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Thread: Koprulu Sector Starmap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gradius View Post
    Gantris IV is pointing in the right direction on that map though.
    True I guess it would be possible to attempt to hit Gantris IV and end up on the other side of the galaxy. I always assumed Gantris IV would be farther away from Earth though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roland View Post
    I think the bigger issue is that the original 4 ships with ATLAS must have gone straight through the center of the galaxy and not stopped, considering they were aiming for Alpha Centuri they wouldn't have tried to navigate around the center, the UED fleet may have. Assuming the Zerg Swarm knew the general vicinity of the Protoss (enough to have been heading in the right direction from Zerus) then the super-carriers would have gone right parallel to the Swarm's path to Protoss space, assuming the Overmind didn't know past a general direction, or was making some detours for the creatures to infest, then they could have warped right through a region being infested by the Zerg.
    Dont their ftl drives work by traveling through another dimension though? If you were traveling through another dimension you wouldnt neccesarily be traveling through anything or in a straight line compared to the normal 3-dimensions.
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    I think Star Craft FTL travel uses may use trans-dimensional travel, or standard warp, like in Star Trek, which is based on the Alcubierre theory, which doesn't use another dimension, it just warp's space time. Warhammer 40k uses another dimension call the Warp to get from point A to point B, and so much of SC is based on Warhammer 40k that could be what they mean. The one real-time warp we've seen in SC2 footage more closely resembles Star Trek warp, and according to the wiki, you can block a ship from warping by staying directly in front of it, which would mean that normal matter still has the same effect on warping ships, even if they are trans-dimensional. Different races may use different methods, btw, like the Zerg who create wormholes to let the whole swarm move.
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    and so much of SC is based on Warhammer 40k that could be what they mean.
    lol what? Are you just saying this because you looked at both of them and saw resemblances, or do you actually have proof of this?

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    I don't think SC uses the Alcubierre drive. Not only are there the problems that you need several jupiters' worth of energy to get anywhere, but we've seen the other races enter a space tunnel.

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