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Thread: [Crazy Idea] When Will We Get Project: Legacy?

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    Default [Crazy Idea] When Will We Get Project: Legacy?

    In light of the recently released Galaxy Editor, a thought has come to mind:

    Given the wealth of talent that can be found in our community (as seen here, here and here), will/can/should we start a Project: Legacy? By this, I mean a single, unified project to produce a high quality campaign under the SC:Legacy banner. This can be set in an Extended Universe (EU), Alternate Universe (AU) or be an Original Universe (OU). It can also be in any form; whether RTS, RPG or even machinima. The important point is that it would be a coordinated project that comes under the SC:Legacy umbrella that involves a good number of community members. Depending on the scope and 'verse of choice, we could even develop side projects (fanfics, comics, independent campaigns, etc) that are set in this Legacyverse (depending how much control we would want to retain of it).

    Things we would probably need are:

    This person would be in charge of logistics and possibly have veto powers over decisions. His/Her job would be to coordinate the different divisions, find replacements should a member need to drop out for a period of time and to make sure everyone plays well with one another. Depending on the team s/he has, this post can either be a complete doss or the most difficult job of all. Likely to be the 'face' of the project. Moderator experience would probably be beneficial and so a staff member be the best choice.

    Script Writers/Character Developers:
    The people whose primary purpose is to turn the basic plot into a fully fleshed story with appropriate subplots and identify what assets (characters and models, maps, etc) will be needed. Depending on the project's relation to the core SC universe, they also have to make sure all the details fit to existing lore. Need to have a keen awareness of what is achievable by the rest of the team, be able to turn plot events into playable content and understand how to scale difficulty levels. Likely to be the people in charge of creating the unit template (the stats and other elements of each individual unit) that will be used by the map makers.

    Map Makers:
    Essentially, the people directly involved in using the Editor. May be able to be divided into Set Designers (maps) and Mission Designers (triggers). Like the script writers, need to know how to ramp difficulty over the course of the campaign.

    Art Department:
    Primary job is to produce custom models should the need arise. This can be completely original models and animations, cut-and-paste Frankensteins cobbled together from other models, recolors or sourcing models from other places. A second job would be to produce concept art for key characters and locations for use in the loading screen. Much like Map Makers, can be divided into those two roles.

    Voice Actors:
    Likely to come in much, much later into the project. People with knowledge in sound editting (to create Protoss voices and other special effects) would likely also be needed.

    That's the core. However, certain extras would be a huge plus in order to ascend this over other competitors out there:

    Cinematics Team:
    Obviously, fully 3D cinematics in the style of Blizzard is out of the question due to time, effort and cost reasons. After all, why bother when you know you're destined to fail by comparison? Of course, if it can be done, it would be a huge triumph. However, other methods would just be as useful (whether cel-shaded animation, cartoons or even comic-book style panels) and may even help create a unique touch to the project.

    Music Team:
    While the game itself already comes with an epic soundtrack, how much cooler would a campaign be if it boasted one of its own? This could be a complete album or select pieces for major themes and characters. Any prodigies with Sibelius or budding musicians out there?

    P.S.: To the moderators, the reason I've put this in the main discussion section is because this discussion is not specifically about mapmaking but rather potentially has elements of lore discussion and overall community development.

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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] When Will We Get Project: Legacy?

    Sign me up for map tester. Back in the day, I used to love testing maps.

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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] When Will We Get Project: Legacy?

    I'm not a mod but this definitely belongs in map making :P Sounds like an ambitious project that could have great results!
    I really need to change this...
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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] When Will We Get Project: Legacy?

    The reason I put this in gen. discussion is because part of this thread's aim is to discuss whether SC:Legacy should directly involve itself as a whole into a project (whether a campaign, machinima or whatever); using its name and all.

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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] When Will We Get Project: Legacy?

    You have here a voice actor AND a concept artist....the spanish accent gives tastes to any character
    Heheheeey, I need some strong coffee.

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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] When Will We Get Project: Legacy?

    I can do voice actor if you need an eastern asian accent I do well to write scripts I always loved these types of team projects
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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] When Will We Get Project: Legacy?

    This sounds awsome! Not sure how much i could contribute but sign me up!! I dont have sc2 beta but ive had experience messing around making maps/missions in the broodwar editor. so i guess sign me up for mapmaking or anything else that needs to be done!

    edit: ive also been playing percussion in a symphonic band and marching band for the last 9 years of my like so i guess i could be part of the music team also.
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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] When Will We Get Project: Legacy?

    Well, I've always wanted to make a UED campaign...Dunno if I will get to it, I have many crazy ideas that I never do because I get too bored or find no time.
    But if we'd be a team, that would rock. I had some good ideas in there.

    For cinematics, we can always do them in-engine, or have them done by the dudes who made First Contact. :P
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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] When Will We Get Project: Legacy?

    I wanna participate in this! Maybe I can help in script writing and character development, and some minor roles in map making. Whatever is SC:L I wanna get in

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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] When Will We Get Project: Legacy?

    I'd love to be involved in writing and voice acting. I'm very good at doing different types of voices, and sometimes accents though I can't always be 100% accurate with those. People have suggested I do voice work before, so this sounds like a great way to do that. I might also be able to do some map making, but I don't have very much experience with it.

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