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Thread: A Call to Arms [Starcraft I Remake]

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    Default A Call to Arms [Starcraft I Remake]

    I'm not here to ask if blizzard is planning to remake Starcraft I in the Starcraft II engine. They won't. Fan's will. I'm here to find those fans. With the map editor just around the corner I'd like to organize some people who would like to see this happen.

    It wouldn't be too hard to make a straight port of Starcraft into the Starcraft II engine. The old units will be included in the map editor, the dialog is very straightforward. However, I with the new tools in Starcraft II we can make a remake with a lot more content and a lot more variety than the original.

    Before you attack me for heresy, remember that each campaign in Starcraft was essentially nine mass-and-destroy missions and one mission where you take some units through a building. Blizzard did a great job of making missions with widely varied objectives, but despite their best efforts, the easiest way to win was just to turtle while you massed up, then mop the floor with the computer's forces.

    Furthermore, the story surrounding the first Starcraft game has expanded greatly over the last decade, and there is now a lot more to the story that wasn't reveled in the game.

    If we're going to remake Starcraft in 3D with the Starcraft II engine,let's go all out. Let's tweak the missions and put in incentives to play dangerously instead of turtle-massing. Let's add in content from the books and the manual and the other lore.

    Anyone can do a port. I say we make a full-fledged game out of it.

    Starcraft had a hell of a story. Let's tell that story as best we can in the beautiful new engine. In the next few posts I outline my plans for the remake. These are all the result of me brainstorming about what would make the missions both fun and compelling, and an example of the sort of game I'd like to make.

    I would do all the work myself, especially if I just wanted a simple port of Starcraft to 3D. But I'm a bit more ambitious than that, and if I want to make a full-fledged remake then I'm going to need help. I'm going to need the help of programmers, artists, and maybe even actors in order to pull this off.

    Given this community's huge commitment to amazing Starcraft art, I figured that you all might want to help out.

    I'd appreciate suggestions to make the game more interesting, critiques of the ideas below, and any additions that I didn't think of. The last post outlines what we can do to start now and what sort of people I need. The most important thing is a motivated community, and I figured that given the history of SC:L, this would be the place to start.

    Warning: spoilers for Liberty's Crusade and Queen of Blades below, as I incorporate a lot of the content into the bonus missions. I haven't read Heaven's Devils or any of the Frontline books, so please mark any spoilers about those (and other book that other people may not have read) if your suggestions tie in to events in those stories that could be considered spoilers. Obviously, the campaign notes below contain spoilers about the campaign.

    Hidden Content:

    In the campaign notes below, I propose adding quite a bit of material. Most of this material comes straight from the books, manual, or other sources of lore, so it's not as if I'm attempting to add my own content to the canon. However, there are instances in which I take some liberties to make certain things fit, because the books don't always translate very well into gameplay (I'm looking at you, Queen of Blades).

    In these cases, I suggest making the new content optional. For example, we could have events that weren't in the original game or which are dubiously canon show up in optional missions or bonus missions. Then if the canon turns out to contradict these optional missions, we can simply claim that the canon path is to avoid these optional or bonus missions.

    Note also that we have the option of adding branches to the campaign, allowing the player to choose the path of the original game or a different path. If we do this, we could add anything we wanted in the non-canon path. I don't personally have any ideas as to what the alternate paths would be, or where these paths could enter the campain. I'd love to hear some suggestions, though. The only place I can think of doing something like this would be to allow the player a choice early in Episode II which determines whether they take the original (Starcraft game) path or a path that more closely resembles the events in Queen of Blades. While that would be nice, though, I see no way to easily and clearly present the player that choice, and the contents of the book don't lend themselves easily to gameplay, so I avoid doing that in the episode proposal below.

    It would be nice to add different levels of difficulty, with 'easy' or 'medium' being equivalent to the original campaign. This would allow us to make missions that are much more intense to seasoned players. Also, I propose a fair number of bonus missions, unlockable by completing missions with considerable speed. This should help insentivize players to play more riskily, in attempt to unlock the bonus missions.
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    Default Rebel Yell

    Episode I: Rebel Yell

    To augment Rebel Yell, I suggest that we include Michael Daniel Liberty into the missions. He's a big character in the lore, and would go a long way to making the missions more interesting. To make the mechanic more fun, I suggest that we add Liberty in as a relatively weak hero who is allowed to die. If you save him, you get to use him in the following missions. The benefit of keeping him alive will be made clear in the descriptions of each mission below. The canon path would obviously be the one where you keep Liberty alive the whole time.

    Hidden Content:

    0. Training
    Hidden Content:
    The first 'mission' in Rebel Yell is the tutorial. It should be pretty simple for us to port a simple tutorial mission, perhaps emulating whatever tutorial mission Blizzard has in Starcraft II. Maybe we could throw in some simple micro-heavy objectives to get players used to unit control. There should be a way to make the tutorial fairly fun and informative while still quite easy, and I'd be open to suggestion.

    1. Wasteland
    Hidden Content:
    In this mission, you just meet Raynor, build a Barracks, and make a handful of marines, no different from the original mission in Starcraft, as the player is still getting introduced to the game.

    2. Backwater Station
    Hidden Content:
    You receive the distress call from Backwater station and decide to go check it out. You send out Raynor and some troops and see evidence of some Zerg infestation, just as in Starcraft. In our version, Backwater station is a much bigger establishment, with a lot of non-military buildings and civilians (or, rather, destroyed buildings and dead civilians). As you approach, you see a civilian and a marine getting attacked by some Zerg. The marine dies before you can get there, but if you're fast enough, you can save the civilian. It's Michael Liberty. He's a civilian reporter, so he can't attack.

    As you progress deeper into Backwater station, you find some survivors holed up in bunkers or other buildings, who join your cause.

    If you have Liberty with you, you'll be joined by more survivors than you would otherwise. If Liberty makes it far enough to reach the Barracks in Backwater station, you get him some armor. He's untrained, so he's weaker and does less damage than normal marines, but now he's less venerable.

    You make your way through the station, fighting the Zerg and liberating the citizens. You make your way all the way through, the infestation gets worse and the survivors get fewer, and you find your way to the infested command center at the end. You destroy it just as the dominion dropships land. Duke arrests Jim while Mike makes his escape.

