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Thread: Some 2v2 thoughts..

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    Default Some 2v2 thoughts..

    So. been playing abit more 2v2 with a real partner..

    I am thinking Z/Z is maybe a bit too strong.. On the border of imbalance. Of course, when you think about it, Dual Z combos were banned in BW proleagues also because of their strength. So maybe its nothing to worry about. T/T is maybe even stronger! But only saw it once so far.

    Basically,you have so choices to play with.. Roach/speedling, Roach/roach, Roach/muta, Hydra/banelings, Banelings/muta, etc.. theres soo much options, and all are insanely powerful in the earlygame. Lategame is no slouch either.

    The key though, is how the queen at home stops most counter attacks early, so 1 sunken, drones and a queen and you can fend off almost anything in the first 5 minutes (with micro mind you).. so its quite strong and versatile.

    The only thing that I think can beat it (and our only loss that wasnt our fault/forgetting stupid stuff macro-wise) was to a T/T team who both walled very fast, and marauder/rine off 2-3 rax each.. We baneling'd their wall down and almost killed one, but his scvs/marauders and the partner saved him, then they had such a marauder/marine army that we couldnt do anything.. I think we'll have a nice strat for that next time, not as aggressive, but marauders are insane.

    So anyways, point being, Mirror races in 2v2 are damn good.. Im interested to see if there is any korean 2v2 pro leagues in the future, how it will go..

    My credentials are that I am #1 2v2 in Platinum Div. 16 (not to mention held #1 in Random team Plat div 8 2v2 all friday-early saturday), feel I can talk abit about balance. The issue is, not sure we can change much balance, cause it'll mess up the 1v1 balance, which is the main balancing focus.

    (keep in mind I just got the beta last week, so I played ~15-20 games before the reset on friday. Havent had the month long experience like everyone else lol)
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