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    The first replay I have is me as Protoss vs a Zerg player. This one was really close.

    My 2nd one is of my 5 hour stalemate in which I eventually just left.

    3rd: My first 2v2.

    4th: 1v1 Terran Vs Protoss down to the wire (literally you will see how close it was)

    Also, yes I know I suck. :P
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    LOL at how much larger the second one is than the first (file size wise)

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    Dude that is total BS. If Terran have no buildings left except for one or two lifted off, it should auto end in defeat for them after 5 minutes.

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    only watched the short one but wow, that was a cheap win! with the hydras home he would have probably scooled your warprays!
    I am an enthusiast of good strategy games, sc2Esports and rollplay, although i dont really play anything atm.
    I work an internship at a government agency this fall, and have a good time at it.
    I'm being more social, active and honest lately. in all forums.


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    Yeah he probably would have.

    Edit: Uploaded my first 2v2 match as well.
    Edit 2: Uploaded Terran Vs Protoss matchup that was even better than my first replay.
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    Added another Protoss Vs Terran replay on Scrapstation. Me as Terran doing something Terran's are known for.

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    Man I just cracked myself up so much at facing a new guy. He was new at Terran (obvious guess) so I just toyed with him and showed him the power of the Protoss.

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