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  • Liberty's Crusade

    9 27.27%
  • Shadow of the Xel'naga

    1 3.03%
  • Speed of Darkness

    9 27.27%
  • Queen of Blades

    6 18.18%
  • Nova

    5 15.15%
  • I, Mengsk

    16 48.48%
  • Firstborn

    7 21.21%
  • Shadow Hunters

    6 18.18%
  • Twilight

    11 33.33%
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Thread: Favourite Starcraft Book

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    Default Re: Favourite Starcraft Book

    Liberty's Crusade — provides a different perspective of the beginning of SC.

    Speed of Darkness — provides an intense storyline that challenges your very soul.

    I, Mengsk — It absolutely reeks of epic win. Such a huge story with such intricate details.

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    Default Re: Favourite Starcraft Book

    Quote Originally Posted by Noise View Post
    I have only read Uprising and I thought it was pretty bad. The story and stuff with Kerrigan and so on was good, but the writing was awful. I have started Liberty's Crusade and it is much more enjoyable.
    I too didn't like it that much. Ghosts are made out to be laughably weak in the story, suddenly every Terran ship has shields, and Kerrigan somehow falling for the protagonist (who himself was pretty bland) seemed off.

    About the only good Starcraft books is I, Mengsk, with the DT trilogy a close second. The rest are either decent but flawed (Uprising) or shitty fanfiction (Xel'Naga). Though I haven't read Heaven's Devils yet, that might change my opinion.
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    Default Re: Favourite Starcraft Book

    I love Queen of Blades, it really gives a lot of meat to Raynor, Tassadar, Kerrigan and Zeratul (Zeratul also gets quite a bit of char development in Twilight). A lot of this book with will come back in SC2 I'm thinking, once Kerrigan and Raynor come face to face again.
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    Default Re: Favourite Starcraft Book

    I won't do a top three, because for me, my favourite SC books are good on their own qualities and I believe it's unfair to compare each other to know who's the better than the other ( IMHO ).

    Anyway, here they are :

    - Nova
    - Speed of Darkness
    - Firstborn ( Is that the title for the first book of Dt series ? )

    Despite she's pretty close to become a Mary Sue ( She's really lucky during the novel ) and maybe a retcon ( 6 months passed between the Antigan Uprising and the Fall of Tarsonis, I thought it was a week from the game ! ), I like Nova for the story and how the author' well-written prose, which made it a very good piece of work, for a novel based on a video game.

    Even after many years I read it, I'm really surprised how Speed of Darkness is awesome. The action sequences are really good ; we don't know what the hell is going on, just like the movie Aliens. The military aspect is neat, the characters's overall are good. Maybe also a retcon ( A psychic agent from the Sons of Khoral, and it's not Kerrigan ? ), but still a good book to enjoy and it sticks to the SC universe, despite it has nothing to do at all to the lore.

    As for the Dark Templar series, I just read the first book, and it's okay. I do believe I have in my possession the second one in my shelves.

    Also I, Mensk, in my shelves too for a while. But within time, I forgot to read it. Apparently ( Especially from you guys and the poll ), it's damned good. And since StarCraft 2 is coming, I'll see if I can read it at time for the game.

    Liberty's Crusade ... I do saw the point of showing us a another point de vue of the Terran Campaign, but it's the only thing I think about this novel, because I found it weak. And because I do hate analogies. It breaks so much the reader's imagination, instead to leave it to the readers. Not only that, but the analogies doesn't work and are creepy and awkward. Just read the very first line in the first chapter. You'll get what I means.

    And please, don't start about this terrible fanfiction that is Shadow of the Xel'Naga. Please ...

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    Default Re: Favourite Starcraft Book

    Speed of Darkness. It's the only SC book that really works as a military sci-fi, and it gets the feel and themes of StarCraft right. And it doesn't try to extrapolate on any of the main characters from the game (attempts that often end up either silly or artificial and contrived).

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    Default Re: Favourite Starcraft Book

    Quote Originally Posted by Aquanaut View Post
    Despite she's pretty close to become a Mary Sue ( She's really lucky during the novel ) and maybe a retcon ( 6 months passed between the Antigan Uprising and the Fall of Tarsonis, I thought it was a week from the game ! ),
    And it may have been retconned again. In StarCraft: Book 1, the timestamp of the first issue was changed to February 2500, suggesting Episode I may have taken place fast. Or maybe they just wanted to put more time between the comic and the Fall of Tarsonis.
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    Default Re: Favourite Starcraft Book

    I guess for what it's worth, I suppose the Feb. date should take precedence in that it's a more recent post and Furman's claim about the events taking place between Antiga and Tarsonis seemed to be made up on the spot. Or Antiga fell beforehand and the six months figure has been retconned. Which seems to be in sync with the intentions of whoever wrote the HD timeline, but if six months remains, makes Cauley seem more desperate, but perhaps validate the date in War-Torn and...ugh. Head hurts.

    I suppose my end choice would be to move the issue 1 events around Feb. and leave everything else as it is (six months from Nova, another six for I, Mengsk, use relative dating and the Brood War dates to 2501 but...meh. No longer my realm.

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    Default Re: Favourite Starcraft Book

    Well, I just finished up Heaven's Devils and it is an outstanding read.

    So much so, that I feel it has stolen the top spot away from I, Mengks.

    I highly recommend this book.

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    Default Re: Favourite Starcraft Book

    I'm a fan of liberty's crusade and twilight, nova wasn't too bad either.. never read I, Mengsk or queen of blades, looking at the poll though it looks like I should pick up I, Mengsk.

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