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Thread: The Analysis of StarCraft II Beta's Source of Hype [Editorial]

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    Default The Analysis of StarCraft II Beta's Source of Hype [Editorial]

    Disclaimer/Warning: I started writing this today and have worked on it off and on. In terms of editorials it's a "first draft" which means that my ideas and communication may not be polished. I felt the importance of putting it in this thread today (before the conference call) outweighed the need to polish it and put it frontpage for everyone to see.

    I plan to work on it further in the morning to include sources to my ideas and further correct/elaborate on parts that may be sketchy, but ultimately it's merely me posting my thoughts on the situation we all find ourselves in.

    Instead of looking at it in forms of trying to create hype, I advise you to look at it as an objective way to try and understand what caused the hype to begin with.

    And for those who hold a different opinion to mine... feel free to share your opinion and how it's different than mine. I personally would like us to respect our different views. I look forward to a good constructive conversation regarding this post.

    And yes... this is a wall of text.
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    Default Re: Gifted's Speculation

    The Analysis of StarCraft II Beta's Source of Hype

    • Overview

    • The Previous Beta Expectations
    o Previous Examples
    o What can Blizzard do?
    o Is there Fault?
    o Results in the Community…
    • Examining the Current Beta Expectation
    o Introduction of the Speculation
    o Tool 1: Jace Hall Show
    o Tool 2: Increased Community Managers
    o Tool 3: Website Hijinx
    o Tool 4: Website Interaction
    o Tool 5: The Conference Call
    • My Humble Opinion


    As many of you know, I've been interested in beta and it's steps taken. I've even got multiple members of the industry that I talk to who have relations in some form to Blizzard's development, some of which direct involvement in some form with StarCraft 2. For that reason, I know that many of you appreciate what I have to say regarding individual threads on this and other subjects relating to StarCraft 2.

    For now, I'm not going to present information that any of you couldn't find out yourself without proper research, but I think it's time that someone stepped up and tried to identify the source of all the hype regarding this week. My goal is not to say "beta is coming" but merely "this is a source we can look at to find out WHY we think beta is coming". These are clues we've received from Blizzard in some form whether they intended to give them or not.

    Please understand that this article/post is MERELY MY SPECULATION supported by sources found around the community. There will be the potential of a lot of information... a wall of text if you will. And I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy presenting it.

    The Previous Beta Expectations

    I believe it’s very important to understand what happened previously to understand and give an understanding of what’s happening now. Here are some of my own opinions regarding the previous “beta scares”.

    Previous Examples

    The creation of the Beta Opt-ins was the ultimate first scare provided to the community. In previous game development, opting in for a beta test was a sign that beta could be out within 30 days. Despite this sign, nothing came from Blizzard but the normal work. This deviated from previous activity of Blizzard in one form, but their other form of policy, the ability to not comment on something is something Blizzard was known for. There was something different regarding this, as it involved introducing a new project “ 2.0”. While it was obvious that the attempt to create the opt-in was to build hype for a new service that was in development, many people took more importance on the opt-in than the actual service announcement itself. With the lack of information other than its existence, the community could begrudgingly rationalize it as blizzard never stepped forward and said “StarCraft II Beta is coming”.

    Ultimately, it was different in the fact that a beta opt-in wasn’t a sign that beta was coming (as it had been historically a habit for Blizzard) but their policy regarding communication was the same by not giving more information than was necessary. This helped the community resolve it in their own way. Skepticism grew slightly but could be rationalized as a whole when looking back on the situation.

    One of the reputations that Blizzard has been known about is to not talk about dates until they are truly ready. In this, much of the community was distressed that they didn’t know anything but was able to hold a level of hope and reassurance that any statement to a date can be understood solidly. The rare times that they push something back, there is typically a very solid response and understanding to why this happened which the community feels overall receptive of. StarCraft II, unfortunately, has been a different beast.

    In early March, 2009 there were some very successful “troll posts” in the StarCraft 2 General Discussion Forums. While they were later revealed as fake, the community as a whole had a level of skepticism that increased in the following weeks and community interest was at a higher level than average. A common fact that was brought up often was the fact that StarCraft was released on March 31st, 1998. A general idea that was presented to the community by itself is the possibility that Blizzard would take this sentimental date and involve some sort of announcement or even Beta. Others in the community suggested that it was unlikely that StarCraft II would be in development more than 2 years publicly and thus heightened the awareness further as it implied that something would happen before May. In light of this atmosphere, something out of the ordinary happened.

