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Thread: Should the Zerg be able to do this...?

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    Default Should the Zerg be able to do this...?

    This little blurb caught my eye on HD's page - Definitely some complicated, and inventive Macro shenanniganz....practically bordering on Micro

    Wanted to hear what you guys all thought about it tho....should Zerg get to keep this? - In the hands of a player like me, this would be nearly useless, however if you were to give it to some of those high APM guys....

    Lots of extra work, but if you're caught, far less most, you lose the worm.

    ...Plus, it could potentially shut the mouths of of those guys that think there isn't enough clicking in Macro...

    What do you think?

    Edit: incredible! - Now it seems HD's page is not accessible. (?) I'll see if I can get another link.

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    Default Re: Should the Zerg be able to do this...?

    There's already another thread about this here:


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