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Thread: I abuse roaches

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    Default I abuse roaches

    Sue me =P
    Guess its not a good day to be a bad guy huh skank!?

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    Default Re: I abuse roaches

    i see you in court then!

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    Default Re: I abuse roaches

    I haven't used roaches in 1v1 in ages... they seem so weak since T just needs a couple marauders and P just needs a robotics to own them badly.
    Bling/lings help me transition in a way that shakes em' up pretty well instead.

    Dunno if you're trying to say that roaches can be abused easily, but I think that the roach might have to be rethought (not at all because it's too strong: it isn't), because the unit is currently ineffective in ZvT (unless you know for sure that he's going for hellions,but you need maphack to know that at this point since he'll wall in), it either hard counters P or just melts in front of them (but I think this will change as Z start using army mixes more) and it completely breaks down the ZvZ matchup to the most boring game ever.

    I still like the current roach because it's a decent niche unit, and I like having that option open to me during games, but I don't feel like it has the potential to be a big hit in the long run (which is what SC2 is aiming for anyways).

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    If Z goes roaches

    P goes;
    1 gate
    3 cannons
    1/2 starport(s)

    Pheonix harass to robo bay and zerg gets raped. I have a stream of some real good TL guy who does that every time he plays vs roach (almost standard play now for Z) and he wins every time.

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    I just wined my first game evar with just massing roaches ^^
    I love them.

    It was an epic noobish game that lasted 30 min , and i was constantly producing roaches form 3 queen suported hatcheries, and he was making stalkers only, nobody of us bothered to build anything else, but in the end i prevailed, since i was also upgradding them

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    Default Re: I abuse roaches

    Roaches are so damn broken. I've never held off a Roach rush, cannons don't help at all.

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    I think the issue is that you need to activiately kill OL's and harass while macroing back at the base.

    As roaches obviously don't hit air, he'll have to focus on getting hydras which will buy you more time.

    It works, I've seen him do it vs good players. Although I think if Zerg can properly scout, placing 1-2 spores in every base will do the trick. But then again, if he's doing a all-in-ish roach rush, he won't have spores.

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    Default Re: I abuse roaches

    Roach Rush is the new Zergling Rush

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    Default Re: I abuse roaches

    How do Terran stop roaches?

    I find I have to start massing marauders like mad, as well as pumping tanks. It's very gas heavy and slow to pump out without a lot of barracks with techlabs.

    When they hit burrowed movement they're really hard to take down as well, even with detection.

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    Siege tanks are what I use to deal with almost all mass zerg ground attacks, they work quite nicely.

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