    Days before April 1st, 2009 a time appeared on many StarCraft II American fan sites. The timers were all coordinated for the same time and later revealed that they had created a small April Fool’s joke which resulted in a happy ending that all who opted in for the potential email would be in a drawing for a beta key closer to the release of StarCraft II beta. While the community half-expected no results because of the typical April Fool’s day tradition of pranks, the community hope did spike during the countdown and provided a bit of a slump in some eyes afterward.

    Eventually, Blizzard regarded hints directly at Beta, as it was implied that an internal date was set, catch phrases were highly publicized such as “Beta in the coming months”, “Final Stretch” and “Very, very, very soon” came out. This all lead to a direct note that beta would be out in “Summer”. This created 3 different spikes of anticipation. One involved a Press Event in June, a second one involved a Press Event in July. Lastly, it involved Blizzcon 2009. All the anticipation was changed by the Conference Call to the Investors informing the community that StarCraft II would be delayed to First Half of 2010. Some residual speculation stated that beta could still come out later in 2009 in preparation for an early Q2 release but was eventually reduced nothing at IngroMir 2009 where Chris Sigaty confirmed that beta would be in 2010. For those who read this post, it should bring back memories and catch those who may be new to the conversation.

    What can Blizzard do?

    They can examine their previous formula that works and readdress it. StarCraft II is unlike many of their previous titles and how they’ve handled them. They admit that they’ve announced it too early and have taken time to announce dates that fell short of expectation. While these are mistakes they can learn from, it also brings up that going to a previous policy will cause unease in the minds of their community. It’s quite simple as they’re in a position that giving too much information is dangerous and giving the “only when you need it” information that they’re used to will potentially make the situation worse.

    The only way they can do what’s right is follow their game design methodology. “Make a good game and get it to the hands of the people”. Only then will those who have faith be content and appreciate it while appeasing the skeptics who may hold the opinion “I’m not going to believe it until I see it.”. For this reason, Bashiok is correct. While it may not be the best PR in some people’s eyes, the ultimate solution is to simply provide a beta when it’s ready and no true set of communication leading up to that will provide the true results they’re seeking.

    It’s also remember a simple fact, it’s impossible to make everyone happy… but at least this is the path that will provide the most appreciation in the community.

    Is there Fault?

    Well, I’d have to say no regarding the building of hype. Right now, if Blizzard does anything out of the ordinary people will place meaning on it if there is non-implied. If Blizzard gives a solid announcement to the community intended to build hype, the only way that it would be accepted is the day the beta is released, so even skeptics will ask “what makes this different than summer?”. Ultimately, when looking at previous times, they have made mistakes regarding the announcement of summer, which they’ve admitted and explained in depth why it had to be delayed. So in regards of the building of incorrect hype I’d say that if Blizzard made any mistakes, they’ve owned up to it and moved on with what they do best, building games.

    It’s important to state that Blizzard did announce what they did because they truly felt them true. When you look past all the emotional responses, all it came down to is they suspected that a deadline they set was adequate and as time went on they realized that it was against their personal quality standards for the game. One of the things that makes Blizzard unique and even revered throughout the industry is that it’s one of the few companies where the designers hold the go card, not the men with the money.

    The community, however, is where I would place my thoughts on as “someone” to blame. But ultimately, it can’t be stopped as that’s what communities do. They talk about something, try to find any information possible and as information comes in, they place meaning on it. Some people look at the meaning objectively while others apply passion to it. This passion starts an emotional upturn until things reach a point of no return. It’s a pattern that’s easily recognizable and simultaneously not bad at all. It will happen whether the community tries to stop it or not, and even in the attempt to stop it the community will find meaning where none is to be found.

    In review, while it makes sense to place the blame on the community as a whole, there is nothing wrong and therefore shouldn’t be reason to create “blame” in the first place. This sort of chicken or egg mentality creates something odd to look at, as the ultimate result is global exposure in some form to the game, which progresses public preparation for it to be released. This also makes the term “blame” more interesting to look at, as the source of the blame (of the hype) can be considered a good or bad thing, depending on who you talk to.

