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Thread: Small but, crucial changes for better game experience

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    Default Small but, crucial changes for better game experience

    First of all hello to all of you from SC:Legacy. I've been a follower of the site for many years, but it's not until now that I've decided to be active on the forums.
    Really love what SC:L has done for all these years, and I'm happy I finally can take part of the community.

    Since this is my first post I'd like to explain shortly why I want to post it.
    A friend of mine got the beta key on the first day, and I was lucky enough to try out some matches at the very beginning. Since my friend didn't really care too much about the beta process itself of informing Blizz on game aspects, I decided I would try to mail him about what I thought, so he'd be able to copy-paste that in the beta forum.
    I haven't been able to follow the changes that much since though, besides following SaharaDrac's epic commentaries, but I still want to contribute, because SC:BW means alot to me, and the possibility to change something for SCII is something I wouldn't miss in the world.

    Anyhoo, before my first post turns into something way too long, I've agreed with myself to start this thread to have you who also don't have keys to have the opportunity to contribute with what the post says: "Small, but crucial changes for better game experience."

    Since I'm not good at technical stuff, I've focused on the small things, maybe irrelevant to many, but which I think could really up the feeling of coolness to the game/sc universe. If any are actually in the beta please post about it, so that I might remove them from my own list.

    Thanks alot in advance, and here it goes.

    1) The pink player color should be replaced and the colors brown and (especially) white should be reinstated. And in order to make the 12-player matches, they could use Lime-Green, Gray and Black. I don't see anything wrong with Black, it is a dark game after all.

    2) Unit portraits should have some small areas that show the player's color, so if you're a teal player, the marine suit would be teal where it's now red I believe. I know this might be difficult with the mix of the unit's pre-rendered cinematics and the player's color, but you'd really think it's your goddamn unit you're watching. Hehe.

    3) As another criticism of unit portraits (UPs) in general, but I guess most of all Terran, I'd like to have more details done on the UPs in order to give each unit type more personality. The Vikings, Banshees, Hellions and I dare to even say Siege Tanks, look all very alike. Not the faces themselves, but their armors and little environments they're in. Especially the armors/suits all have the same boring color and matte textures. SC1 UPs were mostly only the faces themselves, and now it's the entire upper torso that's included. I don't think that's a bad thing by itself, but it's something where the different UPs personality/charisma can be lost, especially if the body parts aren't that exciting to look at. (Here incorporated player colors would help alot I think)

    4) Zerg buildings shouldn't have an overlord portrait, but Kerrigan. I know this might be because of it being a BETA, but it would fit better. And if somehow playing multiplayer and having Kerring show up every time you click a building, is not what blizz wants for non-campaign play, then some zerg being ABOVE an overlord but under kerrigan should be shown. It's just too strange always looking at the overlord for almost everything.

    5) Atm, I don't want to indulge too much in how the protoss unit models are made, but I'd really like to complain about the Carriers. First of all blizz just took the new Dark Templar carrier like unit model (The Tempest) and put golden colors in and called it a carrier. I think that when "nostalgia" took the unit back in SCII, the thing of just coloring another type of unit is a disgrace.
    For the first time ever it was possible actually seeing what a Carrier looked like in-game (we all had difficulty seeing how the SC1 sprite resembled the Cinematics Carrier) and what have they done? Called a different concept unit, which had been discarted a carrier, even though it doesn't resemble any of the carrier's we'd seen in SC1. I know I've begun ranting right here, but it would equal removing the Hammerhead look of a Battlecruiser, in some ways. I want to see a real carrier, not a recolored, different kind of unit.

    6) Battlecruisers shouldn't look that inflated. Again it would've been cool if they did like I think they should have done with the Carriers and made the models based on the SC1 Cinematic models. (There's already a thread about BCs so I won't continue here.)

    7) Another rant about the textures, but this time about the organic look of things. (Protoss and Terran skin and Zerg hide.) It looks very out of place together with the matte suit textures. My first impression was that it looked very Doom 3'ish, and I wasn't too happy about it. In general, skin appears to be very wrinkly, but in a stiff Jell-O kind of way. Now I know Blizz can't change the game engine and stuff, but some texture manipulations should be possible (also as with the player color addition in the UPs) so that skin and hide doesn't look that Jell-O ish, and maybe it could look just a bit dry. (Kinda difficult to explain it, it seems as if each organic surface has a surface beneath and then this layer of gelatin upon it - think of gelatinous meat/canned meat in jelly.) http://howlingduckranch.files.wordpr...-chicken-2.jpg

    Well. So much for now. I'm sorry I ended up spamming so much, but I've look through the forums and I really couldn't find discoussions about these kind of things. I know also it's mainly about UPs, but any kind of these small but, crucial changes for better game experience, can be added here.

