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Thread: Make your own patch. Aka what needs to be changed.

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    Default Re: Make your own patch. Aka what needs to be changed.

    Remake roaches.
    Remake Corruptors.
    Remake Mothership
    Remake Thor
    Rework Ultralisk
    Possibly rework infestors, but just a bit.

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    Default Re: Make your own patch. Aka what needs to be changed.

    Copy Brood War
    Update graphics

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    Default Re: Make your own patch. Aka what needs to be changed.

    Alright, this looks fun, so I'm going to tire ye all with yet another wall of text! I'm sorry if some of these things have already been mentioned, but I came to these conclusions by myself!

    • Terran

      - Vikings:
      Vikings can be now built in the factory as well as the starport, landing/getting airborne, however is dependant on actually having a factory/starport.

      - Recoil Turret (Upgrade) <100 Min|150 Gas|60 sec>
      Hellions can fire while moving. Its' researched at the Factory Tech Lab, and requires an Armory to begin research.

      - Thor
      The supply cost has been lowered by 2, but now has to switch between anti-air and ground attack modes, each taking roughly five seconds.
    • Zerg

      - Roach
      The roach is slightly larger and has a bigger healthpool. His normal attack is now a melee slash, and his old attack has been reworked into a "corroding spit" attack that decimates small (two-by-two) structures and vehicles.

      - Creep Glands (Upgrade) <100 Min|100 Gas|60 sec>
      Overlord can now spew creep while moving, leaving a trail of creep that dissolves faster than the normal creep. Requires Hive to research.

      The overseer gains an ability called Dark Swarm. The overseer must remain above the dark swarmed area to channel it. It takes 2 energy/ingame second. Every ground unit takes only a single damage from any ranged attack within the swarm, as well as from any splash or special abilities.

      Spawn infested terran has been replaced with Infest: a channeled ability that disables the target structure or vehicle until the effect is canceled, the Infestor moves away, or is killed. A single infestor can infest up to two things at the same time.

      -Paternal Sacks (Upgrade) <150 Min|200 Gas|90 sec>
      This upgrade is now required to allow the Broodlord to store up to two broodlings for the first attack. Researched at the Greater Spire.

      - Corruptor
      The corruptors' corruption ability has been decreased to only 10% extra incoming damage, but is now a passive ability, with no energy requirements, instantly corrupting the target when attacking.

      - Ultralisk
      Ultralisks gain a passive siegebreaker ability that allows them to run through forcefields, destroying them in the proccess, although drasticly slowing down the Ultralisk for roughly three seconds.
    • Protoss

      - Dark Shrine
      Now costs <125 Min|200 Gas|100 sec>

      - Dark Templar
      Now cost <125 Min|100 Gas|50 sec>, but cannot attack structures.

      - Nerazim Blades (Upgrade) <200 Min|150 Gas|75 sec>
      This reseach allows the Dark Templar to attack structures. Reseachable at the Dark Shrine.

      - Phoenix
      The Phoenix now doesn't attack while moving. Instead, it begins to charge it's attack as soon a targetable enemy unit is just out of range, allowing the Phoenix to, when controled correctly, always fire off the first shot.

      - Void Ray
      Void Rays now charge to full power in six seconds, however, they also gained an "abilty" called <Null Void Capacitors>, that slows down the Void Rays' charging by one second for every other Void Ray within a 3.0 vicinity.

      - Mothership
      The cloak field radius has been shrunk by roughly 10%, however, the Mothership now has 400 hitpoints and the shield has been increased to 450. The mothership also has a new area-targeted ability called <Psi Supression Field>, that disallows any casters to cast within the area. Costs 100 energy.

    Any critique, ideas or whatevers are welcome, and on that note, I'll start reacting to everyone elses' posts soon.
    Last edited by deloctyte; 05-20-2010 at 06:47 AM. Reason: fixing the text a bit. Added Corruptor

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