    Ultimately, hype happens as people show passion for a purpose. Blame is to all involved, and none involved at the same time.

    Results in the Community…

    In reaction to all of this, it’s simple to realize that the overall level of skepticism has increased over time. If Blizzard had held onto their belief to wait until the final days to announce something, the level of skepticism would be significantly less but that hasn’t been the case because of a few mistaken deadlines on the plate of Blizzard. The level of skepticism is high overall as the wait is longer than many other games in their history, the actions are not consistent with their reputation they’ve built up to this day and the trustworthy nuances in the past no longer apply to this project that has evolved to a whole new scope than previously understandable.

    The truth in the matter is, while the community still holds it’s passion for the game.. a blanket of caution has come over more persons than before.

    Examining the Current Beta Expectation

    Introduction of the Speculation

    It’s important to understand that there are many active tools right now to drive the public opinion regarding the situation. It’s my opinion that the tendrils of Blizzard’s PR department are active in many different situations right now. Before we look at this in a form of "we should be hyped up!" I think it's more important to look at "What caused this hype to begin with?"

    Tool 1: Jace Hall Show

    This show which wasn’t known to too many people in the community has hit the mark as it was recently the sighting of a quick 1 second glimpse of a StarCraft 2 Beta Release Party with a slew of prominent people. It’s important to recognize that this was taped back in June of 2009 and not recent. Information from Season 2, episode three seems to point to the StarCraft II skit being on this Friday.

    While it’s important to keep in perspective that it’s a sketch comedy show with some outrageous scenarios, it’s also known to sneak out a glimpse of truth every 2 or 3 episodes as a cooperative publicity for both the Jace Hall show and the participating company. For this reason, we can not discount this as a possibility of information regarding beta and also identifiable as a source of some of the current hype of the situation at hand.

    Tool 2: Increased Community Managers

    As part of Blizzard’s previous pattern of other games, specifically the recent World of WarCraft expansions, we have come to recognize that the expansion of Community Managers is a sign of increased workload for them. This has also been recognizable to start about 1 month before a beta. About 5 weeks ago there was noticeable activity starting up, and since then we’ve noticed the creation of two new forums worldwide and the addition of three new community managers.

    This increased focus on interaction suggested preparation for a new increase of communication. With insight from the industry, I’d like to say that a move like this isn’t necessary for simply appeasing community anxiety as anxiety in some terms can be acceptable in long term projects such as StarCraft II. By expanding the workload of individuals within the company, it’s typically a step required for a future preparation or change in environment or a new step in the project which requires a greater scope on Public relations.

    Overall, a result is a higher set level of hype and a history within blizzard that contributes to the believe that since this has been a sign of beta within a month before.. it could happen again. In other words, it’s definitely contributed as a source of hype within the community.

    Tool 3: Website Hijinx

    Something is happening in Europe right now. A week ago someone who was working on their website revealed a completed FAQ regarding specific details on what to do about installing your StarCraft II Beta client. The same day it was found that a page that was in the middle of being adapted to include the correct data for StarCraft II System Requirements were on the public domain and quickly spread across the fansites. The information was still from a previous page which it was being adapted from (which included system requirements for World of WarCraft).

    Then earlier today, it was found that the same Europe branch was working to get StarCraft II Beta forums online. Interestingly enough, there are signs that the website was using temporary data from the World of WarCraft forums which was obviously going to be changed and prepared for StarCraft II Beta. The theme was not installed and many of the database associations seem to be missing. Soon afterward the forums were flagged as “maintenance mode”.

    Speculation turns it’s eye to the down times experienced today regarding World of Warcraft unnaturally. Some speculate that it could be related to this fact while others confirm it as part of other in game events. It’s very important to keep in mind that today is Tuesday, a common day for forum and game maintainance at Blizzard and is potentially an acceptable reason to reduce attention to this paragraph altogether.

    What matters most is that in terms of today, the revelation that they are working on beta forums brings a lot of consideration of how that relates to previous beta tests that Blizzard has done regarding World of WarCraft and it’s expansions. Common speculation based on that is that it’s considered one of the final stages within hours or days of a beta test. For this reason in terms of Blizzard’s historical actions, we can examine this as a source of the current hype.