    Bonus Mission 1: Escape
    Hidden Content:
    Unlock this by saving Liberty. In this mission, you play as Liberty as he flees on Jim's vulture. You have to dodge various Zerg and make your way back to town. Some of the Zerg are faster than you and/or start shooting you and you almost get taken down. Then a mysterious woman on a vulture shows up, takes out the Zerg, and tells you to follow her if you want to live. You do, and the mission ends.

    Alternatively, this could be a new cinematic.

    3. Desparate Alliance
    Hidden Content:
    You team up with Mengsk and have to survive until his ships show up. This mission is very similar to the original, although perhaps harder. We could put the base that you have to defend slightly more northward on the map, with the bottom of the map filled with Terran non-military buildings. Then, towards the end, we could have the Zerg swarm up from the bottom of the map, attacking the player from behind and adding to the difficulty, the panic-level, and the just-in-time feeling if they survive.

    4. The Jacobs Installation
    Hidden Content:
    At Mengsk's request, you make your way through the Jacobs Installation. Raynor must survive. If Liberty is still alive, he's there to, although he doesn't necessarily have to survive. He's in combat armor, and he's willing to fire upon Zerg but not humans. However, he has an ability to convert the civilians that you find around the station. Converted civilians can get into empty vultures or goliaths and join your cause.

    5. Revolution
    Hidden Content:
    Escaping Chau Sara, you head to Antiga Prime to incite revolt. You meet up with Sarah Kerrigan, whom Liberty has already met. There are various installations around Antiga Prime, and if you sneak Kerrigan to their command centers then she enters the command center, kills the commanders, and incites the rebellion. You only need to do this to one instalation in order to win, but you may do it to more if you want to. If Liberty is alive, you have the option to bring Liberty to the command centers while or after Kerrigan is in there. If you bring liberty, then more of the troops convert to the rebel cause than would otherwise.

    Whenever Kerrigan conquers a command center, part of the installation rebels against other parts. Once the confederates are eliminated, the remaining rebels start producing troops for you to use, which you use to convert more installations. We put up maybe three installations, one of which has a low enough number of people rebelling that, unless Liberty is with you, the rebels will be destroyed by the confederates.

    Once you have sucessfully turned an installation, you find that Alpha Squadron has landed, and you have to use the troops from the installations to take out Alpha Squadron. You don't get to make them yourself: the instalations that you have caused to rebel provide you the troops, and you fight Alpha Squadron. So, essentially, you play a micro-only game: the Antigans produce the units (do all the macro) and let you control them to take out Alpha Squadron.

    6. Norad II
    Hidden Content:
    The Norad II goes down and you're ordered to rescue it. On one side of the map is Jim, on the other side is the Norad II. You have to control two different players at once: the dominion units, attempting to repair the Norad II, have very limited resources and very limited troops but have to defend the downed ship while the rebel player works his way from one side of the map to the other.

    This mission still needs a bit of brainstorming and testing to make it fun, but ideally, on the "hard" setting, you want to put enough pressure on the Norad II side that they can barely hold off the Zerg long enough. Perhaps they have a large number of troops to start that are slowly whittled away, or perhaps they have two SCVs and limited minerals / gas and no command center, but they're allowed to return minerals to the Norad II which they can use for their repairs.

    If Liberty is still alive then he comes along for this mission and you have to get him to the Norad II with Jim, because he wants to speak with Duke. However, he doesn't help you out much this mission, except for being a weakened marine: you just have to protect him if you want to be able to use his special abilities in the next few missions.

    7. The Trump Card
    Hidden Content:
    The dominion has found your base on Antiga prime and they are attacking. You have a fairly large base, but it's under heavy attack. They are pushing from the outside in towards your core buildings and you only have a limited time to build up your force before they hit your economy really hard, so you have to choose your units wisely. Once they get to your base their forces are overwhelming, so you just have to push out with Kerrigan (on a vulture with the Psi Emitter strapped to the back) and Jim (on a Vulture with Mike sitting on the back, if he's still alive) and whatever other forces you still have. You make a suicide run to the middle of their base.

    We could throw in a few zerg in this mission. Not enough to attack you, but enough to harass the dominion a bit and to give you some extra trouble when you get deep into the dominion base. Zerg were said to be in the area in the Liberty's Crusade version of this mission, so I don't think we overstep our bounds by throwing some Zerg in.

    Also, if we throw Zerg in, we could have a large wave of them come right after the Psi Emitter is in place (responding to the call of the Emitter) and we could have Kerrigan say the same line from New Gettysburg - "There's a large wave of Zerg coming this way, requesting immediate evac". Only this time, Mengsk shows up in a dropship and picks up the survivors of the suicide run. I personally think that that would make abandoning her on Tarsonis that much more powerful, but it's up for debate.

    It's possible that we could throw in a War Pigs cameo here, perhaps have them try to assasinate Mengsk. I'm not sure if that would work out very well or not. Up for discussion.

    Optional Mission 1: Biting the Bullet
    Hidden Content:
    We add Biting the Bullet back in. It's referenced in Queen of Blades and hinted to when Tassadar says that he has met Kerrigan before when she was nobly fighting the Zerg, so I think it should definitely be brought back. There are a few ways that we could do so. We could add it as a bonus mission to those who complete The Trump Card quickly enough. We could add it as an optional mission, where the player gets to choose whether or not to attempt to save the extra Antigan civilians. We could also make it a straight-up mission, not optional at all. I vote for optional mission, but it's up for discussion.

    Jim (on a vulture), Kerrigan (as a ghost), and Duke (in a tank) are deployed with some troops to attack the main hive cluster. We put Kerrigan in because she has to meet Tassadar while she's down here. You have to destroy the main Zerg hive, which you can either do by dropping the main Zerg island of by sneaking around and shelling it with tanks across the channel. When you do, however, a huge wave of Zerg hits you. If you survive, another wave starts hitting you. This keeps happening until most of your defenses are destroyed and your troops are almost gone, at which point Tassadar arrives with the Fleet of the Executor and offers his hand. You rebuild and eliminate the remaining hatcheries, hives, and lairs with the Protoss fleet in order to beat the mission.

    8. The Big Push
    Hidden Content:
    Under the lead of Duke, Alpha Squadron lands where Omega and Delta Squadron's old base was, taking their addons. Here we introduce ghosts (aside from Kerrigan), the player character can finally build their own ghosts and use them to infiltrate the various bases.

