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Thread: A topic that may pertain to your interests. (lots o images)

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    I modded Starcraft for 11 years and am since retired, but only now made an SCL account in response to someone linking my youtube videos for sc2. Consider this an introductory thread as I am about to post a ton of stuff that won't fit into the main thread. I am posting this now because once my interest in sc2 evaporates I will drop off the face of the Earth unless a wc3 to m3 converter shows up for me to port WoW models to sc2, since I cannot model characters, animate, uv, or texture, and thus it's pointless for me to buy starcraft 2.

    This thread may pertain to your interests.

    I will be splitting some of my media up for you to absorb. Some of my ultra crappy music from 2002, crappy models from 2008-recent, voice acting, demonstrations, and pie.

    Starcraft modding

    My last SC project was Armageddon Onslaught. In this project I took Starcraft above and beyond the limits people imposed upon themselves. I am going to open up with all of my unit demo videos I made to show the individual units. PEAI by Bajadulce was largely inspired by AO and AO itself was incited by Baja's suggestion to create the ultimate AI challenge. AO harnessed not only my talent by the talent of many champions from the lands, bringing to you the greatest and flashiest show of glowy/burny ever produced for Starcraft. Skirting the edges of the iscript.bin size limit and pushing into thousands upon thousands of weapon and sprite instances, Armageddon Onslaught is the answer to the ultimate survival challenge.

    Armageddon Onslaught is a gametype conversion; Zerg is converted into a computer-only super race designed to challenge a team of 7 players. Terran and Protoss are very slightly modified, mostly their AI is a lot stronger. The limit expander I used made the game unstable and the project was not 100% finished but was released at

    Sprite sheets showing some of the custom graphics from two of my mods; AO and ITAS.

    In the Great Destroyer sprite sheet, everything on the top row was ported from Diablo 2 and remastered. Everything below was created in 3ds max with Afterburn.

    I produced the absolute pinnacle of non-BWAPI Zerg AI in the recent months called ZAPOC which is available as a part of the BWAI Launcher at The development thread and related info is here, as well as a beta-level Protoss AI.

    As a lot of people have stolen things from my mods without permission, I don't plan to make any of my older mods public ever again. Any future and current projects in any game will be private.

    Starcraft-related renders -

    SgtHK was kind enough to skin two models I created for Armageddon Onslaught. One was created for a conceptual AO2 project for Starcraft 2 that has since been discontinued on behalf of my lack of talent in graphics, the other is the Onslaught Juggernaut for AO1, but the skinned version wasn't rendered for ingame use.

    These are my only models that will ever be skinned as my brain damage prevents me from learning anything past the absolute basics of modeling even though I've been working with models for 7-8 years.

    Yay for SCL's resize script, I don't have to use spoiler tags that don't exist or hotlink.


    I composed music back in 2002 to 2005. I retired from music composition when I couldn't improve my skills, a common problem with my mental illnesses. Since then my GSIF-compliant soundcard, necessary to use gigastudio, was destroyed with a power surge. I will never compose again.

    The Fury Official Soundtrack is a (incomplete) series of music pieces I composed between 2002 and 2005. During 2005 I retired, though I composed two more pieces in the following years before the computer containing the GSIF-compliant sound card was destroyed by an man-made power surge (people being stupid with jet washers).

    The soundtrack is entirely based on my novel. Each track is designed to represent a specific character, event, emotion, or overall prose of any given subject.

    Sequenced using Cakewalk Home Studio 2002 and Samples using Gigastudio. My composition skills were at best beginner level as I possessed no way to learn or train in the usage of the programs and I suffer from severe mental illnesses that impede my ability to focus. I retired from composition largely because of my inability to improve. I will never compose again, not only because I know I would never be able to improve, but because my hardware doesn't support Gigastudio.

    I have released this music to the public for use in non-profit game modification projects and total conversions. Not commercial or monetary projects of any kind. You must provide credit to me (IskatuMesk) and a link to in your credits if you wish to use the music. And, please, tell me what my music is being used in! I'd love to see the hours I spent on this stuff actually mean something.

    Voice Acting

    My greatest talents were voice acting and writing. I say were because my mental disabilities have crippled my ability to write my novel, and I have been unable to produce a good voice in over a year.

