I been laddering more the past couple of days, and getting back in the high ranks.
Currently in Platinum with 1700, rec of 37-18

If I uploaded afew games i've played, mainly ones involving other players who are 1700+ in platinum, would anyone want to do some shoutcasting/stream the replays with commentary?

I'd love to have another person analyze my games while commentating, even though I know I slip up macro-wise often, it'd be great to hear and see if they point out anything I miss when watching them myself..

Lemme know and i'll upload like 5-6 good games (not one-sided ones, but lots of action) and you guys stream it live! (altho id love it if the stream was saved online, since I dunno how much free time I have)

Would also love to hear some replays of the matches in the first SCL tourney, since I dont think anyone did them as a cast.. Some really crazy games there, specifically me vs Superkiller #2 where he came back and won, that was amazing. Should of been front page-commentaried material.