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    Quote Originally Posted by Blazur View Post
    Oh man that's pure gold. Thanks for sharing!
    The list is even longer than 100 items, but yes.

    It is pure gold, and I did take inspiration from it when writing the list above.

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    I do believe it is as old as the internet as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xyvik View Post
    For those complaining about Whiplash being defeated too easily, keep in mind:

    Hidden Content:
    He was defeated twice, and in neither case did he actually want to win. In the first, he wanted to "make the god bleed." In the second, he wanted to blow Tony to millions of pieces by losing. In the first case he was massively successful, and in the second he very nearly pulled it off. In that case he was actually extremely successful as a villain: he did what he wanted to do. He also didn't monologue. That's pluses in my book.
    That's all great, and we all know what Vanko wanted to accomplish and all that, but it still doesn't excuse the fact his fight was too short. This was the moment we've been waiting for to the end, and while he did do some serious damage, it was too abrupt. Stane's Ironmonger lasted longer than Vanko did, and he was a crack billionaire to Vanko's hardened criminal. :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Quirel View Post
    Cheap jokes? I thought some of those were pretty good.
    Considering I was praising the film for the jokes, I was using the term loosely. :P And as I said before, for all the contrivances you see, you either don't notice it or don't care because of everything else, especially the action and the humour.

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    Action : Iron Man 2 > Iron Man... Story : Iron Man 2 < Iron Man...

    Liked them both about equally. Second one just seemed to have a tad too much going on for its own good.

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    Was Favreu established as Happy Hogan in the first Iron-Man, or did that surprise everyone else when they heard it in IM2?

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