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    Hey I would like to say sorry in advance if their is already a forum like this but isnt the story line of sc2 going to be messed up because of all the units that came and went. What I am getting at is some units are new which may be explained but alot are taken out which I was wondering wouldnt that majorly leave a huge gap in story line.(i dont read books sorry if that says so)

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    ... What are you talking about?

    The storyline of StarCraft isn't about units. It's about people. Those people may sometimes be units, but SC's storyline has never hinged on the presence or absence of any particular unit.
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    The zerg evolved, old forms vanishing, new forms appearing, the terran adapted their technology/made new versions of it to combat the zerg/protoss threat, and the protoss homeworld was wiped out (thus losing some tech such as dragoons), and they also made new tech as well. Also many of the older units appear in the campaign (vultures and goliaths for instance are unlockable units).

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    Just because some units aren't in the MP doesn't mean they aren't used in the lore. The medics and firebat, for example, are in the lore still.

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    3 responses and not one brings up the most obvious?

    Old units will be in the single-player. As Tychus said, they haven't been phased out of the lore. Moreover, they are SO unphased out of the lore, you'll get to see them and use them all the time when you're playing through the campaigns.

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    well to restate wat the above said, story line or lore and wat else you may call it, will still have these old units, but even if it didnt it wouldnt have mattered, there is some background to this, for example dragoons are no longer made as aiur was where most of them were produced. And I dont see how missing some units will screw up the story line at all either way but yea.

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    maybe i should of worded it deferently but some people got what I ment XD and ya good point they will always be in the camp

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    1. Old units will be in the campaigns.
    2. For multiplayer, assume that a Terran outpost group and Zerg hive cluster each have a limited number of schematics/genetic templates that can be built, and certain potentially useful units were replaced by ones deemed more useful. For the Protoss, classic Dragoons are no longer being made, so Immortals are the remaining Dragoons buffed for survivability and stalkers are the attempt to replace the Dragoon. The Phoenix is an attempt to merge the DT and Khalai air force techs, so the old Scout and Corsair pilots have all moved over to the new design. Arbiters are missing because they were the Judicators, who have basically all been wiped out. Reavers are no longer seen as a cost-effective unit to produce because the Protoss are in a weakened position and the constant reloading of Scarabs was a drain on resources. There are a few kicking around, but they aren't being ported into hot zones anymore.
    3. To preemptively rebut those who are going to bitch about my explanations, unless there are official sources that directly conflict with my Mcguiver-lore then unofficial explanations are better than no explanations. If you have a better explanation for why certain units are missing then give it, but as the existence of this thread shows "Lore =/= Gameplay" isn't good enough for everyone.

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    what I was trying to get across basicly was I wanteed some explanation for lose of old units(id there is any lost in camp) and maybe a bit on new units even though thts pretty easy just bam its evolved new armor ect.

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    kk ty (note i typed msg above b4 reading yers Dala but that seems reasonable)

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