    Tool 4: Increased interaction with the Community

    Communication has also increased in the community managers, involving up to 14 posts in a single day and an average of three to five a day. The old average was one to four posts every four days and a QA section every 10 business days. This coincides with much of the history of how Blizzard prepares for new phases of development for their projects.

    By increasing communication in some worth by direct communication the community seems to rebuild that broken sense of attachment with the company that hosts them. It’s a necessary bridge to build before moving forward with a project’s more interactive phase… at least, many can come to this speculation. This does not include the heightened amount of micro-information which has simultaneously created subjects of conversation among community within their realm and within the fansites. By doing so they also alleviate another large concern they had regarding the lack of current information about game play elements. It starts to crack down the wall that people put up regarding a fabricated lie that existed within the community… that “Blizzard is doing nothing in the company.” While it’s an unlikely story when said directly, looking upon the StarCraft II General Discussion Forums you can easily identify that this was indeed the casein many of the thoughtless comments.

    Blizzard even jokingly acknowledges this in the small preview we’ve received in the Jace Hall Episode 3 preview. When Dustin Browder points to a beer bottle party and says “This is how StarCraft 1 was balanced”.
    Despite my slight digressions on this subject, it is my belief that the increase of community manager activity is one of the main contributing factors of the hype we are all currently facing as it directly addresses the concerns of some of the hesitant and skeptical members of our community.

    Tool 5: The Conference Call

    In every scenario of hype, there is always a pivotal moment of communication that individuals look for. This time, the moment has been revealed to us as a conference call on February 10th, 2010… tomorrow. There are some myths and truths regarding this specific source of hype that should be clarified.

    First, many people believe that since it’s a discussion to the investors, Blizzard has no reason to bring up StarCraft II beta as it would be unnecessary to do so. In reality, in the last two conference calls there were entire segments of explanation regarding the specific progress of StarCraft II beta itself.

    On May 7th, 2009 Blizzard had their Quarter one Conference Call. It involved the following information:

    Now I would like to provide an update on the development of StarCraft 2, which continues to be a major focus for us this year. This summer, we will be opening up external beta testing and while we haven’t announced a release date yet, this phase will signal the final stretch of development.

    During the Starcraft 2 beta test, we will also begin external testing of our newly revamped online service, including some features that are designed to connect all future Blizzard games. This includes new tools that will make it easier for players to communicate with each other between games. We are also introducing a centralized account system that will let players manage all of their Blizzard Entertainment games including World of Warcraft and future games in one place without having to remember multiple sets of login information.

    Even after Starcraft 2 ships, the new Battlenet service will continue to evolve and grow. I look forward to going into more detail on our plans for Battlenet on future calls.

    As for our long-term plans for the StarCraft franchise, after the launch of StarCraft 2, we will support the PC and Macintosh platforms. We plan to release two expansions following the initial launch. The core game will offer substantial single player and multi-player components. While the two expansions will continue the storyline and add additional multi-player content, our priority now is completing the core game. Once that’s complete, the focus will shift heavily to production on the expansions.

    To put this opportunity in perspective, the last StarCraft and Diablo games released 11 and eight years ago, were both on NPD’s domestic top 20 list for March. This is a great indication that demand remains high for the next chapters in both of these series.

    To date, the Starcraft series has sold more than 11 million copies and the Diablo series has sold more than 20 million copies. In addition to the appeal of our upcoming games, the customer service improvements I touched on before will continue to set us apart and help us retain and grow our player base in 2009 and beyond.
    As can be understood, there is a direct notice of when they plan to move forward with beta, the expectations of what will come of it and also expand information to include the scope of the project thus far. Later they moved forward with another conference call on August 5th, 2009. Again, beta was directly referenced.
    Like all communities, this community has expectations, some more critical than others. And one rule that holds this community together is that for those who build the game and run it, the players and the games must comes first. That means we must get the games right before we release them or we must work on them until they are right.

    Like other Blizzard games, we want StarCraft 2 to be a game that our players enjoy for years, not just a few months. Integral to the StarCraft 2 game play experience is the launch of our next generation game service.

