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Thread: pW Solves Zerg in 1 Fell Swoop

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    Nobody knew real stats before the Beta
    We've had the "real" stats many times. Yes, the stats change, but how is that any different from now?

    NOBODY including you.
    Except that I predicted that the only way to make the Roach useful as a tank would be to make it dangerous (which is why it's currently Tier 1, cheap, massable, has lots of Hp, and does 16 damage to all targets).
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    Default Re: pW Solves Zerg in 1 Fell Swoop

    Because I don't come around these parts as often these days, I hadn't seen this until just now.

    I will say that this is one of the better, if not the best, ideas I've seen for the Zerg in a long while. As far as I can tell, they really are still stuck in Brood War, albeit with a handful of new units, while the Terrans and Protoss have marched on and--heh--evolved their play-style to a whole new level.

    In its present form, the proposed 'alternate tumor' really isn't workable; its too complicated, its clumsy, and most of the 'placeholder' effects are liable to be imbalanced. However, it will say that its a huge step in the right direction, as it changes the metagame considerably--pulling the swarm out of its strategic rut--and is uniquely Zerg.

    Given refinement, this (or else something designed along the same philosophy) could very well be just what the Zerg need.

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