    The goal of the mission (the requirement for victory) is to destroy the defences of the two squadrons. However, the player also has another goal: slip a handful of dropships past the defences and across the map before a certain time limit is up. If they can do this, then they get to play Operation Silent Scream. Either way, they have to wipe out the two squadrons afterwards.

    The dropships that they can attempt to slip by are hero dropships, and can't be used to load or unload. Rather, the number of dropships that you get across affects the troops you will have when you play Operation Silent Scream.

    If you chose to complete Biting the Bullet, you get two extra dropships filled with marines, recruits from among the extra Antigan civilians that you saved. You can either unload those dropships and use the marines now, or ferry the dropships over to the other end of the map and use the marines in Operation Silent Scream.

    If they got any dropships across before eliminating the squadrons, then the Psi Emitter online dialog doesn't take place, and they play Operation Silent Scream. If they don't get any dropships across, the Psi Emitter online dialog takes place before the victory screen, as in the original game.

    Optional Mission 2: Operation Silent Scream
    Hidden Content:
    We put Operation Silent Scream back in, dependent upon the player getting some dropships across the map. Even if they get only one, they play this mission. If they don't deliver any dropships, then they go straight to New Gettysburg.

    If you get only one dropship across, it has Raynor (on a vulture), Kerrigan (as a ghost), a marine (Liberty, if he's still alive, otherwise a standard issue one), and a tank. Other dropships allow you to play with extra tanks, vultures, goliaths, ghosts, and marines (perhaps the Antigan recruits) as necessary.

    You have to destroy the production facilities of Omega, Delta, and Nova Squadrons. You're on a city map, there are a bunch of civilians around, and instead of normal sized buildings we have huge buildings, scaled realistically against the marines: huge starports, factories, and barracks. Your force is only ground troops, and you have to infiltrate the various buildings and destroying them. To destroy them, you get a ghost into one of them and then defend the building while the ghost blows it up, which takes a few seconds. You'll always have a ghost with you because if Kerrigan dies, you lose.

    Against Omega Squadron you have to take out starports, against Delta Squadron you have to take out factories, and against Nova Squadron you have to take out barracks, but the place is teaming with ghosts.

    Also, if Mike is still alive, you have to get him to the UNN building in the center of the map and protect him while he steals a bunch of data from the archives. He offers no bonuses this mission, but you have to keep him alive if you want him for the next missions.

    9. New Gettysburg
    Hidden Content:
    It's Kerrigan's job to protect the Zerg. You build up some troops, and there are Zerg at many places along the map. The Protoss make strikes against the Zerg, and any time that they do, you have to go and engage the Protoss. The Zerg attack you, but you have to destroy the Protoss before they get into a Zerg base and start destroying it. You're allerted (by Mengsk?) every time the Protoss attempt to engage the Zerg, so the mission is a frantic balance between running arround the map defending the Zerg and pressing the offensive against the Protoss, until you win and Kerrigan gets abandoned.

    10. The Hammer Falls
    Hidden Content:
    You're deserting with Raynor, so you have to destroy the ion canon. You start with just Raynor, Liberty (if alive), and a few troops, and make your way into the main Sons of Korhal base at the bottom of the map. Some people turn to your side as Raynor approaches, some people turn against you. Matt Horner is vocally in the first group that join, and brings a portion of the fleet (namely, a bunch of wraiths) with him. If Liberty is still alive, then a lot more people join forces than would otherwise. Once you've taken over the base, you use it to mass up and go for the Ion Cannon. Once you destroy it, all of Raynor's remaining ships bank upwards and fly offscreen into the darkness. You see Mengsk's fleet (the Hyperion included) enter in hot pursuit, and any battlecruisers that you have (and some of the wraiths) are shot down. However, a handful of dropships escape containing Raynor, Liberty, Horner, and many others.

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    Default The Overmind

    Episode II: The Overmind

    There is a lot happening during this episode that has been referenced in the lore and not shown in the game. The book Queen of Blades offers some insight as to what went on, but strays unnervingly far from what happened in the game. It's difficult to reconcile both storylines, as they begin to differ quite early. As we are remaking Starcraft in the Starcraft II engine, I say we present the Starcraft version of the story, and present the non-conflicting parts of the book in bonus missions insofar as we can. The heavy use of bonus missions in this episode allow us to show whats going on behind the scenes and to encourage players to play missions more dangerously, as they can only unlock the bonus missions through beating missions quickly.

    This episode has quite a few bonus missions (9, to be precise), but I don't think that that's too much. The Terran campaign had Biting the Bullet and Operation Silent Scream, both of which were full fledged missions. The bonus missions here are much shorter and more bite-sized, but there are more of them: the play time would likely be similar.

    Hidden Content:

    1. Among the Ruins
    Hidden Content:

    You control a small Zerg base on the right side of the map. Astute players will notice that the right side of this map is the same as the left side of New Gettysburg. It's a city map, so the buildings are scaled up, similar to some of the screen shots of SC2 single player missions, and adding to the feel that you're actually destroying Tarsonis. You're protecting the chrysalis, you notice a human pocket of resistance, you overrun it with Zerglings and Hydralisks, similar to the original mission.

    Bonus Mission 1: Shipyards
    Hidden Content:

    If you complete Among the Ruins fast enough, you get this bonus mission. Raynor and his rebels are in need of ships, so they hit the Dylarian shipyards. However, Mengsk anticipated this move: he sends Duke in the Hyperion with a bunch of troops. The troops land and confront you, but are tentative to fight: anytime that units shoot at each other and there is a ship between them, the ship gets damaged or destroyed. Duke's troops will only shoot at your troops if no ships will be caught in the crossfire. You have to make your way across the shipyards, bringing as many civilian pilots to as many ships as possible, dancing to keep ships between yourself and your enemies. The mission ends when you get to the edge of the shipyard where the Hyperion awaits and get someone to activate the machinery of the shipyards, trapping the Hyperion in place.

    This event is referenced both in Queen of Blades and in the Matt Horner hero page on the Starcraft II website.