    Our vision for is ambitious. As I have said before, we intend to make the premiere online gaming destination. We view the next generation of as strategically important to the future of our company. It’s the foundation for all future online games at Blizzard and will be the cornerstone of our community.

    In addition to supporting tournaments, rankings, and multi-player game matching for StarCraft 2 and future Blizzard games, the next generation of will add social networking features, cross-game communication, unified login and account management, and more. will bring together players from across all of our games including World of Warcraft, eventually allowing them to connect, communicate, and share experiences with each other through the service regardless of which Blizzard game.

    The new version of is being integrated with StarCraft 2 more tightly than in any previous Blizzard game. Over the past few weeks, it has become clear that it will take longer than expected to prepare the new for the launch of StarCraft 2. This means, as Bobby mentioned, that we will not be ready to launch StarCraft 2 in 2009. We recognize that we only get one chance to make a first impression. It’s much easier to retain a player that has a great initial experience than to bring them back after a mediocre one.

    While we could rush into beta and launch an inferior game and service experience this year, fixing that experience over time, our track record has proven that there is a far greater value for us and for our players in making sure that the experience is great right from the start.

    Looking at the monthly NPD charts from this year, you will see that our strategy has been reinforced over and over, with Blizzard games from six, eight, and even 11 years ago regularly appearing in the top 20 in sales. This is a direct result of our commitment to quality and to our players and it explains why it makes sense to spend the time we do polishing our games before we release them.

    Once we release StarCraft 2 next year, we will move immediately on to the first of two expansions. We will also continue developing and implementing advanced features, which I will discuss more on future calls.

    For those who might not be familiar with it, let me make a point about the cultural phenomenon of Starcraft, which is important for understanding the existing landscape that StarCraft 2 will launch into.

    StarCraft helped lay the foundation for the professional gaming, or e-sports industry. It is widely played throughout the world but especially in Korea, where it remains the number three online game in the country, more than 10 years after launch. Starcraft 2 is being designed to build on the e-sports elements that made the original StarCraft so popular around the world.

    We will also be working to expand the popularity of competitive gaming in the west and other regions. We are already starting to see interest from mainstream media like ESPN who have begun to cover e-sports leagues.

    Asia plays a large part in our strategies for StarCraft 2’s growth. In addition to the popularity of Blizzard strategy games in Korea, there is a vast existing player base in China. We plan to establish as the platform of choice in China for Starcraft 2 and incentivize players to use legitimate copies instead of pirated versions.
    In this case, the mention of beta was indeed less but the higher focus on scope and development reasoning shows that they wanted to ensure confidence was still instilled within the company.

    For this reason, the call tomorrow will more than likely directly involve information regarding the release of StarCraft 2. Another level of hype is the inclusion of a public means of listening to the content instead of closed information. While many consider this speculation that something important may be said tomorrow regarding StarCraft II… it’s easy to consider it merely an evolution to the company. No matter the reality or the reasoning, it has definitely contributed to the hype regarding the issue.

    The ultimate truth is the level of content within the call regarding beta and StarCraft II itself will not be understood until we hear it with our own ears.

    My Humble Opinion

    I’ve had a lot of people ask me my opinion regarding when Beta will come out and I figured it would be appreciated for me to say it. Since it’s speculation overall, I am personally a person who sees the information I have in front of me as a reliable way to consider Beta coming soon. While I can recognize that delays in the past has brought my passion some pain, that’s part of the experience in my eyes. Through that pain and frustration, the love of the game is tested and eventually resolved for me.

    Regarding tomorrow’s call, we can get information directly information us if beta is soon or later. Even if they do not say so directly, the information regarding StarCraft II’s release date will give enough information that I can infer the information necessary. If they state that they are still looking for a Quarter 2 release of the game, it would be illogical to expect beta to come later rather than sooner. Also, conversely, a delay can help adjust my expectations as well.

    Regarding the hiring of staff I find that a very tactful move that involves an increase of budget. This fact alone shows that they have become aware of a need of future individuals who are ready and comfortable in that role for a future increase of workload. Doing this with just enough time to practice and build trust is a very convenient preparation for beta and I feel it has high relevance regarding the issue.

