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Thread: Be a Part of the March Madness - Win A Prize!

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    Default Be a Part of the March Madness - Win A Prize!

    March Madness Pools:

    The Madness of March is here again! In American Sports culture to me there are two big events that captivate the entire country on a yearly basis. The first is the Super Bowl, the second is the NCAA Menís Basketball Tournament that will be starting this week. The NCAA Tournament is notorious for being the event that destroys the level of productivity in offices across the country for a good three weeks. This productivity is limited because of office pools held across the country in which your objective is simple, to predict the winner of all 63 games of the NCAA Tournament. Sports fans and non-sports fans unite in this spectacle and you have a chance to be a part of the fun as well!

    This year, for the top BF/SC:L/BGN participant in the NCAA Tournament Pool, I will be putting up a $20.00 Amazon Gift Certificate.

    To participate in this pool, all you need to do is the following:

    1. Go to ; and pick a winner for all 63 games of the tournament. Entries are due by Thursday, March 18th and only one entry per person please!
    2. Submit it.
    3. Watch the games.

    Each year, I also host two other pools, one for the Womenís NCAA Tournament and one for the NIT Tournament. If you are interested in those, go to the following sites and do the same as above:

    1. Womenís NCAA Tournament Pool: (available Monday Night; selections due by Friday, March 19th @ Midnight)
    2. NIT Tournament Pool: (available tonight @ ~9:15 PM ESTl; selections due by Tuesday, March 16th @ 7:00 PM EST)

    Some Tips For Filling Out The Bracket:

    Honestly, everyone has their own advice on what to do with the bracket. You want to fill out the bracket with a little bit of intelligence. The easiest and smartest tip is that NO #16 team has ever beaten a #1 team. So predicting a #16 seed to win the championship will make you look pretty stupid overall. Now that's not to say that a #16 seeded seed can't win the first game.. Just don't make your entire bracket depended on something that never has happened. However, don't believe me? I'll link off to a couple of good sources(links are a bit old but they are still relevant!):


    If you are curious about more details such as scoring, past winners, etc.. check out the official thread here:

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    Default Re: Be a Part of the March Madness - Win A Prize!

    Picks due tomorrow @ Noon. Get them in!

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