    2. Egression
    Hidden Content:

    You have to move the chrysalis to the jump point, despite the fact that there are Protoss troops in the way. As you have the ability to build up a base, this mission is quite easy: however, in order to unlock bonus mission 2, you have to complete the mission quite quickly, which means you'll only be able to make minimal troops before pushing out. That makes this mission quite a bit harder.

    Bonus Mission 2: Hyperion
    Hidden Content:

    With the Hyperion trapped in the repair machinery of the Dylarian shipyards, Raynor and his raiders board the ship. You, as Raynor, along with a handful of troops (marines) and a few pilots (one of whom is Matt Horner) do this mission inside the Hyperion. You have to beat the resistance and make your way to the bridge where you confront Duke, evict him, and steal the Hyperion.

    This event is also referenced both in Queen of Blades and in the Matt Horner hero page.

    3. The New Dominion
    Hidden Content:

    You're on Char, but you've been tracked down by the Terran Dominion. You have to hold off their forces long enough to build up your defenses, then you have to push out and destroy them. You have a small base and are under heavy pressure, but if you can manage to hold your defense and build up your counter-attack then you don't have much trouble tearing through the dominion forces until Duke calls for them to fall back.

    Bonus Mission 3: New Acquaintances
    Hidden Content:

    Drawn by the psychic emanations from Char and having been summoned by the Conclave on the grounds of treason, Tassadar has bound the majority of his fleet to return to Aiur while he takes the Gantrithor and its crew to examine the ash world. He arrives in shuttles, leaving the Gantrithor in high orbit, and sends his troops out to search for the source of the psychic emanations. He encounters some minor Zerg troops, but ultimately stumbles upon a group of Dark Templar. He has a furious and heated confrontation with Zeratul which is interrupted by a Zerg attack.

    This bonus mission provides a deviation from Queen of Blades, but is supported by the Dark Templar Saga. We can't stick with the Queen of Blades version of the story for many reasons. The game and the DT saga imply that Tassadar meets Zeratul long before he does in QoB, so the Protoss probably arrived to Char around this time. In fact, they probably arrived even before Duke, as Tassadar goes to Char directly from Tarsonis.

    If we do end up making new cinematics, this confrontation would be a wonderful candidate for a cinematic.

    4. Agent of the Swarm
    Hidden Content:

    You've fought off duke and relocated to a more secure location, but you've now been found by a more determined threat: James Raynor and his raiders. He's been drawn to Char, and he drops your island and slowly pushes his way into your base. With tanks and a bunker rush he makes his way towards you, and you don't have the production or ability to fend him off. He's tearing through your outer defences. However, just as Raynor and his troops get close enough to threaten the chrysalis, it hatches, revealing Kerrigan. She has a minor conversation with Raynor, and as it turns out, Raynor has brought no detection with his troops. Kerrigan, cloaked and microed correctly, is able to single-handedly destroy the forces on the island, pushing them back to Raynor's base. Destroying or infesting Raynor's command center wins you the mission. When the center is destroyed, Raynor comes out and speaks to Kerrigan and is let escape.

    For this mission we could allow Kerrigan to infest the command center herself. Not sure if that's a good idea or not, discussion warranted.

    I also think it would be cool to have one or two cerebrates (Daggoth and potentially yourself) on the island, behind the heavy protection which is also protecting the cerebrate. I think this is justified by the fact that, in the book, the cerebrates are in the same location as the chrysalis.

    Bonus Mission 4: Stranded
    Hidden Content:

    Unlock this mission by either infesting the command center or by killing it with Kerrigan herself. Raynor and his few surviving troops flee across Char, meeting minor Zerg resistance, attempting to get back to their ships. However, once there, they find that most of their ships are destroyed, and that one of them is missing.

    We could have all of the ships be missing, as in Queen of Blades, but that doesn't make much sense. Kerrigan can operate a shuttle, but no other Zerg can, and you have to imagine that at least a little piloting is necessary to get a ship from the surface of a planet to docking with other ships. Furthermore, in the book, Alpha Squadron flees once their ships start getting boarded. However, in the game, Alpha squadron remains on Char even into Episode III. Therefore, this is the best way that I can think to reconcile the game and the book: Kerrigan steals one shuttle and destroys the rest.

    5. The Amerigo
    Hidden Content:

    Kerrigan infiltrates the Amerigo on one of the shuttles stolen from Raynor. She's aided by some of Daggoth's hunter killers, and infiltrates her way through the station. This mission is very similar to the original.

    Bonus Mission 5: Boarded
    Hidden Content:

    Unlock this for making it all the way through the Amerigo without losing a Hunter Killer or by completing the mission very quickly (I'm not sure which option is better, open to discussion or more ideas). One of Raynor's ships detects escape pods being launched from the Amerigo, and picks them up. It turns out that they were filled with Zerg, which begin to overrun the ship. The mission objectives are initially "eradicate the intruders", but as the Zerg rampage through the ship, the mission objectives eventually change to "make it to the bridge and trigger the self destruct". As you progress, you hear various transmissions. You hear other ships that picked up escape pods calling for help. You hear Jim ordering Matt not to pick up any of the pods. You hear that a Protoss carrier is attacking certain Terran ships. The mission ends when you get to the self destruct and destroy the ship. As the ship is destroyed you hear transmissions from Matt Horner saying that there is a huge Zerg air attack going on and that he's going to be overwhelmed, and a response from Jim saying that the Hyperion should fall back and attempt to escape.

    Again, we have to stray from Queen of Blades. Even if the shuttles were able to get to orbit and attempt to dock on auto-pilot, you would think that there would be a fair bit of concern if nobody on the shuttles was responding to hails. You think that they'd at least scan the shuttles for life before they docked, and realize that they were packed with Zerg. Even if they didn't and the shuttles did manage to board the ships, it doesn't make any sense that Matt would attempt an unplanned warp when he could just shoot the shuttle down. Also, according to the game, the Amerigo was destroyed by a bomb squad, not the Protoss. Additionally, the book had Alpha Squadron flee after some of their ships got boarded, whereas in the game Alpha Squadron remained on Char for some time. In short, having the Zerg board the ships in orbit on shuttles as in Queen of Blades doesn't fit with the game at all, so this bonus mission (in which ships are boarded from Zerg sent out in escape pods from the Amerigo) is likely the closest we can get to the book while sticking with the story from the original game.

