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    Default CC Campaign Contest

    Our friends over at are holding a beta key contest for all you map makers out there. The following prizes are up for grabs:
    First Prize – TWO StarCraft 2 Beta Keys, StarCraft: The Board Game
    Second Prize – TWO StarCraft 2 Beta Keys, StarCraft: Novel Trilogy
    Third Prize – TWO StarCraft 2 Beta Keys, StarCraft Poster
    The objective is to create a StarCraft campaign which presents a story as to what occurred four years between the Brood War and StarCraft 2 storyline:
    Contest will be a campaign creation contest, with no limits other than using lore; to present a story as to what occurred four years between the Brood War and StarCraft 2 storyline. It may be portrayed through one, two, or all three of the races. Style can be crafted in any sequence, such as episodes, intertwining, etc. and may revolve around main characters or spin-off fan-created characters. Judgment will be based on ability to portray story via in-game text and triggers, mapping ability, and overall professionalism of the project. Additional extras such as music, vocal work, or artwork adjustment will not directly ultimately affect judgment but may aid in help of a tie, as well as how early you announced your project and how many updates you perform in your thread. The contest will be based off a scoring system, where one can acquire up to ten points based on each criteria: Text (Spelling, Grammar, Formatting, Dialogue, etc), Triggers (Complexity, Functional, Usage), Mapping (Categories: Layout and Beauty), and Professionalism (Attention to detail, lore, updates, and presentation).
    The contest will end July 31st, 2009 and will be judged on the four criteria of text, triggers, mapping/terraining and professionalism. See the contest page for full details. Good luck everyone!

    Campaign Creations - StarCraft Campaign Contest Details
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    That’s a pretty damn cool contest. I’ve got the ideas, writing skills, and creativity to come up with a wicked campaign story line, but I lack the editor skills. But come StarCraft 2, I’m going to really learn the thing inside out.

    Back with all gun's blazing.

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    hmmm I don't have much time for it but I could try.

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    I'm assuming Xeo's going to enter StarCraft:Midway? I hope so, it looks to be a damn good representation!
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    Default Re: CC Campaign Contest

    Outstanding idea XD

    Still im having problems with Vista and the map editors

    Cant save files and when i do, they get corrupted over time.

    any solution?

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Blade View Post
    any solution?
    1- Don't use Vista.
    2- Or try running the app in some of the "compatibility modes" but definitely, the best way to go is 1.

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    Hm, gonna take a shot at this for sure.

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    The day is mine! Cool prizes by the way!

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