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Thread: User vs AI Melee Map

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    Question User vs AI Melee Map

    I know the option is disabled (Co-op vs AI) but is there a way to give the computer a melee AI for a Custom Map?

    Because the AI that comes in Player Properties jsut makes them harvest minerals, fight-retreat, and scout. No production.

    Help please

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    Ark, yes, but I'd rather use the campaign one.

    We have to code each and every aspect of the melee AI since now, after patch 9, melee AI has been changed, and there's been no talk what the structure is atm.

    Using the campaign AI, you can only order attacks. Builds and trains, but you have to create custom functions and all to make it work. Making it interactive is another story.

    You can always code in other stuff, but research on the native APIs for the AI is necessary.

    For Campaign AI, you can actually set AI units' rebuild count. The units you place on the map for the AI, and the AI will automatically rebuild them. (I think that triggers a setstock in the engine or in the map script.)

    Anyway, with the campaign AI, you will have to initialize it first before it responds to AI functions. It's a lot of work though.

    I hope the AI editor will be robust and extensive. A documentation of the AI engine would be valuable as well.

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