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Thread: Whispers of Doom *SC2 SPOILERS*

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    Default Whispers of Doom *SC2 SPOILERS*

    Check the Whispers of Doom section on the Singleplayer.

    Kerrigan's much MUCH more important than I'd suspected. The new bit about here is rather in tune with the Prophecy, but it's chilling to actually hear it. (didn't notice that this was being talked about in the "Kerrigan Pt. 3: Prophecy " thread).

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    I thought I would add a little bit from recently revealed single-player mode. Quating Zeratul:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeratul
    "James Raynor, I bring tidings of Doom. I have pierced the veil of the future, and beheld only oblivion. Yet one spark of hopee remains. You will hold her life in your hands, and though justice demand that she die for her crimes, only she can save us. Time is short, you must understand. The answers you seek lie within. Study it well; the fate of creation hangs in the balance."
    Aaand sold.

    Be it through hallowed grounds or lands of sorrow
    The Forger's wake is bereft and fallow

    Is the residuum worth the cost of destruction and maiming;
    Or is the shaping a culling and exercise in taming?

    The road's goal is the Origin of Being
    But be wary through what thickets it winds.

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