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    Default My beta impressions/suggestions

    I didn't get a key, but I got to try it. Here are my thoughts on the game as far as mechanics.

    Terrans –

    Fun race, but I felt it was also the hardest to control. MBS works a little differently, it considers buildings with different addons as different buildings, so if I double click a barracks with a reactor, I can only pump out marines even though a barracks with a tech lab is also selected (atleast that what I experienced). Or if I double click a barrack with a techlab, it wont produce marines out of the reactor one. I know pros won't have an issue with this, but macroing in general feels a little harder with this race.

    Walling off is much easier (of course), and planetary fortress is surprisingly useful, especially for securing high yield sections quickly. Siege Tanks and Thors both rock, and still feel quite different from each other. I was a little disappointed to see the BattleCruiser lose its other upgrades, but its cool. Infantry rocks in SC2, and all are extremely useful. Medevacs are swell, and double pumpable.

    Zerg –

    I was surprised. I actually had a lot of fun with the zerg.

    The biggest thing for me is the Nydus Worm. It comes earlier and cheaper than the nydus canal, and all of them interconnected. With the help of the queen, you can rally units to the nydus network so quickly, and then just drop wherever you have sight. Its so freakin powerful, and if it manages to stay like that in the game I might start using zerg more.

    I'm also quite happy with the roach, and think it regens way too fast underground. Hydralisks feel quite at home at tier 2. The queen is lovely. I think an overlord being able to drop creep is a little odd when it costs the queen energy to spread it. I think it had more purpose when it was needed for a nydus drop.

    Infestors are ok (they look cool), but I think infested terrans need a longer life span if they are looking to get used at all, or need some kind of ability. Maybe if you could use it like the old queens "spawn broodling", I could see it working. It would make sense lore wise if it was a terran only ability.

    Protoss -

    Once again, my favorite race.

    First of all, Warp In rocks! Simply pressing "w" selects all warpgates. That is so darn convenient. Chrono boost definitely has its advantages. I like being able to do upgrades faster. It actually encourages me to do certain upgrades sooner. I always use a chrono boost whenever I upgrade.

    I also get robo facilities much more than I use to. They're cheaper in gas, and have more units of the bat. Observers, Immortals, and Prisms off the start! Why not get a building with so much use? Somewhere along the line I think the building will get some kind of cost increase, but we'll see.

    My opinion of the Mothership right now is that its definitely a useful unit. You don't need to research anything, and its recall radius is so huge, it beats arbiters easily. Vortex is great for blocking areas or trapping units. So little to spend for so much reward. I see why it got nerfed so hard, and I expect it to keep changing. My suggestion would be to adding something like a TP ability to it (in WC3 that would return your hero and all surrounding units to main base). And perhaps a 3rd ability of some kind (not planet cracker because its main attack is a beam, and the Void ray has a beam, thats enough beams).

    Also, I think sentries are too awesome, its attack needs to be cut in half, and maybe it needs a slight cost increase. These things are awesome support units. Every protoss player should have 3 or more of these in every army. I also think void rays are a little OP, and maybe they’re bonus damage need a slight reduction, or a cost boost. But again, I’ll leave that up to the balancers.

    That’s about it as far as what comes to mind with the gameplay. I love the art style, the units are easy to recognize. Microing with spellcasters is easier. Music is awesome, no complaints. Some voices need a little work, but overall are decent. Looking forward to buying this game.
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