    However, it’s also important to understand that just because my opinion exists in this fashion, doesn’t mean it’s correct. If tomorrow a delay is called, I will not be too terribly concerned. The beta will be worth it, the preparations will be necessary and while I may acknowledge a level of passion for the game, I have to admit that I know the team at Blizzard has a passion for this that puts me to shame. Sometimes it’s nice to put things in perspective… Beta will come sooner or later.

    … I sure hope it’s sooner though.
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    Default Re: The Analysis of StarCraft II's Source of Hype [Editorial]

    While I admit there are many other factors that I didn't touch on and would have if I didn't have a day to essentially finish this (It was a self-driven project, not one presented by StarCraft: Legacy) I'll admit that my opinions are not well sourced in some ways. For example, I'm sure I could have gone on regarding the recent updates on the website including today's 2.0 reveal and other website updates such as the new header and the Lore update. Ultimately, I had to make a call to call it a night as I've been working on this all day.

    It's also important to recognize that while I haven't yet reiterated the common patterns, I think in my writing I imply the patterns to go by, it's one of my tasks to return and work on.

    Still, none-the-less. If you've gotten to this point, thank you for surviving my Wall of Text.
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    Default Re: The Analysis of StarCraft II Beta's Source of Hype [Editorial]

    Opened thread, don't know how it got closed. *slaps self* Discuss!
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    Default Re: The Analysis of StarCraft II Beta's Source of Hype [Editorial]


    No but seriously great work. Im going to try and finish this before Starcraft 2 hits retail.
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    Default Re: The Analysis of StarCraft II Beta's Source of Hype [Editorial]

    oh, i must have gotten amnesia after reading this few hours ago .., but now i got flashbacks.. can only ... remember .. wa .. wa. .. ll .. . wall of ..

    great wall dude. read like 95% of it and its a real timekiller for the countdown.

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    Default Re: The Analysis of StarCraft II Beta's Source of Hype [Editorial]

    I agree with all of it except Jace Hall.

    The date of film means nothing , but the content does. Regardless of june, d3 had exclusive content. and such the SC2 will aswell.. and i think it is beta.

    specially given the fan site key requests we all got, and just everything the last 2 weeks.


    i swear if they delay today a bunny will die
    Starcraft Wire / Incgamers Staff

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    Default Re: The Analysis of StarCraft II Beta's Source of Hype [Editorial]

    Just a heads up, in your opinion section, "regarding the highering of staff" some misspelling there of hiring, might want to fix up for the final version =]

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    Default Re: The Analysis of StarCraft II Beta's Source of Hype [Editorial]

    I think the date is very important in this case regarding the Jace Hall.. but only if you look at the time line. Jace hall has been known in the Season 1 and Season 2 to bring out "special episodes" which were outside the realm of their current setup. This actually happened with his first visit to Blizzard (where he spawned Patchwerk on Felicia Day's toon).

    I speculate that they were preparing this beta footage in June for the potential "Summer" release. As "Summer" was delayed, it worked out to use it in season 3 at a point where it could be relevant in a likewise fashion.

    Understand, it's pure speculation... but it's still worth consideration as a possibility.

    It's a work in progress, thanks though ^_^
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    Default Re: The Analysis of StarCraft II Beta's Source of Hype [Editorial]

    Quote Originally Posted by Gifted View Post
    @Syndarm: I think the date is very important in this case regarding the Jace Hall.. but only if you look at the time line. Jace hall has been known in the Season 1 and Season 2 to bring out "special episodes" which were outside the realm of their current setup. This actually happened with his first visit to Blizzard (where he spawned Patchwerk on Felicia Day's toon).

    I speculate that they were preparing this beta footage in June for the potential "Summer" release. As "Summer" was delayed, it worked out to use it in season 3 at a point where it could be relevant in a likewise fashion.

    Understand, it's pure speculation... but it's still worth consideration as a possibility.

    @Skyze: It's a work in progress, thanks though ^_^

    I actually think the "date of recording" is fake.

    "welcome to SC2 beta" is the same image used in the bnet trailer

    also, dustin is thinner in the jace hall video and he was heavier in the summer. but i could be wrong.

    either way having a beta party with no beta would be pointless and just irritate fans lol. so if thats there plan i hope there ready for an IRL raid on blizz HQ
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