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Thread: Avatar...Your Opinion?

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    Default Avatar...Your Opinion?

    This thread spawned from Demo's discussion concerning the movie Kick Ass.

    Let's see what everyone thinks of James Cameron's latest movie.

    Your choices are:

    Good Movie?

    So So Movie?

    Bad Movie?

    Not Sure.

    Comments and detailed opinions are welcome.

    As the OP-er, Avatar gets a "Good Movie" vote from me.

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    Default Re: Avatar...Your Opinion?

    Bad movie good graphics.

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    Default Re: Avatar...Your Opinion?

    Story: Overdone
    Acting: Bad
    Visuals: Pretty
    Blue Alien Nipple Slip: Best Part Of The Movie

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    Default Re: Avatar...Your Opinion?

    Pretty visuals, liked the symbolism and meaning behind it. Acting wasn't anything special but I left satisfied. Found it funny seeing Ripley there...yes yes that wasn't her name but..

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    Default Re: Avatar...Your Opinion?

    It was pretty good, and it looked amazing

    But I can't stand 3d, its such a stupid gimmick! So I prefer the 2d blue ray x100

    The movie wasn't mind blowing but the visual were pretty freaking good lol
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    Default Re: Avatar...Your Opinion?

    Where is:

    stunning visuals but Pocahontas story?

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    Default Re: Avatar...Your Opinion?

    For a guy who created one of the greatest science fictions ever made, the greatest sequel ever made and a really good sci-fi military movie who's partially inspired StarCraft in the first place, Avatar is pretty lame.

    He took what, 12 years for this ? He had done better in a way short period of time. What the hell is this ?

    Also, I hate the 3-D effects. Yes, it's great, but ain't gonna save the story/settings, which alot of people these days doesn't care anymore.

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    Default Re: Avatar...Your Opinion?

    Don't forget The Abyss.

    Disheartening news: apparently Cameron's fish fetish wasn't satiated by The Abyss, Titanic, or Aliens Of The Deep. Oh no, Avatar 2 is confirmed to take place (at least partially) under the oceans of Pandora.

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    Default Re: Avatar...Your Opinion?

    Other than the fact that I thought it was a FPS when I saw the trailers, I didn't think Avatar was all that great. I thought it was a decent enough film to watch, but not so great as a number of people I know say it was. Special effects, I give it that. Cast, not so great. Story, nothing I haven't seen or heard before. Action, Smurfs and men-alike die by the dozen. :P I give it a so-so vote.

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    Default Re: Avatar...Your Opinion?

    Boring story, some pretty interesting combat at the end. But pointless.

    I don't get what the point of the human ground forces was at all if their sole mission was to go bomb the tree with a payload. Does a ground force serve and purpose for that? No, especially when the Navi arrows do nothing more than scratch a window when shot from the ground into the air.

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