    6. The Dark Templar
    Hidden Content:

    Taunted by Tassadar, Kerrigan attempts to engage his forces. You build up your forces and attack the various Protoss bases. The Protoss fight, but always retreat before taking losses. Kerrigan is allowed to destroy their bases but gets very few kills in, as you are forced to fight a retreating army. Occasionally, Tassadar appears out of the fog of war and psi-storms your army, but always disappears before you can get to him.

    After destroying a significant portion of the Protoss bases, Kerrigan gets pissed and challenges Tassadar to a dual. Tassadar agrees, the dual is set up, but Kerrigan only defeats an illusion.

    Bonus Mission 6: Assassination
    Hidden Content:

    You play as Zeratul assassinating Zasz. You have to be careful navigating your way between ranks of Zerg without being detected. Then you rush towards Zasz and kill him. As cerebrates are detectors, you may need to bring fellow Dark Templar with you to hold off the swarm long enough for Zeratul to kill Zasz.

    Also, we may want to add a special animation for when a dark templar kills a cerebrate that shows him destroying the connection with the overmind. This would be used in various other missions where DTs kill cerebrates, and would be pretty cool.

    7. The Culling
    Hidden Content:

    The Overmind has gone silent and Zasz's brood has gone nuts. You have to destroy it. We could allow players to force Daggoth to do it himself and allow them to do a mission where they hunt the templar, similar to the book. However, the events of the book don't translate well into missions and may be a bit boring. I'd prefer sticking to the story of the game, but I'm open to suggestion if anyone has good ideas as to how one could deviate from here and still make the missions fun.

    What I would suggest as a compromise is that Daggoth suggests that he'll help take out Zasz's brood, as he has superior battle experience. He'll control the units, you just have to build up the base. You're under constant pressure from Zasz's brood and you have to build lots of static defense and you have to constantly rebuild lots of structures and expand and upgrade and tech and produce units for Daggoth, who uses them to destroy the wild Zerg. Essentially, in this mission, you play a macro-only game.

    Bonus Mission 7: Digging In
    Hidden Content:

    You start in the Gantrithor, which unloads a fair number of troops and resources. Tassadar is taking all troops and resources that can be spared before bidding the Gantrithor return home with Zamara and a skeleton crew. If you watch closely, you can see Zamara in conversation with Zeratul, perhaps even hear some of their conversation from the DT saga if you click on one of them. Once the Gantrithor leaves, you go down to the valley and set up your base, the same base that you will have to defeat as the Zerg in Eye for an Eye.

    This mission is necessary for a few reasons. First of all, Zeratul needs to see the Gantrithor and speak to Zamara before he begins training Tassadar in the ways of the Dark Templar, according to the DT saga. Furthermore, this probably happens before Raynor has joined the Protoss, as the DT saga implies (if not outright says, I can't remember) that Zamara never met Jim. The kicker is, Artanis rescues Tassadar in the Gantrithor in Episode III: the game states that Artanis and Aldaris travel in the Gantrithor when they go to Char. Thus, the Gantrithor must have been sent home at some point.

    I figure that this is the logical place for the Gantrithor to be sent back. The zerg are in a frenzy so it's safe to land the Gantrithor (which they do because Zamara walks around the surface with Zeratul), and this is a point in time where Tassadar would likely insist that the Gantrithor return home: Zamara wanted to stay and see who sent out the psionic call, claiming curiosity. At this point, Tassadar has discovered who sent out the call (Kerrigan), and she's extremely dangerous and is out for Tassadar in particular: Tassadar would probably insist that Zamara leave Char. This lends itself quite well to Tassadar's need of rescue in Episode III: he had probably been planing to use the Dark Templar ships to escape Char when the time came, but with Zeratul ad the Dark Templar missing, he was stranded.

    8. Eye for an Eye
    Hidden Content:

    Kerrigan sets a trap for the Dark Templar. Placing units at all possible exit points from the valley where the Protoss hide, she attacks the base in the middle, and eliminates the dark templar as they flee. The Protoss' main goal is to flee, so they don't put up much resistance when you attack the base, but they put up a large fight at two of the three entrances, and you don't know which two it will be. There's two parts to the base, so this happens twice, while Kerrigan taunts Zeratul. Once all of the Dark Templar have fled the bases (which happens once you destroy enough of each base), you are "victorious", despite the fact that you still haven't found Zeratul or Tassadar.

    Bonus Mission 8: Flight
    Hidden Content:

    Tassadar, Zeratul, and a handful of warriors attempted to escape over the mountains after seeing Kerrigan's trap. Tassadar and Zeratul seem to be getting along much better than they were earlier, when they were fighting each other. The Zerg close in quickly and it is obvious that the protoss will be overwhelmed. Determined to take Kerrigan down, they plan an ambush. Zeratul draws out and confronts Kerrigan, tells her the prophecy as in Queen of Blades, and Tassadar attacks from behind. They force Kerrigan herself to retreat but fail to kill her, and it looks as if the protoss will be overrun by the Zerg. Tassadar and Zeratul decide to face death together, but at the last second, they are saved by James Raynor and his rebels. They join forces and are able to push the Zerg back long enough to make good their escape.

    It's difficult to reconcile with the book here, as the book got the events all out of order. However, if we do it this way then we save the confrontation between Zeratul and Kerrigan and we save the fact that Raynor saves both of their lives during an impending Zerg attack. That may be about as good as we can do if we want to keep the prophecy in there.

    9. Invasion of Aiur
    Hidden Content:

    You have to invade Aiur and harvest the Khaydarin crystals. I say that we make the invasion of Aiur significantly more epic. This is the Zerg invading the hated Protoss homeworld, after all. This mission takes place on a huge map, full of glowing beautiful Protoss architecture and buildings that have little to do with war. There are minimal defenses here, because you begin your attack against the civilian center and the Protoss are completely unprepared. You basically destroy everything handily, spreading creep everywhere and putting Aiur to ruin as you move slowly towards the Khaydarin crystal formations. However, it doesn't take the protoss too long to retaliate, and by the time you are harvesting the crystals they attack you in force. You have to protect the drone and return the crystals to safety before the protoss counter-attack overruns you.

