Ok, So I got bored and downloaded this off of PSN...big mistake.
For those of you that don't know its a show about contestants competing for a job as a game tester.

These people are ridiculously delusional, one fo the contestants seem to think a job as a tester is going to get him in the door of game design, no, tester is lower on the pole than grunts.

The rest of the contestants seem to think that testing is some glamorous fun job, it ant I have done a stint as a tester before, it is definatly not fun I ended up playing the same 5 minute segment of a game over and over angain for week at a time and considering what I have heard from others I got a good testing gig compared to some.

needless to say I am going to continue to slog through the episodes, I wanna see how cracked these people are.