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Thread: [B.Net List] Find a Practice Partner(s)

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    Default [B.Net List] Find a Practice Partner(s)

    A self-explanatory thread for any match-up (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4) or even just Customs if you want.

    Information to Post:*
    Do not add color or formatting since it doesn't do anything when I copy/quote it.

    Type of Player: Optional
    Anyone of any skill level can join. If you are looking for a specific level of player, please post this. Otherwise don't bash others who are not as good as you becuase they might be looking for a mentor.


    List of Players
    Current list of players that have asked for partners. It is sorted by server and, within that list, alphabetically. Updated daily by Sarov.

    Last Update: November 28, 2010 v1

    NA Server

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Platinum (1v1)
    Reason: Mainly wants to practice 1v1 as Protoss with a Platinum/Diamond player.
    Schedule: Is somewhat on randomly but is on a lot. Requires a Terran player because of difficulties with matches against Terrans but is willing to play with other races. I mainly want to practice 1v1 I am a Protoss player looking a platinum/Diamond league player to practice with.
    -Is offering to help people out with basic tips and strategies. If interested PM with the reason why you added him so that you aren't declined by mistake.

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Platinum (1v1)
    Reason: Looking for a Gold/Platinum/Diamond partner for 2v2 but will do 1v1 practice as well.

    League(s): Platinum (1v1)
    Reason: Looking for 1v1 partners of Gold to Diamond. Looking for all race players that want to test their cheese or normal builds. Just looking to improve play.
    Schedule: Online casually, but pretty much every/any day.

    League(s): Bronze (1v1)
    Reason: Looking for 1v1 partners of any rank.
    Schedule: Available Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons but all day for the rest of the week.

    Race: Terran
    League(s): Not in one at the moment.
    Reason: Looking to practice.

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Silver
    Reason: To practice strats against someone.

    Race(s): Protoss but im Learning Random
    League(s): Gold (1v1), Platinum (4v4)
    Reason: Looking for lots of 1v1 sparring partners and team partners
    Available: On all the time

    Race: Terran
    League(s): Diamond (1v1, 2v2)
    Reason: Willing to practice but also looking for teammates for 2v2 and the above leagues.

    Race: Average Zerg. Plays beginner in both Terran and Protoss
    League(s): Platinum
    Reason: Practice and explore builds, timings, and game phases. 1v1.
    Type of Player: Will try anything to learn more, regardless of win/loss. Does not have endurance for more than 4 hours of gaming.
    Schedule: Varies. Poke me. I might poke you for inquiry regarding availability through No strict schedule. Watch for the word "pokes", you can respond with "GTFO" if you're busy.

    Reason: Wants to practice PvT with Platinum/Diamond players.

    League(s): Diamond (2v2)
    Reason: Looking for Platinum/Diamond players to experiment a built and practice with (maybe some 2v2).

    Race: Zerg
    League(s): Gold (1v1) Division Siege Tank Mu
    Reason: Looking to practice.

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Silver (1v1)
    Reason: Mostly plays 1v1 and feels lost in 2v2 but willing to practice it.

    Race(s): Random
    League(s): Gold (1v1, currently 25th)
    Reason: Looking for 2s or 3s partners. Or just people to chat with.

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Diamond (1v1, 2v2)
    Reason: Just practice.
    Schedule: I play at random times, usually whenever there is time that day.

    Race: Protoss (Trying to learn Zerg)
    League(s): Diamond (1047)
    Reason: Been out for a while, so macro and micro slipped hard. Would like to get back into the swing of things.
    Looking For: A player around level looking to practice. Any race, I need to work on all my match ups (especially PvP)
    Schedule: All days, but since I'm on call @ work, don't know when I can play. But I usually get on at least once or twice a day.
    *(two little "o"'s Zer, big "O")

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Platinum (ranked 80th right now, but should go up soon)

    Race(s): Random
    League(s): Gold (1v1, 2v2)
    Reason: Looking to improve my game and/or do some 2vs2, 3vs3, or 4vs4.
    Schedule: Random.

    Race: Terran
    League(s): Diamond 1v1
    Reason: King of the Hill. "I myself and a group of friends host KOTH pretty often, at least twice a week so come out and play with us."
    Schedule: On randomly but quite often.

    League(s): Plat/Diamond
    Reason: Looking for 1v1 sparring partners (Z/T/P) to try out strategies and for fun. Or you can message if you're looking for someone to talk to.

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Diamond
    Reason: No set schedule but feel free to add, will spar when not busy laddering or playing with friends. Does not mind the race played.

    Name: Siraz.584
    Race: Zerg (I can play a decent T and P as well)
    League(s): Diamond (Currently 1550)
    Reason: Looking for people around my skill level or better to play with. Either contact me in game or on the forum.
    Schedule: Varies

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Ursa Omicron, 1v1 Diamond, 1755
    Reason: Looking for a 1v1 partner, or some 2v2.
    Type of Player: Diamond league
    Schedule: From 4:00pm to 11:00pm is my typical SC2 time frame.

