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Thread: Strife returns

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    Default Strife returns

    After an almost 3 week downtime, I've picked up the slack and finished what I originally set out to do during the wait. The game has changed a lot. The key difference being a more complex and customized battle system and experience. Attached below are the changes, and what's coming real soon, but for the "too long, didn't read" just play Strife:

    What changed druring downtime

    As I've said before, the new battle calculation system is completely different and much more complex. Below is a list of the key changes..

    - Splash damage in effect, both line (firebat) and area types (reaver). Line splash damage does 66% to any neighboring unit of the target. Area splash does 25% damage to everyone else on the opposing team.

    - *Damage types are in effect: normal, explosive, and concussive. Each damage type, just like in StarCraft itself, fares differently against different unit sizes. Normal attacks do 100% of their value to any unit. Explosive attacks do 110% to large units, 66% to medium, and 33% to small. Concussive attacks do 110% to small units, 50% to medium units, and 25% to large units.

    - New unit stat: tactical. The tactical stat plays as a defensive factor. It accounts for the unit's ability to block for another unit on their team and for counter-attacking.

    - *Randomized battle formations (may be able to manually select team formation in the future). Teams of more than 2 units will form a 2 row formation. Each row will have 1-3 units, depending on how many units are in the team itself. Units in the back row of the formation get a -10% penalty to their agility and attack stats, but a +10% bonus to their critical and tactical stats.

    - A threat meter. The more damage a unit successfully deals to the opposing team the higher its threat rating becomes. Then depending on a team's synergy rating, the units will work together to take out the opposing unit with the highest threat.

    Plus, there are 3 new units introduced. The Zerg Ultralisk, Terran Siege Tank, and Protoss Reaver!

    * For any battle where both teams are under level 5, a "newbie safety net" will be active. This net basically disables the calculation/inclusion of the battle formation penalties/bonuses and the attack type to unit size factor.

    Next batch of changes

    Here I've started, and plan to finish/release during this upcoming weekend..

    - Better help pages, such as explaining the role of each unit stat and team stat.

    - Unit abilities. On every level up after level 10, a unit has a chance of randomly getting an ability. Abilities stick with a unit forever. Each unit in the game has a pool of 2 abilities that it will randomly get one from (a passive and aggressive ability).

    - Team abilities. On every level up after 15, a team has a chance of also randomly getting an ability. Abilities, like units, stick forever. Each race in the game has a pool of 5 abilities that will randomly be selected (2 passive abilities, 3 aggressive abilities).

    - A tournament system where players can pit their teams in structured events to see how they perform. Through winning tournaments a team can move up in ranks. There are 5 ranks, outside of the default/empty rank.

    - Mission/campaign progression system where players can fight against preset computer teams. Completing missions can sometimes earn rewards, such as credits or even a rare unit that can't be bought through the market.

    - 3 new units? I wonder what they'll be..
    Come play Strife! It's free..

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    Default Re: Strife returns

    i hope you add the custom battle formations soon. i tihnk itd be better to choose who iw ant in the back

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