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Thread: Blade's SC2 map (drafts)

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    Default Blade's SC2 map (drafts)

    The hype over SC2 has inspired me into the map gaming once again. I'll start simple.

    This is the key for any of my maps within this thread:

    3 blue crystals stand for a starting possition
    2 blue crystals stand for the natural expansion
    1 blue crystal stands for an aditional expansion
    3 yellow crystals stand for a high yield mineral expansion (includes its nice anti terran rock)
    All rocks are destructible
    Xel'naga watchtowers...
    Ramps are sand colored
    Different land levels have a different terrain color.

    __________________________________________________ _______

    Map #1 (Current)
    Name: Dublins
    small 1v1 standard mirror melee map
    A lot of chokes and a medium rush map
    Balance for all three races (speculation)

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    Default Re: Blade's SC2 map (drafts)

    Mini golf course!

    I kinda like this map! though some high grass would be nice somewhere perhaps near the rocks so you cant tell if someones breaking threw without a spotter on the other side on in the air
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    Default Re: Blade's SC2 map (drafts)

    gotta watch how close the expansions/spawns are to the cliffs. They have to be out of tank range otherwise Terran = domination.

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    Default Re: Blade's SC2 map (drafts)

    And those high yield's looks almost impossible to defend :P

    Edit: But i like the map ^^
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    Default Re: Blade's SC2 map (drafts)

    This map reminds me of Outsider.

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    Default Re: Blade's SC2 map (drafts)

    I'll fix the map as soon as possible, just noticed that the middle may be so easily tanked or defended from nearby cliffs. Nothing some nice grass cant fix.

    BTW, I wanted 2 high yield minerals in this map, and the fun part is that you may easily take any of them as they are both close to your main, but defending them is a challenge.

    The middle zelnaga watch tower shows your enemies natural expo and the 2 lower and 4 middle level ramps. Yet its control is also a challenge.

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