View Poll Results: What was your favorite SC Campaign?

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  • Rebel Yell

    3 6.67%
  • Overmind

    8 17.78%
  • The Fall

    13 28.89%
  • The Stand

    1 2.22%
  • The Iron Fist

    15 33.33%
  • The Queen of Blades

    5 11.11%
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Thread: Your favorite SC Campaign

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    Default Re: Your favorite SC Campaign

    I should probably play them again some time. They're all a bit of a blur... I remember the story pretty clearly though (much better than I remember RoC and TFT), but the names get all messed up

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    Default Re: Your favorite SC Campaign

    Well, I need a reason to procrastinate, and as someone's done the necroing for me, I can move in on the corpse...wait a minute...that didn't come out right...


    From best to worst, I'd go:

    The Fall (my vote)
    Rebel Yell

    Brood War

    The Iron Fist
    The Queen of Blades
    The Stand
    Dark Vengeance


    The Stukov Saga (as in, the Mercenaries duology, Deception, and Resurrection)
    Stellar Forces

    I feel I should clarify that I haven't actually played Insurrection, HunCraft, or Retribution, so I can only judge them by their plot. So, while out of the ones listed above, I feel Insurrection has the best plot, I can't put it above Precursor by virtue of me having played it while not the ones listed. Have played some of Stellar Forces though...unfortunately...
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    I played Insurrection and Retribution. Didn't know it had a plot. Learn something new everyday

    Also, is HunCraft canon? I always ignored cause I thought it wasn't.
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    Isn't canon, just like Stellar Forces really. However, boiling down my stance on canon in an individual sense, I included them because they got commercial releases. Not material I can really use in any lore-based argument, but still stuff I'm willing to use in writing for instance.

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