    Bonus Mission 9: Shadow Walk
    Hidden Content:

    If you complete the invasion of Aiur admirably (either in good time or by destruction of enough of the city), you get to watch Tassadar preform the shadow walk. He starts on one side of a valley and you have to get him to the other side of the valley walking only in shadows. You're occasionally attacked by Dark Templar, but you can only barely see them and you have to A-click on them before Tassadar will attack them, making it a bit difficult to get across the map. You can, however, use hallucinate on yourself, and you've gained the cloak ability, which helps you get past Zeratul at the end.

    Any other suggestions to make the shadow walk more interesting would be welcome, as it is this mission would be quite short..

    Just as the shadow walk finishes, the Zerg attack and as the mission ends you see the High and Dark Templar abandoning the valley with their Terran companions.

    10. Full Circle
    Hidden Content:

    Mass and destroy: You're on Aiur, the Protoss are throwing everything that they have against you, and you have to break your way through them and destroy the ancient temple. Very similar to the original mission. Once the temple is destroyed, you see the Overmind fall from the sky and manifest himself on Aiur.
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    Default The Fall

    Episode III: The Fall

    This episode has far less going on in the background than The Overmind did, and has no buried missions like Biting the Bullet or Operation Silent Scream. However, we do have extra information from the ending of Queen of Blades and we can do a bit of extrapolation ourselves. As such, I propose that this episode has only a few bonus missions, but that they are more full-fledged than their counterparts in Episode II.

    Blizzard did a great job providing varied missions for the first couple of missions here, but it descends into turtle-massing towards the end. This is the episode that I have the least ideas about so far, so please feel free to give suggestions.

    Hidden Content:

    1. First Strike
    Hidden Content:

    Very similar to the original mission. You have to escort troops to Antioch (which is full of non-military buildings as well) and give them the resources necessary to start making probes so that you can build up a defense against the swarm. The swarm throws itself at your defenses a few times, and you have to successfully push out and destroy their base.

    Bonus Mission 1: The Message
    Hidden Content:

    Zeratul receives a message from one of the Dark Templar ships saying that the reason that the Zerg left is because they have invaded Aiur. Panicked, Tassadar must go to the DT ships to send home information about how to destroy the Zerg. However, Zeratul doesn't want to give away the location of their ships, so he asks Raynor to lead an attack against the Zerg as a distraction while Tassadar, Zeratul, and a handful of warriors make their way back to the hidden ships. You have to prevent the Zerg from following the Protoss by keeping them engaged. When Tassadar gets to the ship he enters and you hear the sounds of a communication being made, and you get victory just as Tassadar cuts into what Aldaris is saying in the next briefing.

    2. Into The Flames
    Hidden Content:

    Also very similar to the original mission: you have to hold your ground while Fenix gets in position for an attack. To make things more interesting, give the player less time and less resources and put significant defenses between the player and the cerebrate, so that the positioning of Fenix behind enemy lines really does matter. Ideally, on Hard, you'd want the mission set up such that Fenix does significant damage to the Zerg base when he arrives but is unable to push to the cerebrate until he opens a path for the units you've been making at your base while you get in position.

    Bonus Mission 2: Face-Off
    Hidden Content:

    Afraid that Kerrigan may have learned the location of the DT ships (their only way off of Char), and eager to destroy Kerrigan, the three factions decide to set up an assault against Kerrigan directly. Zeratul and Raynor and their forces will lead Kerrigan into an ambush while Tassadar kills the last remaining cerebrate on Char.

    You command Raynor's forces and Tassadar's forces, and you also have Zeratul and a handful of Dark Templar. You only have a limited time to build up your forces while Kerrigan's forces approach, and then they will attempt to attack as you lead them around the map. Meanwhile, you have to be sneaking Tassadar (who is capable of cloaking) up to the cerebrate. Whenever you kill the cerebrate, the Zerg go crazy and start attacking everything nearby, and if you've been leading them intelligently then you can kill the cerebrate when the zerg are in a valley and they mostly destroy themselves. The exception is Kerrigan and any Zerg immediately around her. In the chaos, she immediately attempts to attack Zeratul and his dark templar, who are forced to flee. Tassadar rejoins you, and you have to defeat the remaining Zerg, but Zeratul is gone and Kerrigan is nowhere to be found.

    Note that this probably isn't the same cerebrate as the one you embodied in Episode II, as that cerebrate was taken to Aiur. We can only assume that the Overmind took that cerebrate (who was turning out to be a pretty good tactician) to Aiur with him, creating a new cerebrate to aid Kerrigan with her tasks on Char. Alternatively, it could be the same cerebrate, and he could have been commanding the forces on Aiur while on Char, but that seems less likely.

    3. Higher Ground
    Hidden Content:

    This is essentially just a mass-and-destroy mission in the original game. I don't see much way around that, but I have a few ideas, although I'd appreciate others. My favorite idea so far is to have a split map (an impassible black divider down the middle) and have the player defend both Scion and Antioch at the same time. You can sucessfully re-take Scion, but the forces at Antioch are just too much for the few remaining troops, and Antioch is overwhelmed.

    If we want to emphasize the fact that the conclave's pride in their decision to re-take Scion was what caused the death of Fenix, we could even have the mission start with considerable forces at Antioch, and have some Arbitors fly near Scion and recall the force that becomes your main attack force, leaving Antioch insufficiently defended. I like this especially because Arbitors are piloted by Judicators.

    It's also possible at this point that we allow the player to choose one city to save/reclaim, and that the canon path is choosing to reclaim Scion. However, I don't have any ideas for a campaign branch at this point: if anyone can think of one, that would be great. It would likely have to end with Fenix's death so that it could rejoin the canon path.

    Bonus Mission 3: Capture
    Hidden Content:

    You control Zeratul and a handful of Dark Templar. You get psi-stormed right off the bat by Kerrigan and have to flee and hide amongst the crazed Zerg. Slowly, you realize that the Zerg are becoming less crazed, as Kerrigan gains control of the brood single-handedly. Injured and pursued by the less-crazed Zerg, you make your way among the towards safety, only to find that the Terran of Alpha Squadron are making an assault against the once-crazed Zerg. You sneak into the Terran base and attempt to ask if they are in communication with Raynor, but once you decloak near their command center, they surround and capture you.

    4. The Hunt for Tassadar
    Hidden Content:

    This mission can also stay very similar to the original. With a limited number of troops you must search the planet for Tassadar and, upon finding him, you must build up a force large enough to bring him back to safety. I think that that's an interesting enough mission as it is, but if you have any plans to spice it up even more then I'd be happy to hear them.

