stealing that idea.) But the feeling has it's own "essence" and that's what makes it all so cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dauntless View Post

    Sure wish Firefly was continued after season one though, without bad actors like Adam Baldwin :s
    Nathan Fillion makes up for all bad acting in the show.

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    Nathan Fillion is a beast.

    I cannot believe you just said Firefly sucked. No more pylons for you sir.

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