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Thread: Hotkeys List??

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    Hey what is the hotkey for chatting to all in 2v2?

    Quote Originally Posted by TWD View Post
    Yeah I really don't understand why RTS games have such a problem with this. Take Dawn of War II for instance. You can remake the keys, but you have to use this complicated config file hack, and you have to redo it every patch. However, at least you can do it.
    Yeah, I don't get that either... You'll think they would put it so it would be easy.
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    Wow I go away for a couple of weeks and people forget I already did this list earlier in the forum . Surprised no one linked it but its not hard to find, ill find the link and edit this thread. Edit: k here it is, enjoy
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    Thanks, this topic should be closed now.

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    Just add something for this post... i know that ppl have got their hotkey list... but i found a blue post saying following:

    Q." Will there be an option that allows it to choose between different customized hotkey configurations?"

    A. "We are in the process of adding a few hotkey templates for ship which include left and right-handed "name-based" options. Grid based left and right-hand templates. Finally, we also intend to add a "Classic" hot key template which will, as best as possible, attempt to mimic the hotkey settings from the original game. We'll default to "name-based" right-handed for ship, but the end user can then choose from any of the other four templates.

    Long term we're exploring allowing fully customizable hot keys. Assuming we can solve the many user interface challenges to make this work we will either release it in a patch or in the upcoming expansion. "

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