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Thread: [Crazy Idea] Corruptor Mind Control

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    Default [Crazy Idea] Corruptor Mind Control

    I've noticed that many people are upset about the condition of the Infestor and Corruptor. I've also noticed that the Infestor uses a long tendril coming out of its back for its channeled Neural Parasite ability, which used to be used for its Siphon Life ability.

    The main concern for the Corruptor, like the Phoenix and Viking, seems to be its air-to-air attack is lacking. Blizzard could easily buff their attack, but it seems they've instead focused on each race's AtA unit having some way of affecting ground targets. Corruptor can become a Swarm Guardian and has its anti-building Corruption ability, Phoenix has Graviton Beam, and Viking has a GtG form. This is likely so they don't become completely useless once you've killed all enemy air with them.

    So here's my suggestion: give Neural Parasite to the Corruptor, and the Corruptors' Corruption to the Infestor (or not). Why do I suggest this mad idea? From worst to best:

    1. The Corruptor right now is more often built to turn into Swarm Guardians than it is for ATA. Everyone agrees the Swarm Gaurdian metamorphing from the Corruptor and not the Mutalisk is a little strange. By giving the Corruptor access to a strong ability we can make the tech tree a little more cohesive.

    2. The Corruptor model is laden with tentacles. So it would make sense for the Corruptor to actually use them... like for Siphoning Life or Mind Control.

    3. The Infestor is a weak ground unit. Needing it to unburrow and channel its mind control is just silly. The thing is clearly a stealth and support unit, give it abilities that can do so, or at least make how they're used somewhat reasonable. The Corruptor on the other hand, is a strong mobile AtA unit that could actually make good use of Neural Parasite or Siphon Life. If the SG evolution was removed, you'd never be building many of them, because they're AtA only. Either Channeled or on a timer, letting those Corruptors not only take control of enemy air units but possibly ground units could lead to very interesting strategies. A unique mechanic like having their main AtA attack Siphon Life could also be quite interesting.

    Anyway, the idea isn't wholly fleshed out or balanced so just let me know what you think. Genius and madness are two sides of the same coin.
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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] Corruptor Mind Control

    Demo... no jokes, no insults, no deviations. I like this idea. It has merit. I'm sure I can see a lot of issues with MC to the corruptor.. but it has merit to start good ideas. /salute.
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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] Corruptor Mind Control

    I will surely regret saying this but....Dsquids idea might have merit.

    It would be so fun to sneak some infestors into a base and cast Corruption on all the buildings. One note, Casting Nueral Parasite on ground units gets kinda close to the phoenix's niche. However casting it on air units sounds unique and fun.

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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] Corruptor Mind Control

    and the Infestors Corruption to the Infestor
    Agreed with this.
    All else in your post I don't agree with.
    And to finish your suggestion, I say add the old ability to the corruptor back, which is to corrupt air units it has killed. I know its unbalanced, but maybe they can make the ability active and require energy, so the corruptors can corrupt a unit.

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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] Corruptor Mind Control

    I found it humorous how we have this intrinsic connection between tentacles and mind control. lol.

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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] Corruptor Mind Control

    rather have neural parasite be a parasite like ability, an idea i thought of would be a parasite or a group of parasites is shot and attached to units and it gains health overtime and when the parasite's health matches the units full health it becomes infested, and these parasites would be visible and to stop them enemy must destroy parasites by shooting them dealing damage to the parasite and the unit, so it would be possible that you kill the unit before its taken over

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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] Corruptor Mind Control

    I think that this would help the Zerg out a lot.

    If the Corruptors mind controlling units, then they've got some semi-reliable form of protecting themselves against GtA units. You've also gotta tackle the issue of which units can they mind-control?

    I think that Siphon Life would be excellent for them, because it would encourage them to be grouped with other units.

    Letting the Infestors corrupt buildings would be excellent. It makes the Zerg casters agressive in a really unique way, and they'd function really powerfully as support casters when raiding bases.

    Also, what was the issue with the Infestors that made them need to unburrow to cast? Especially when they were updated to be target as an above ground unit when burrowed... It's not like they're more dangerous than a cloaked Ghost.


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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] Corruptor Mind Control

    Anyway, its not a good idea. Only way it could be balanced is targeting basic units only, or bio units, like the original mind control, and that would overlap with the pheonixes role as a ata unit that can disable ground.

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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] Corruptor Mind Control

    I am not sure about the balance, but it feel like a good idea.

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    Default Re: [Crazy Idea] Corruptor Mind Control

    Squid, you forgot #4.

    It makes freaking sense. Infestors need to infest. Corruptors need to corrupt. Right now the Corruptor infests and the Infestor corrupts. This makes no freaking sense whatsoever.

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