    I have two demos, one a general ten-year demo, and one for ITAS. Additionally, I have a demo of The Great Destroyer from AO which includes all of my takes, including a large number that weren't used in the mod due to sounds.dat size restrictions (units in AO had tons of custom sounds!)

    As you'll see, I specialized largely in villainous voices and had an extremely difficult time voicing human voices.

    Voice of the Destroyer -

    10-year Demo Real -

    ITAS UD Demo -


    Modeling is one of my weakest skills. None of my models will ever be textured. I attempted animation to great failure in the past and won't try it again. Yet, some of the models are half-way decent, and they're all very low poly and perfectly suitable for usage inside a 3d game. As I have so many renders, I'll only post a few here.

    Nothing is to be considered finished, some of these renders are from incomplete models.

    Again, these are all canon to my novel. Some models I based on existing designs like the Albion from Gundam and a handful were inspired by B5 ships. But I largely modeled from only my imagination. Each ship has a history and specs but I won't be posting them here.

    Modding in other games

    I've modded many games to varying degrees. Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Age of Wonders 2, Age of Empires, Halo PC/CE, Homeworld 2... almost all of them are either awful games to mod (any relic game) or I suffer from my inability to learn complicated things (diablo 2). Here's related content.

    Black Sun for homeworld 2 videos that I produced when the mod was still in production -

    An extremely incomplete, early, weird ass trailer I made for the Black Sun sins mod that I released as-is 20% complete when the beta was announced. It seems highly unlikely this mod will ever get worked on again.

    An effect I created with the sins particle editor in about 5-10 minutes.

    I have more I could post but I figure this is a good point to just show you guys some of the stuff I've done throughout the years. This may belong in modding discussion, but I felt that some of the asset creation was broad enough to go here.
    Veteran modder & designer, writer, video content producer

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    Default Re: A topic that may pertain to your interests. (lots o images)

    Very impressive!
    Please be aware of the SC:L Posting Rules and Guidelines.

    If I were you, I'd look at these links. You might even follow or like them or something...

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    Default Re: A topic that may pertain to your interests. (lots o images)

    An now we get a tetraton of modding content ^^

    Great Work BTW

    *waiting for LoA to pop out and ask his regular question*

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    Default Re: A topic that may pertain to your interests. (lots o images)

    Wow. That is very impressive.

    I love that Battlecruiser type unit you made. Looks great.

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    Default Re: A topic that may pertain to your interests. (lots o images)

    Thanks guys!

    The Onslaught Juggernaut is a demon warship based on the Terran Battlecruiser (as a part of a terror campaign). At 11km in length, it is 3 times the size of the human counterpart, and is oriented largely around defensive abilities with an extremely powerful shield.
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    Default Re: A topic that may pertain to your interests. (lots o images)

    Sad you will never show your mods again...

    Was interested in most of them by the time I saw them, but had no time to play SC. Regardless of the troubles you had with the community using parts of your mods, I guess you had a possitive feedback from the community and did a great job in all of them.

    We all have copyright problems but they only arrise when we created something great ^^

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    Default Re: A topic that may pertain to your interests. (lots o images)

    By the time I started modding, which was around 2000-2001, modding was already in great decline and I only became largely involved with the community around 2002-2003. By then the audience for Starcraft mods was virtually totally dead. So, I've gotten virtually no feedback on any of my productions except for AO, and most of that was just finding out people were stealing my custom effects and such.
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    Default Re: A topic that may pertain to your interests. (lots o images)

    Well, are you interested on Modding SC2?

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    Default Re: A topic that may pertain to your interests. (lots o images)

    SC2's a whole new ballgame. New engine, new features, and best of all, new community!

    There's a lot of potential with all the models you have. I don't think it would be too hard to convert those to SC2-usable units. You could use your existing models to generate normal maps for low poly SC2-quality models.

    Very awesome work

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    Default Re: A topic that may pertain to your interests. (lots o images)

    Quote Originally Posted by IskatuMesk View Post
    At 11km in length, it is 3 times the size of the human counterpart,
    Actually, one book puts the Terran Battlecruiser at 11 to 12kms in length.

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