    Race: Random
    League(s): 1v1 and 2v2 are Platinum
    Reason: I need more work on macro and micro
    Type of Player: Random styles
    Schedule: Typically any night after 11 EST, and randomly throughout the day

    Race: Zerg/Protoss (willing to try Terran though)
    League(s): Diamond (1v1)
    Reason: Looking for 1v1 partners.

    League(s): Diamond
    Reason: Looking for any diamond/platinum 1v1 & 2v2 partner
    Other: I can do a lot of openings with Protoss if you need help against any particular build

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Bronze (1v1), Silver (2v2)
    Reason: Looking for mainly 1v1 games for practice and bettering overall skills as a player but would prefer message in game instead of just getting a seemingly blind invite. Doesn't have a style of play really, still somewhat new but not a complete newbie. Played SC1 way back in the day when it was still the big thing. Hope to find a hand full of both practice partners and also some people just to chat with since there aren't really any friends on this game at the moment.
    Schedule: Is usually online evenings of most weekdays.

    Race: Zerg (considering learning others)
    League(s): Platinum (2v2 [random])
    Reason: Need people with whom to practice 1v1
    Schedule: Varies. Online most after 8 pm (GMT -5)

    Race: Random/Zerg
    League(s): Gold (1v1, 2v2)
    Reason: Looking for a practice partner in 1v1 or 2v2.

    League(s): Diamond
    Reason: Looking for Platinum/Diamond players.

    Race: Terran (looking to expand)
    League(s): Gold (1v1), Silver (2v2s)
    Reason: Looking practice my offracing and general game knowledge
    Type of Player: SC2 is my first RTS, I don't favor cheesy builds and I still have to practice my macro a bit.
    Schedule: I can usually be found in the game from midnight to 4:00 AM or so, I rarely go in on the evenings but if I found a good partner I would obviously attempt to practice more.

    Race: Random/Any race
    League(s): Diamond (1v1)
    Reason: Open for any type of 1v1 practice.

    Race(s): Protoss
    League(s): Platinum (1v1)
    Reason: Want to practice with a Zerg player. I am also interested in playing 2v2 with people. Platinum to Diamond.
    Schedule: Varied schedule primarily in the morning or afternoon Tuesday/Wednesday are free.

    Race(s): Zerg/ Random
    League(s): Diamond 1v1s; Platinum 2v2s
    Reason: Looking for practice in 1v1s for warm up, and to try new concepts, sometimes I'm just looking for some fun sparring as well. I'm always open to new 2v2 partners regardless of league.
    Type of Player: Preferred Diamond-Gold
    Schedule: 6 PM-12AM EST (GMT -5:00)

    EU Server

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Diamond (1v1 [Upper Diamond])
    Reason for posting: Looking for good players to practice with and have some fun, testing to see if a play have leaks, knowing what to do next, etc.
    Type of Player: Lots of free time so if you want help testing something don't hesitate to ask.
    Schedule: Very different, if you want Skype: hk.martin

    Race: Unspecified
    League(s): Bronze (2v2)
    Reason: Looking for a "nice teammate who wants to 2v2". Still in Bronze - just started 2v2.

    Race: Zerg
    League: Gold (1v1)
    Reason: I'd like to improve my macro and my ZvZ. I'd also don't mind playing other matchups.
    Schedule: most evenings, sometimes afternoons as well depending on my schedule

    Reason: Looking for sparring partners, 1v1 or 2v2 (depending on mood).

    Race(s): Terran/Protoss
    League(s): Diamond
    Reason: Looking for a 2v2 partner and practice partner.
    Schedule: Most of the evening and afternoon.

    Race: Terran
    League(s): Diamond (1v1), Gold (2v2), Platinum (3v3, 4v4)
    Reason: Looking for Platinum/Diamond Players, looking for members for the EU Fight Club (1v1 games with observers to get better)
    Personality: Friendly and talkative player who forgets to expand in time
    Schedule: Usually around 6-7pm or 10-11pm +2 GMT

    League(s): Gold (League type unspecified)
    Reason: Looking for general practice.

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Gold (1v1)
    Reason: Someone to practice with. Maybe some 2v2. Have some fun.
    Schedule: On for at least an hour everyday from 3pm (GMT time- UK time) onwards.

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Silver (1v1 [Soon to be Gold]), Gold (2v2)
    Reason: Looking for Zerg players both in team-play and in 1v1; needs to practice. Needs to expand their reactionary builds to Zerg and also because of a fondness for PvZ.
    Schedule: Is usually around in the evenings, around 9PM - 11.30PM (Swedish time) depends on conditions.

    Race: Terran
    League(s): Diamond (1v1)
    Reason: Wants to improve and generally generally try and help people out when there is time.
    Type of Player: Decent Terran player.
    Schedule: I'm on as much as possible.