    Bonus Mission 4: Invasion
    Hidden Content:

    You play as the Terran of Alpha Squadron that just captured the Dark Templar, and you have to hold against the Zerg assault. The Zerg that were once crazed and attacking each other are now unified once more, and they want to get to the Dark Templar that you captured. You must defend your command center and hold your defences. The only thing is, you can't, because there are too many of them. You fight a huge, losing battle against the seemingly endless Zerg swarm. The mission ends when the command center with the Dark Templar in it becomes infested.

    The Zerg are advancing from south to north so that this map is different from the previous map.

    5. Choosing Sides
    Hidden Content:

    In search of Zeratul, you have to get Tassadar and two Zealots to the infested command center. You have limited resources, so you're probably going to have to do a suicide run.

    We could allow players to send as many units as they like into the command center, but that would encourage massing up and destroying everything instead of completing the objectives as efficiently as possible. Also, if we allow players to take Reavers and High Templar into the base then the next mission would be a lot easier.

    Instead, I propose that we have the Zerg start off with a fairly small force around the command center, but they are quickly, quickly spreading towards the player (and the player is aware of this). Thus, the longer they wait, the more defences they need to break through to get to the infested command center.

    Bonus Mission 5: Reunited
    Hidden Content:

    Another way to convince players to play "Choosing Sides" faster is this bonus mission, which is actually quite short. Raynor get a transmission from Matt Horner, who had escaped the Zerg with part of Raynor's fleet, and had to wait on significant repairs before he could return with aid. Raynor needs to build up his fleet and clear out the airspace of the remaining Zerg so that he can reunite with the Hyperion.

    6. Into the Darkness
    Hidden Content:

    Tassadar and the two Zealots must make their way through the installation. They get the help of some Dragoons that were being held for research, and of a bunch of Terran military that was trying to fight against (and resist) the infestation: basically a direct port of the Starcraft version, which was very good.

    7. Homeland
    Hidden Content:

    Tassadar is brought home, and the Conclave attacks the Dark Templar. You have to protect them and defend yourself against the attacks of the Conclave. There's two ways to win this mission: you can just attempt to weather the assaults until Tassadar gives in and gives himself up, or you can press the offensive yourself, take out their Nexus, and Tassadar will give himself up. Preferably, the assaults would be strong enough on a hard setting that the second option would be infeasible, and players are barely able to hold on against the onslaught.

    This is another mission that has some room for spicing up, if anybody has some suggestions.

    8. The Trial of Tassadar
    Hidden Content:

    This mission is a big turtle-mass mission, and it's hard to spice up. I propose we add a time element to the game: if you don't free Tassadar soon enough, he's taken to trial and you lose your opportunity. If we wanted to be mean (perhaps on the hard setting, for instance), we don't tell the player about the timer, and we don't tell them that they've lost until they reach the stasis cell and find it empty. On the easier levels we'd have a clear timer and we'd give players ample time.

    9. Shadow Hunters
    Hidden Content:

    Zeratul returns when Tassadar is freed, and before the assault on the Overmind begins, you must assault the cerebrates.

    I'm a bit at a loss to spice this mission up as well, as it tends to end up as a turtle-mass game where you mass up and eliminate the Zerg bases and then bring in Zeratul afterwards. I think that this might be a more fun mission if you start with a sizable force, but have no way to replenish it. Some Judicator have joined your ranks (i.e. you get some Arbitors), and you have a significant number of forces, but you don't get a base, so preservation of troops and sneakyness is emphasized: which is as it should be in a mission where Zeratul takes the lead.

    10. Eye of the Storm
    Hidden Content:

    With the help of James Raynor and his Raiders, and the newfound support of the Conclave, Tassadar must bring down the Overmind. You basically just have to mass up and attack, but there is a constant Zerg swarm pouring in from the edges of the map: any time you attempt to assault the defences around the Overmind, a huge number of reinforcements pour in to defend him. If you get far enough past the defences then Zerg pour in near your bases, likely overrunning them, forcing you to attack all out in a last-ditch attempt to take down the Overmind before you're destroyed. You do, but the Gantrithor takes heavy damage first, and we all know what happens after that.
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    Default Issues

    That's a summary of the type of game I'd like to make here. It's rooted in Starcraft I, and all extra content comes from the extended lore. There are, of course, many issues that we have to deal with if we want to get something like this to work.

    First of all, there are a ton of logistics to work out. Here's a few issues that I can think of off the top of my head:

    • Are we going to use the original unit portraits for the heroes, or are we going to attempt to make 3d ones to match the 3d portraits of the new units?
    • Are we going to keep the same 2D meeting room briefings with the talking heads, or are we going to make a new, spiffy verison of each breifing room?
    • Are we going to keep the mission briefings confined to the briefing rooms, or are we going to show some of that dialog in a different fashion?
    • Will the new editor have the old seige tank, or the old dropships? If not, do we want to use the new units or make our own models of the old units?
    • Will we have to make new models for the old addons, or will they be present in the editor?
    • Do we want to attempt to use old mechanics (miss chance shooting at high ground) or stick with the new ones?
    • Do we keep the old health/damage numbers (as much as possible) or tweak them in the light of the new AI?
    • Are we capable of making new cinematics? Do we want to add new cinematics? Do we want to remake old cinematics?
    • Do we use unit sounds from SC1 or SC2?
    • If we add new characters (such as Mike Liberty), will they be voice acted?
    • If we add new dialog (such as Raynor talking to Liberty), will it be voice acted? If not, will there be some sort of sound that goes along with Raynor talking, such as a mike static sound?