    Thanks for reading this bulk of ideas, and I hope you contribute yourselves with ideas and critique!

    Hope to discuss alot here!
    Sincerely BusinessMonkey.

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    Default Re: Small but, crucial changes for better game experience

    1. Agree
    2. Disagree, they are all terrans and lore vise can't be distinguished with 14 colors.
    3. Don't feel the same, though unit portraits overall can be improved.
    4. Either way i don't mind.
    5. Disagree, in 3D they would look just like flying Banana's. Anyways the concept art of the carriers done by peter lee, looks much more like the current carriers and we all agreed that that concept looks amazing.
    6. Don't think they look that inflated, just different. Though yes I would like them to resemble the SC1 battlecruiser more.
    7. Disagree. Zerg look slimy but not exceptionally slimy to be a bad thing. Protoss look great and Terran while can have small improvements (ghosts, thors and bc) look good.

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    Default Re: Small but, crucial changes for better game experience

    According to the datamining from the beta files, the Zerg 'announcer' is apparently a Queen. Hopefully, we'll get a portrait of a unique Queen that looks different from the in-game one :]. Also, I wouldn't mind a new voice .

    The only player colour I really don't like is Green. In some situations, it's such a pain to notice on the minimap on Lost Temple . Now, I know that I can press that little button to make friendlies green and enemies red, but I'm pretty sick of seeing only Blue and Red from Ladder, so whenever I play a custom game with people, I try to get them to play other colours .

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    Default Re: Small but, crucial changes for better game experience

    Omg this is an epic wall of text, but after reading it all i should agree with you. Those points are minors and doesn't affect gameplay but affect the general feeling of the game, which is important.

    By the way welcome in here, i'm not the oldest in the place but i posted a couple of time^^.

    Here my reaction about your point:
    1-12 colour is a minimum, they done it in warcraft 3, it would be a fallback to include less color and players into game. The fact they included Pink is also very sad...

    2- True, the game will make 4Go anyway so why try to save some place or save some time. Give us awesome game quality and the quality lies in details

    3- I don't agree with you here. Ok there is always place for improvement, but ther is no major problem with terran portrait

    4- I know the eye from Sc1 was the overmind but this is a possibility. Also a cerebrate could be cool. You are right this is actually annoying.

    5- The actual carrier suck major ball and blizz doesn't want to change it! Kinda desperate me.

    6- The new BCs are the new Hercule-class or Minotaur-class Battlecruiser. The ones in BW are the Behemoth-class. So it is normal that they are different. Actually the battlercruiser doesn't look out of place for me. It is massive, slow and battlercruiserish.

    7-Zerg look ok to me, agree with slickr

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    Default Re: Small but, crucial changes for better game experience

    White is gonna blend in too much with the tilesets. Especially desert oasis and if there's an ice tileset in the game too. I think the pink tileset looks fine, and it's not like you NEED to choose it. It's not even one of the colours used for ladder games.

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    Default Re: Small but, crucial changes for better game experience

    For #7, you are talking about subsurface scattering.

    Not doable for a multi unit game viewed from a few hundred meters in the air.

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    Default Re: Small but, crucial changes for better game experience

    I miss the color white. I was just thinking the other day they need to bring it back.

    Otherwise, I don't mind pink so much, just wish there were more colors. The random color thing of SC1 should make a comeback, although it did tend to be confusing. They need to institute Friend/Foe coloring for the minimap if they haven't already, at least as an option.

    Otherwise, I'll have to read your post again before I comment further :P
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    Default Re: Small but, crucial changes for better game experience

    Hello & welcome to the forums ^^

    1) Well that would be nice, but having lime green might have some problems for the player on grass tile setting & black too on char (although we havent see one yet).

    2) Seems ok.

    3) Well they're in space, what do you expect them to wear? lol

    4) Ovie's portrait is definitely a placeholder, maybe the dev are working the queen's portrait (on building).

    5) If the tempest wasn't introduced, fans prolly won't have much complaints about the carrier model. Well at least for me I'm quite satisfied.

    6) Meh, BC looks fine.

    7) The dev team went through lots of hardwork improving the zerg colour textures because of us, comparing the colour textures last time they're much better now. Also being a 3D game it's quite difficult to satisfy all the sc fans.
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    Default Re: Small but, crucial changes for better game experience

    Some comments on your comments. ;P And thanks for welcoming me btw.

    1) I've seen on some commentaries that the colors have changed. There's apparently a white (with a violet touch) color. Is it instead of pink, or have more colors arrived? In that case which ones?

