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Thread: Phoenix use in PvP ?

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    Phoenix quite are good against mutas when paired with stalker/sentry Here is a replay to prove it

    In PvP, they are a very good precursor to Carriers, esp on 2 base with an early expo. I was beaten by that once - the guy used Phoenix to lift probes and 1 shot them with the other Phoenixes (2-3 of them). This pressured me to keep stalkers at my min line and in my main.

    This was on Desert Oasis Btw... BY the time I thought I had enough stalkers to move out, he attacks me with??


    I'm dead at that point.

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    that was somewhat entertaining to watch.. but still, phoenix IMO didnt play a significant role in that win: it was a failed zergling rush into an all-in ling/muta one-base build. you(?) had a significantly larger econ for basically the whole game: you may well have beaten him with raw stalkers if you jsut massed up & microed consistently.

    thats not saying i disagree that phoenix with support are generally useful vs mutas. only taht it'd be cool with a game closer game to exemplify it.

    i go muta ling all the fricken time vs p. and if i ever see phoenix, tehy are either used when the game is already immensely in my favour, badly used (sent in alone when outnumbered) or over-invested, making me hold mutas in favour of hydras & other ground units.

    ... come to think of it, i have played at least this one game where phoenix played a significant role against me, and it seems i havnt even uploaded it yet. acutally one of my most entertaining games, played about a weak ago, against some player ranked around the bottom of platinum.

    although my game wasny optimal in that i didnt used my midgame economic advantage to the fullest as early as i could have, i think the game displays some interesting interplay etween muta/corruptor/hydra vs phenix/colossus/support

    on topic: im still hungry for replays of more phenix use in PvP, like of the game you mentioned protosswarior!
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    I got it lol

    Mind you I played and reacted badly to it, but it was interesting to see.

    This is Patch #6 I believe...

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