    As you can see, there's a ton of thought that would have to go into this. With the map editor right around the corner, the time to start ironing things out is now. Feel free to spark discussion on these issues below.
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    Default Proposal

    I'd like to get the ball rolling on this project. I myself am a coder, I can do a fair bit of the game logic and so on. I'm sure I could also adequately make the necessary maps, but I'd love some help in that department. Here's a list of the types of people I'll need:

    • Writers: I need help designing additions to the story, such as the ones outlined above.
    • Level Designers: I foresee a re-working of certain missions. Also, I plan to add bonus missions.
    • Artists: At the least, I'd like a new portrait for Mike Liberty. I'll also need help if we want to make any new units, new portraits, new briefing rooms, or even new cinematics. (I'm not really counting on that last one, but it would be awesome.)
    • Voice Actors: We may need a voice actor for Mike Liberty. Depending upon what people want and the skill of the actors, I won't rule out adding voices for any new dialog between existing characters.
    • Mapmakers: I'll be on a very slow machine for a month or two, more mapmakers would speed things up.
    • Coders: I can't do it all myself.
    • Testers: Very important, but they'll come in later.
    • Other: I'm sure I'm forgetting something

    I propose the following: let's hold a discussion to sort out the issues and get a game plan. Then let's write out a script (perhaps similar to the description above, only more specific) so we all know what we're shooting for. After that, we have a few tasks:

    • Design new maps
    • Design new briefing rooms, if necessary
    • Start creating new content, such as Liberty's voice or any missing models
    • Port Starcraft Mechanics: before we can begin implementing missions, we need to be able to play Starcraft II like it's Starcraft I.
    • Begin making our own missions

    The first three are possible without the map editor, so we can get cracking soon. I suggest that we take the game one episode at a time, and release each episode as we finish it.

    So that's what I'm shooting for: a remake of Starcraft in Starcraft II, only with spiced up missions, some hidden content, more bonus missions, lots of lore tie-ins, and some cameos. I'd appreciate all of the help I can get, from anyone who's interested in telling the Starcraft I story in the full glory of the new engine.
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    Default Re: A Call to Arms [Starcraft I Remake]

    Lucifer, by far this is the most ambitious and wild plan of remaking Starcraft I in the new game. I LOVE IT! Really, it's amazing; it really "spices" as you say the original SC but remains much the same Legacy.

    Your ideas are really great; haven't read it all but count me in the project. Meh not much of a pro editor or mapmaker but I could apply for some assisting roles or as writer/level designer. I really want to help in this awesome project. Maybe if you consider adding new dialogues/characters I could help work on them. Still studying and practicing art so discard me from it. Ad obviously I would love to be a tester.

    I'll be very glad if you consider me for this project. Yu should create, idk, a Social Group when you gather all your staff or helpers so you have separate threads on each goal or topic.

    Again, brilliant remake idea you have there, don't discard it. Maybe when I finish analysing it all I can make suggestions.

    Hope you consider me XD

    EDIT: Already analysed it all; gj!

    NOTE: I'll be updating this posts with suggestions

    Hidden Content:
    Episode I: 4. Desperate Alliance: Probably we could imitate the hold-out from the one in SC2, with the alarm system and the epic final. Maybe some dropships with powerful backup descend and flame the Zerg like the Hyperion did in SC2.

    Episode I: 7. Trump Card: The War Pigs cameo can be done liek this: From a corner of the map at random times some War Pigs spawn and try to sneak in your base to a Special Starport or Station (w/e) that if they reach it (ala Tower Defense) you lose. (Or maybe not TD, but they don't go in your base from the same route as the Confeds) Lorewise, if they reach it, they can board a SoK Dropship and pass inadvertively into Mengsk's to kill him.

    Episode III: 3. Higher Ground: Actually, to let the player choose the city to safe and retake the canon path later is pretty simple, you could let Scion starve and help Fenix but at the end after the Victory, a large wave of Zerg ambushes them and kills Fenix. Still, you get Victory and retake the canon. Maybe?

    Episode III: 7. Homeland: Maybe a slight aesthetic spicing could be Aldaris or the Conclave members appearing to taunt Tassadar but when you reach them, they Recall away (just some idea)

    Episode III: 8. The Trial of Tassadar: Could be that in the Conclave not only Tassadar is captured but some other Protoss branded traitors and as time passes, they are trialed and executed until the last Protoss left to trial is Tassadar. Maybe the more Protoss you save could help you for the next mission or an optional one, so you get pressure and you want to do it A.S.A.P. Obviously, it wont start at minute 3 but the time is up to discuss. So the more Protoss you save the less hard 9. Shadow Hunters will be since you get mor forces.

    Episode III: The Grand Final must be epic. Many new things should be added, like getting some slight reinforcements at random times from, to link the story, the terrans Liberty converted or the Protoss you saved from the Trial.
    This must be totally epic, like the project XD
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    Default Re: A Call to Arms [Starcraft I Remake]

    Lucifer, I'm in love! I have no real talent with any sort of computer shenanigans, but I can try my hand at voice acting for Liberty, and I can certainly test for you.

    This project is tremendously ambitious, but feasible for sure.

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    Default Re: A Call to Arms [Starcraft I Remake]

    One thing I like is how It's scalable. This is awesome, because as a amateur developer, you'll never going to be sure of exactly the amount of people and talents you can recruit and what difficulties you might run into. I can't tell you how important this is. It isn't overly ambitious (like those people planning a 30 hour semi-persistent orpg from the getgo for something, or anything else that really requires a huge effort on the behalf of multiple people).

    You have this very reducible, basic concept, A map using included models and already existent voices and portraits (Most of the portraits will definitely be included in the main game, even raynor is going to get a younger version renders in the form of cinematic). You outline this in your logistics. You can really make a completely cohesive project out of a small team, or if you get ample support, really go all out with this thing.

    Looking at your decisions, I wouldn't worry about them yet. Use placeholder models. Get the ball rolling, you can start mapping this week. You can make a map, a quality map, in a week/few weeks. Getting started is probably the hardest thing for a project that is team oriented.

    I really like your mission designs too, staying true to the original while spicing up some often stale designs, and its very thoroughly thought out. I'm not a huge fan of Liberty going away permanently if he dies though, I don't feel like that's necessary or an intuitive mechanic anymore. Since your revamping a lot of things you should revamp the hero system so you can actually use heroes. Perhaps hero just get knocked out or have their vehicles explode instead of dieing.

    Overall, I really like it. I have my own plans, but i'd love to lend a helping hand if I have time once the editor comes out
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    Default Re: A Call to Arms [Starcraft I Remake]

    I heard tell that the map editor would be coming out either this week or next week for Beta, if this is indeed true that'd give you quite the head start. I have a key, and play beta, so I could certainly test maps for you. Although that raises the question of if they will allow new maps to persist after beta has closed....

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