    Race: Zerg
    League(s): Plat(1v1) Gold(2v2)
    Reason: Looking for a practice partner/people to just play with and try to get better.

    Primary Race: Zerg
    League(s): Rank 35 Platinum / Division: Spectre Sierra
    Reason for posting: Need help in the ZvT matchup. Will try to help others with whatever they need.
    Schedule: Usually late evening or night

    Race: Terran (but plays Random a lot)
    League(s): Platinum
    Reason: Likes to help any newer players Bronze or Silver.
    Type of Player: Any player that needs help.
    Schedule: Is on at 6 pm on any day.

    Race: Zerg
    League(s): Platinum
    Reason: Wants 1v1 practice partners of any race. Will do 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, as well as Customs.
    Schedule: Generally on in the late morning and at night.

    Race: Zerg
    League(s): Bronze (1v1)
    Reason: Looking for people to practice with or higher ranked players to serve as a mentor.
    Schedule: Available most of the time every day until school starts.

    Race(s): Protoss (may switch to Terran but unsure)
    League(s): Bronze (All)
    Reason: I need a good 2v2 partner random 2v2 is redic bad.
    Type of Player: Aggressive, I prefer to push out and gain map control as opposed to sitting in base.
    Schedule: I'm on almost all the time although randomly - could be 5am, could be 6pm. If I actually got a partner I would give them a way to get a hold of me.
    Extra Info: I'm bi-polar so sometimes i just dont feel like playing, and I have huge generalized anxiiety disorder along with panic disorder, so, if I get rattled I need someone to calm me down because my mind races like usain bolt, then I'll lose a game I was clearly winning and finish with like 4k mins and 2k gas, I don't get rattled by people, but, little things fuck with me.

    League(s): Silver (1v1)
    Reason: Just looking to improve and learn different strategies. Contact at any time.

    Race: Protoss
    League(s): Bronze (1v1, 2v2)
    Reason: Looking for friendly and mature players with whom to learn with.
    Schedule: Is available almost every day between 9 PM to 3-4 AM GMT +1


    Sarov's Note: I have decided to, like the ID thread, work on keeping this thread up to date. I have made some changes throughout this post (which will be this color), including the player list.

    From Sandwich_bird: So I've seen a lot of those "find a partner" threads recently and I tried to redirect people to the beta friend list. Since this failed because both topics are different (yet somewhat similar), I decided to make one official sticky thread about finding practice partners. Please keep your posts regarding finding a partner here and try to use our private messaging system to discuss personal schedule and etc.

    To other mods: This should stay in the strategy forum because it involve strategies(indirectly) and there's already too many sticky threads in the sc2 forum.
    Last edited by Sarov; 11-28-2010 at 07:49 PM. Reason: The list is getting big... so I reduced the size of the font. If you have problems seeing press CTRL and the '+' sign or press CTRL and scroll up on the mouse wheel a bit to make it larger.

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    Default Re: 2v2 Partners? and 1v1 Partners?

    Just use my Real ID :]

    Anything, really. 2v2 is my forte, however.
    Call me PK`

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    Default Re: 2v2 Partners? and 1v1 Partners?

    Kind of already done but what the hell.


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    Default Re: 2v2 Partners? and 1v1 Partners?

    Cotcan.cotcan 1v1 Bronze arranged 2v2

    get your own starcraft 2 signature at

    GENERATION 18: The first time you see this, copy it into your sig on any forum and add 1 to the generation. Social experiment.

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    Default Re: 2v2 Partners? and 1v1 Partners?

    Drk.drkie 1v1 bronze arranged 2v2

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    Default Re: 2v2 Partners? and 1v1 Partners?
    Real ID me!

    Copper 1v1,2v2
    Silver arranged 2v2

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    Default Practice

    Hello, i've been wanting to get back info SC, and i got an invite to SC2.. I was wondering if anyone is willing to help me out? I just did a practice game and got wrecked..

    I like to use terran by the way.

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    Default Re: Practice

    Bullet, I'd be willing to do that if bnet is willing to not drop, but come and find me online. I'll PM you my ID (since bnet only allows real ID friends at this stage after Patch 13).

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    Default Re: Find a practice partner/partners
    1v1 Platnium
    2v2 N/A
    US server
    Race: Zerg
    Last edited by Xadr; 05-26-2010 at 08:56 AM. Reason: Add 2v2 rank
    For the Zerg,

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    Default Re: Find a practice partner/partners

    Server: US Server
    TL ID: Yoh
    B.Net ID: Yoh
    Rating: 0
    League: Bronze?
    Rank: 0
    Race: Zerg/Protoss
    Other: Haven't bothered going through the practice matches yet since patch 13, just looking for someone to practice with that doesn't mind kicking my ass so I can get used to losing.
    Playing around with Protoss atm, used to play Zerg, but either they suck or I do.

    Not all that confident in my abilities so far. More lack of experience then anything.
    More into 1v1 then any other format at this point.

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