    2-3) Adding player colors in the Unit Portraits (UPs) would only help the lack of personality the UPs miss, due to the focus on torso+face compared with SC1's focus on face only as UP. If player colors aren't the way, there should still be some ways of upping the UPs personality, by making nicer details instead of very boring-looking uniforms.
    Take the marine, marauder and reaper, they all got there unique-looking uniforms which all add personality to the unit. So why do Vikings/Banshees/Hellions/Siege Tank people all wear a very non-detailed neopren-like suit? Imagine the marine without all the nifty details. Would be awful.
    (I still think protoss and zerg units look very distinct from one another and therefore have more personality whenever you select them, so this is why I'm critisizing Terran that much.)

    4) To the ones posting about using Overmind or Cerebrates. I'm pretty sure Blizz has stated that all Overminds and Cerebrates are dead. All of them, so it's a no go to use them in lore. Kerrigan seems to be in charge, so it should be her like the overmind is the UP for buildings in both SC and SC:BW. Still kinda awkward playing with Kerrigan's UP in multiplayer if she were going to die in the campaign. (Not that I'm hoping that for her ofc!!!!!)

    5) I really think they should have reinstated carriers as they were in the cinematics and background pictures. Just have a look at this:
    I mean, it's not that I don't like Peter Lee's version. I think Peter Lees drawing kicks ass, but compare his drawing to the in-game model... It's been chunked-up like hell, and the streamlined super psi machine is not there anymore...

    6) I still stick with my "use of cinematic-model BCs" argument even though I understand the lore explanation of them changing. The Sprites from SC didn't look like the cinematic versions anyway. And why would the Hyperion look beefy as well if it were the old model of BCs?
    It's basicly one overall idea for the BC: Make it sleek like the SC Cinematics... Sleek and not bulgy is the keyword for coolness in this case. ;P

    7) Yes, I'm in general very happy for zerg, it's just that this "organic matter submerged in gelatinous goo" effect isn't doing it too much for me. It's not too realistic as that picture you've posted. Maybe I'm about to do a very wrong comparison, but feel free to comment and correct me. It's too much Doom3, whereas it should be more of a Half-Life 2 texture... ;P

    8) New addition. I know it's prolly been hell for Blizz due to the many reshapings and renamings of this unit, but to me it still doesn't work. I'm talking about the Raven here.
    The unit model of the Raven: Change it. I can understand Terran scientists copying the Arbiter design, but why would you make a unit that has to drop Cargo so small hullwise?
    It should show a big cargobay from where it drops all it's defenseunits. It's just wrong conceptwise.
    Secondly, I originally liked the idea of the "anonymous" raven UP, but it's just strange in the end. I know this could be a "confidential" person working for some godforsaken hidden science cover-up programme, but still. It's ruining the UP personality in many ways. (See 2-3 for UP personality boosting)

    9) I know I'm very touchy when it comes to terran, but it is my favourite, so I feel like I have to comment on more of the vehichles. This is more according to "Concept of the Unit" and maybe even based on common sense/logic, but two things come to my mind when I look at the Terran airunits.
    One is the Viking. Why does a unit named after a raiding civilisation, not raid well? Why does it have air superiority when it's a versatile fighter? Shouldn't the tecnology involved in it tranformation ability cost when it comes to aereodynamics/manouvrebility etc.? Again this is conceptwise, since I don't have a beta key I can't say much about how the general role fulfillment is, but it would seem that it does a nice job in the terran army, but to me it's a bit like making the british Harriet fighter better than say a Mig-21 or F-15 in dogfights.
    Second thing is the banshee. Where on earth (or the Koprulu sector) did you ever see a helicopter that wasn't manouvrable enough to do air to air? It's a bit like the Viking issue, only a banshee should be able to be 50 million times more manouvrable than the Viking, a unit that can change from air to ground mode.

    Can't think of any more comments at this time, but again, you must see this in a perspective of trying to get absorbed in the Starcraft universe and getting that feel of believing the story, just as well as I believe it was possible in the original Starcraft.

    EDIT: Just thought of another little diddie. Archons. Why don't they look like the SC1 energy balls? How the hell can they have armor? They are beings of pure energy and they waste some of that energy on having a useless armor. That's not as cool as making them as little recognisable as protoss as possble. Oh and their attack also looks like crap. It's one of the strongest, so it should look accordingly. What do you think?
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    Default Re: Small but, crucial changes for better game experience

    1) I've seen on some commentaries that the colors have changed. There's apparently a white (with a violet touch) color. Is it instead of pink, or have more colors arrived? In that case which ones?
    They just changed the shade of pink. It's a bit white-ish, though, I suppose.

    I liked the DOOM pink better.

    Honestly, I don't know why we didn't get 12 colours instead of 8. =S

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